Bad Dragon Cum Lube Review

I was recently sent the Cocksheath as well as two bottles of Cum Lube for review from a company called Bad Dragon, who produce fantasy themed sex toys and are simply amazing by the way. Bad Dragons Cum lube comes in two options. The creamy white coloured lube, which closely resembles real semen, and the clear version, which looks and acts similar to pre-cum or vaginal fluids. I had been dying on trying some of their realistic Cum Lube for a while and was just as excited about testing it as I was my Cocksheath. Although this isn’t my first experience with a lubricant that is designed to look and feels like real semen (I have tried Spunk Lube and Liquid silk) it was certainly my favourite experience by far. I love Bad Dragon Cum Lube, but strangely, I love it for reasons that usually leave me feeling cold and writing negative reviews about other products. I have my reasons, let me explain…

Reasons I love Bad Dragon Cum Lube (Even though I shouldn’t):

It is runny.

My usual go-to lubricant is Sliquid Sassy. Sassy is a thicker, gel-like lubricant, which I prefer because it stays in the places I want it to stay and it provides a thick buffer of slipperiness which is perfect when I use large, or highly textured sex toys. Bad Dragons Cum lube is very runny. Sloshing around freely inside its bottle, you would be forgiven for thinking it looks a lot like very watered down PVA glue and when I poured it onto the back of my hand, it trickled freely down to my wrist. I usually avoid thin, water based lubes, knowing they dry up quicker or generally don’t give me enough slide to use with larger toys comfortably. So why do I love Cum Lube? Well, this lubricant is designed to look/act/feel like real semen. The viscosity as it is, is perfect and if it was any thicker, it would fail in that mission. See, most lubricants are designed to do a functional job. There are good ones and bad ones but most serve one purpose, to lubricate. Cum Lube however, serves a few different purposes. It is designed to lubricate of course, but it is also designed to look and act like real semen. So aside from being purely functional, it is also trying to be fun, quirky, messy and real. It may be runny, but it is for a damn good reason and I love it just as it is, even if I would normally avoid runny lubes. Most of those are not Cum lube.

It is Stringy

REALLY stringy. Imagine rubbing your favourite dildo in lubricant, ready to insert your toy, you pull your hand away, and 4 or 5 strings of gloopy lubricant spread out between the dildo and the palm of your hand. This is what Cum Lube does and it does mean that it ends up everywhere. If you don’t like mess, avoid this lube. So why do I love it? The stringing is actually the aspect I love the MOST about Bad Dragon Cum Lube. Firstly because it again adds more realism. It strings out in just the same way real semen does (Actually more) If you are looking for a lube that looks and acts as much as possible like real semen, then this is the one I would recommend. Secondly, it is just massively fun! On those days where I feel like getting messy and real, I grab the cum lube and I get a huge kick, or a thrill out of watching this lubricant stringing and glooping from my dildos (Or partners fingers) as we pull them out of my vagina. It is strangely sexy on some kind of basic, dirty, sexy level that really turns me on and the fantasies really flow.

Considering how stringy Cum Lube is, I must admit I was expecting a very sticky end to my play sessions, especially as the lube began to dry. I imagined it would turn very glue-like but I was very surprised to find that it dries up much better than I expected. As it started to dry up, I did experience some tackiness. I waited for this to get worse but the tackiness just faded as the lube dried completely and it just soaked into my skin nicely leaving no heavy, clogged up, or glue-like feelings at all.

Other good things about Bad Dragon Cum Lube:

  • It lubricates well and lasts a good amount of time:

Given the viscosity and stringy nature of Cum Lube, I did not expect it to last as long as it did, or to feel as slippery when I applied to the skin. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the longest lasting water based lubricant I have ever tried, that title still goes to my Pjur Back Door lube, but it certainly isn’t the quickest to dry up either, so even though I would describe this lubricant as being aimed towards fun more than functionality, it still performed well in this area too. It lasts much longer than my Swoon lube, for example, which also has a watery consistency. On top of this, it does add a very good level of lubrication. It is slick and slippery and was perfect for use with most of my toys. Taking everything into consideration and comparing Cum Lube with all the other lubes I own, it performs about average for a water based lube. This means that as well as being fun, it still does a good job of being functional. Brilliant.

  • It is so cheap:

It costs just $6 (About £4) for a huge 250ml (8 fl oz) bottle. One of the cheapest lubricants I have come across

  • It is odourless and has no nasty taste:

This speaks for itself, no one wants a smelly, bitter tasting lube. Cum Lube is almost completely tasteless, although it does say “Not for human consumption” on the bottle, so I would say avoid using it for oral sex.

  • It looks like real semen:

Having tried 3 different lubricants that imitate semen (Spunk Lube and Liquid Silk) Bad Dragons Cum Lube is the closest match, not only in looks but in consistency. It would be perfect for use with an ejaculating sex toy, for erotic photography, for fantasy play, as well as normal use with sex toys or during masturbation. Being water based, Cum Lube is safe to use with silicone sex toys, including Bad Dragons gorgeous dildos and masturbation sleeves.

  • It comes in two varieties:

Bad Dragon have two different kinds of Cum Lube. One is clear and one is creamy white. The creamy white version very closely resembles semen, while the clear version resembles pre cum or vaginal fluids. Both the white and the clear lubes act in the same way (Stringy, same viscosity.) I love them both.


It contains parabens. Lots of beauty and skincare products contain parabens. They act as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, increasing the shelf life of the product, but in some studies, parabens have been linked to causing negative health effects, for example, breast cancer. Although no conclusive proof has been put forward yet, many companies have started making products paraben free. All I can say is do your research and make an informed decision.

Another possible downside is stated on the bottle; It may stain fabrics. I have not experienced any staining yet, but it is something to bear in mind, and maybe not use it while lying on your favourite sheets.


Water, Polyethylene Oxide, Propylparaben, Methylparaben.


Cum Lube is a particular favourite of mine now, but not for the things I usually look for in a lubricant, rather it has become a favourite because it is so realistic and it is a lot of fun. If you asked me to recommend a really high quality, heavy duty lubricant I would not recommend Bad Dragon Cum Lube, but if you asked me to recommend a decent lubricant, that was realistic, unique, quirky, messy and lots of fun to experiment with, then this would be my first choice. This lubricant adds an extra little kinky dimension to your sex play. The only thing I would change about it is getting rid of the parabens, other than that, its spot on. You can purchase your own bottle of Cum Lube from

Bad Dragon Cum Lube was kindly sent to me free of charge by Bad Dragon for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

Bad Dragon Cum Lube Review
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