Bathmate Hydromax x30 Penis Pump Review

I was kindly sent the Hydromax x30 Penis Pump from Lovehoney, for an honest review, and this was our first experience with a penis pump, so we were very curious to find out just what the results would be. Luckily, we got to experience our first penis pump in the form of a Bathmate product. Bathmate products, and the Hydromax range in particular seem to get consistently good reviews and I wanted to see if they really lived up to the hype. Although our experience was not perfect (See below) the Hydromax certainly impressed us. Males with a larger than average sized penis may want to read my review of the Hydromax x40 or the Hydromax x40 Xtreme.

Product Information:

The Hydromax x30, is a penis pump, designed to increase the length and girth of a man’s penis, as well as helping produce stronger erections and more sensitivity after use. As the name suggests, the Hydromax x30 is a hydro-pump. It uses water, rather than air to create and maintain a vacuum. The poly-carbon tube measures 7.5 inches in circumference around the base (near the bellows.) and this narrows slightly as you move up to the top of the tubing (7.1 inches circumference.) the total length (Plastic tube and bellows) of the Hydromax is 10 inches. The Hydromax x30 is available in 3 different colours. You can either purchase the clear tube version, like mine, or you can opt for a red, or a blue tube. The colours are still semi transparent, so no matter which colour you choose, you still have a good view of your penis within, although the clear tubing will provide the best view. The Hydromax x30 uses a bellows style pump to build suction, as opposed to a bulb pump, which removes the need for any other attachments or tubing and although I only have limited experience with a bulb pump before (On a pussy pump) the bellows pump seems to function extremely well. The vacuum is controlled using a simple valve system to control water flow and pressure. This valve has been designed to be used one handed, although in my experience, the button can be a bit stiff on occasion.


The Hydromax x 30 is easy to use, but it does take a little figuring out at first. Here’s how it works:

  1. First of all, switch the little grey valve button to closed position (Either side of central.) The button is small and can be a little stiff, so sometimes can be fiddly.
  2. Fill the pump with warm water
  3. Either with the label facing upwards, so you can see the measurements, or with the label facing down, to give you an unobstructed view, insert the penis into the pump and rest the comfort ring up against your pelvis. The comfort ring is not uniformly shaped, and it dips in slightly on one side, this is the side you should have resting against your testicles.
  4. Ensure your testicles are outside of the Hydromax pump at this stage. If necessary, gentle pull down on them to ensure they do not get sucked into the tubing.
  5. Begin to push the pump into your pelvis. This will cause the bellows to collapse (They are quite firm and it takes a little bit of force.) At this point, you will notice a jet of water shooting from the other end of the pump.
  6. Slowly relax the inward pressure against the pelvis. This will cause the bellows to elongate into their usual position, and this pressure will cause your penis to be drawn up, or sucked into the pump. A seal will be formed, if not, reposition and try again.
  7. Over the next 15 to 20 minutes, repeat steps 5 and 6, slowly pumping the bellows to create more suction until comfortably stretched. Stop when you feel you are reaching your limit of comfort.
  8. If you pump a little too much and want to release some pressure, simply depress the whole valve dome. This will release a little, or a lot of pressure, depending on how long you depress the valve for.
  9. When you have finished, simply press the little grey valve button back to a central position. This will unlock the valve and immediately release all pressure and water will pour from the valve. (This can also be done if you need to release pressure fast, at any time.)

In Use:

Before I go into our experiences I need to mention that I tested the Hydromax pump with two different men. (Not at the same time. That would probably be weird for them.) The reason I had to do this was because the Hydromax x30 was just not suitable for my partner. He has quite severe phimosis (Tight foreskin, unable to retract over the glans.) We actually did not think his phimosis would be a factor in using a penis pump, but it really is. As my partner began to use the Hydromax, his penis naturally began to swell, becoming larger than it would naturally, even with an erection. This increase in size caused a lot more stretching to his foreskin than usual, and it actually began to feel as though his skin would tear if he continued. The problem was, he was nowhere near his maximum potential and felt like he could go further, if not for the phimosis. Clearly this was a problem and I guess this will be a problem for any man with a tight foreskin, so we passed the Hydromax x30 on to a willing and curious friend, who supplied us with great feedback.

My friend reported a fantastic experience with the Hydromax x30. He found that it was comfortable to use and although he was unsure at first, he found that it worked much, much better than he expected. (To the point that it actually became a favourite toy of his.) he described the sensations during use as being similar to a pulling, or stretching sensation and although that sounds harsh, he did not experience any discomfort, unless he got a little carried away and pumped too far. In this instance, the quick release valve functioned well to relieve that pressure fast. The only other time he experienced discomfort was during his first use, when he paid little attention to his testicles and one accidently got ‘sucked up’ which wasn’t the most comfortable experience. (Hold on to your balls, boys.)

