Bathmate Hydrodouche Review

At this year’s Erotic Trade Show, I met the wonderful and informative people from Bathmate, who kindly took the time to demonstrate how some of their newer products worked (and by demonstrate, I mean in a tank of water and not on an actual person. That would have been a whole other kind of show) and I was seriously impressed. The products shown included their new Hydromax Xtreme Penis Pump (I will be reviewing this soon, so watch this space) and the Bathmate Hydrodouche and this interested me in particular. I douche reasonably regularly, but have always used a rather basic bulb style douche, which does the job reasonably well, but has its niggles. The Hydrodouche however, is clearly a high quality douche that means business.

Product Description:

The Bathmate Hydrodouche is a personal hygiene product, designed to clear out the rectum, leaving you feeling clean and empty. Many people choose to douche before anal sex/anal play, as it can help reduce concerns over mess. Others may choose to douche for health benefits. I fit into both categories and tend to douche at least once or twice a week. I have been doing so for a few years now (I guess this would make me a regular douche user) and have never experienced any negative effects to douching, although I recommend sticking to warm water only and not douching too often (once a day or more) because this can upset the natural flora of the gut.

The Hydrodouche comes with the following main components:

The water chamber:

This chamber sort of resembles the chambers used to create the Bathmate Penis Pumps. It measures 8 inches in length and 9 inches in circumference, although the chamber tapers slightly towards the base. I calculated that the chamber holds approximately 600ml of water.

The hose:

The hose is made from a clear, flexible material and it measures a whopping  79.5 inches in length and 1.6 inches in circumference.

The Wand/Nozzle:

This is the nozzle section that screws onto the end of the hose. It is the part that you insert into the body and this nozzle is much longer than you would see on smaller, bulb douches. The Wand measures 8.25 inches in length and 2 inches in circumference. The ball on the end of the nozzle (the part that goes in first) measures 3 inches in circumference and this ball contains 3 holes from which the water will emerge. The benefit of using such a long nozzle is that this douche will introduce water much higher inside the rectum, cleaning much deeper and more effectively too. The wand is made from a flexible material and is designed to bend and flex comfortably around the bends in the colon.

The Regulator:

This clip controls the flow of water through the hose. You can leave the clip in an open position, to allow water to flow freely through the hose, or clamp it shut a little, to slow the water flow. You can also clamp the hose shut completely, when you are ready to stop the flow altogether.

The Strap:

The strap hooks into the hole at the top of the chamber and contains clips for easy removal. The strap is there simply so you can hang the douche from the shower (or anywhere else you wish to hang it while in use). The idea though, is to hang it from the shower and angle the shower head to refill the chamber as you douche.

The Bracket:

This ingenious little bracket fits around the top of the chamber and when fitted, will have two “prongs” sitting on the side of the chamber. The Nozzle/wand is designed to sit inside those prongs and this means you can hang your nozzle by the side of the chamber when you need to put it down, so you don’t have to drop your nozzle on the floor.

My Experiences with the Bathmate Hydrodouche:

After an initial cleaning, I connected all the components of the Hydrodouche together, noting how quick and easy it was to set up. I noted a few other things immediately too. First of all, this is not a small douche that you can keep in a small bathroom cabinet, but it does come with a long term storage bag. Secondly, I was pleased by the overall build quality. All the parts seemed strong, sturdy and built to last. I hung the Hydrodouche from my shower, allowing the showerhead to keep the chamber topped up with warm water. I then used the regulator to open the tube and let water flow until all air bubbles were removed, before using the regulator again to stop the flow.

It was time to insert the nozzle and at 8.25 inches long, I was feeling slightly intimidated. I have never inserted anything this long into my butt before, but I was determined to give it a damn good go, for science. The Hydrodouche comes with a small bottle of water based lube and I recommend applying plenty to your anus before insertion as this will help the nozzle slide easily. Don’t do what I did and lube up the entire nozzle. First of all, the nozzle is often wet (from dripping water) and so the lubricant rinses off the end anyway. Secondly, do you know how hard it is to insert a thin, wiggly object into a tight place when said wiggly nozzle is slippery? I do and I can tell you, it is not easy.

Due to the flexibility of the nozzle, it can take a few attempts to get the nozzle inserted and I did notice some mild scratching as the ball end slipped inside (I believe this sensation is caused by the little holes in the tip) so I recommend going slowly. Once the ball is inserted, I experienced no discomfort whatsoever and met with no resistance either; so far so good. I began inserting the rest of the nozzle inch by inch, surprised at how easy it was. I noticed a slight discomfort (a very mild pressure or dull ache), which lasted for a few seconds as the nozzle passed around the kink in my colon, but it was never painful. Before I realised it, I had inserted almost the entire nozzle, pain free. I was pleasantly surprised, considering this was a first for me.

With nozzle fully inserted, it was time to release the water. I released the regulator fully (because clearly I am a daredevil) and watched in amazement as approximately 600ml of water vanished into my body. It took approximately 10 to 15 seconds to take a full chamber of water. This is the most water I had taken before and I was surprised to discover that I felt no discomfort. I did however, feel an amazing pressure building inside me immediately and made a dash for the toilet.

During subsequent sessions with the Hydrodouche, I started using the regulator to better effect, learning to slow the flow of water and even stop the flow if I started to feel a pressure build up. Using it this way feels more comfortable and avoids those pressure sensations building too quickly/taking you by surprise. This is obviously preferable and I was really impressed with the control I had over the flow, from a small trickle to a spray. It takes just a second or two at most to change the flow of water, but you must ensure that the regulator is accessible before you begin. It can be moved to any position on the hose, so ensure you place it within reach.

Why the Hydrodouche Pleased Me:

During these sessions with the Hydrodouche, I had begun to realise that this douche was one of the best I had ever used and I noted down a few reasons why I felt this way.

  1. The Hydrodouche comes with a large water chamber that can be refilled constantly while in use. It is time consuming and annoying, having to remove the douche, refill, insert and go again. I don’t have that problem with the Hydrodouche, but I have had with more basic designs.
  2. The Hydrodouche comes with a super long hose, so I could get into any position (Including lying down) and use it comfortably without the hose pulling taut, or being too short.
  3. I never experience backwash when using the Hydrodouche. Backwash is common with bulb douches and is caused when you insert the bulb, squeeze out the water and then release that squeeze, even slightly. When this happens, water is sucked back out of the rectum, into the bulb, which is not great. The Hydrodouche does not do this and that is a huge bonus.
  4. I can douche so easily with the Hydrodouche. I mean, I can literally insert the nozzle, hold it in place and douche thoroughly in minutes. When I remove the nozzle, I even have somewhere to hang it. Could it be any easier?
  5. The Hydrodouche allows me to clean much deeper into the colon and insert more water at one time. This often means I can finish douching in one go, rather than repeating the process as I would need to with bulb douches.

Overall, I was highly impressed.


Nothing is perfect and the Hydromax, as amazing at it is, does have one or two downsides. These downsides are all relating to one thing; the size of this douche. As already mentioned, the Hydrodouche is meant for business and so it comes with bulky, long parts that take longer to clean than a smaller douche would. Also, it is not as easy to store this douche in a small bathroom cabinet. Although it does come with a storage bag (drawstring) for long term storage, it does take up about double or even triple the amount of room as a smaller, bulb douche would. You can’t have everything I suppose.


Imagine eating sausages for years on end and then finally being handed a plate with a fat juicy steak. That is exactly how I felt after two years using basic douches and then experiencing the Bathmate Hydrodouche. It is the best douche I have ever used and comes with very few downsides. If you douche regularly, want a douche that will clean more deeply and thoroughly than most, gets the job done quickly, or simply demand the best of the best, then I recommend you get your hands on the Hydrodouche from Bathmate.

Bathmate Hydrodouche Review
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