Because the Hydromax uses water, rather than air, to create a vacuum, it can only really be used in the bath, shower or other wet room. However, using water provided a few extra benefits. Firstly, it seems to create a stronger seal, compared to air pumps, and leaks are less likely, so you don’t feel like it is constantly losing suction as you go. Secondly, the warm water seemed to help relax the blood vessels in the penis, allowing for better, bigger results. (Plus it just feels nicer.) My friend has now used this pump on 6 different occasions and tells me that, on each subsequent use, he has managed to increase the size of his penis, based on his previous results. At some point, this increase will stop happening, but it is definitely a good sign that the product is doing as intended.

What surprised me the most though, was just how much this pump does increase the size of the penis. As well as length, the Hydromax also has an effect on girth, and at one point, my friend managed to fill up the entire tubing. (Girth wise.) This is not a narrow tube, measuring 7.5 inches in circumference. The Hydromax dramatically increases size, and it does it comfortably. The vast majority of the swelling goes down within 1 hour, but my friend noted that it could take up to 24 hours for his penis to return completely to its pre-pumped state. The first hour after pumping is when he noticed the most change, not just in size, but also in sensation. My friend noticed he felt more sensitive just after pumping, and this even heightened his orgasms.


Due to the bellows style pumping, and the strong suction created, occasionally the Hydromax can leave you feeling a little bruised around your groin area, most noticeably where it rests up against your pubic bone. If you have high testicles, you will need to hold on to them while you initially create a seal, to avoid them accidentally getting sucked up into the tube. If you suffer with phimosis or any kind of penis pain, especially when erect, you may not get your full potential from the Hydromax x30.

Another thing to bear in mind is that at a certain point in the pumping, it begins to get much harder to continue to pump. Simply put, after a certain point, you cannot suck out any more air or water from the tubing. This does not really cause a huge problem, as the results are still dramatic, but for guys who wish to be able to continue that little bit further, you might want to look into the Hydromax x40 instead This is also true for any guys that are larger than, say, 7 inches, as you will feel like you could go further, but there is no room left to do so.

Another thing to consider is that the Hydromax can only really be used in the bath or shower (Water squirts out of the end as you pump it.) so this will limit your experiences to those occasions in a bathroom, although in our opinion, it is worth it. Water really does work so well.

Cleaning and Care:

Being fully submersible, the Hydromax x30 is very simple to clean. Use some hot, soapy water and a good rinse afterwards, however, you may need a sponge or a brush of some kind, to fully reach into the end of the tubing to clean there. (I believe Bathmate sell cleaning kits for their pumps, but you can fashion something useful at home much cheaper.) It also comes with a spare valve and valve cap (Basically, you can replace the whole valve section, should it fail.) which extends the life of this pump two times over. Excellent.

Safety Information:

The Hydromax x30 comes with a host of safety instructions. The manual suggests that you should not use this pump if you suffer from heart or lung disease, high blood pressure, stroke, epilepsy or convulsing disorder, genital-urinary disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, if you are taking anti-coagulants, have sickle cell anaemia, bleeding disorders, leukaemia or if you lack pain sensations in the genital area. You should also not use this pump for more than 15/20 minutes at a time and you should not repeat usage within 24 hours.


The Hydromax x30 is an extremely good penis pump. It has been designed well to allow dramatic results while remaining comfortable during use. The build quality is great too. The Hydromax x30 produced dramatic changes in both the length and the girth of his penis. It also gave him stronger erections (Most noticeable after pumping.) and heightened his sensitivity after use. I am not sure whether it was more confidence in the pump, or the pump itself working it’s magic, but my friend was able to see small increases each time he used it. Using the measuring gauge on the side of the tubing, he noticed small increases in length, but I am sure that this will not go on forever, and at some point he will reach his limit. The results are very noticeable and none of us were expecting SUCH a difference. However, the increase, or swelling, does fade back over time, until the penis is around its usual size. Overall, the Hydromax x30 really impressed me and it certainly impressed my friend, who felt a little unsure at first, but now wishes to use it most days. All three of us had never experienced a penis pump before, but the Hydromax has impressed each one of us. I would only think twice about it, if you suffer with phimosis, penis pain or are larger than 7 inches in length or have quite a large girth. (If you are larger, check out the Hydromax x40.)

Bathmate Hydromax x30 Penis Pump Review
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