Bathmate Hydromax x40 Hydropump Review

Bathmate Hydromax x40 Hydropump Review

Hello everyone, I’m glad that I have the opportunity to share with you, my dear, another sincere response to one sexual novelty. If you remember, in my last review I already told you about my experience of using Bathmate Hydromax x30 penis pump. I bought this device for my boyfriend, and we use it sometimes. In principle, this device works perfectly, but we did not guess the size. Therefore, the company Bathmate sent me a toy that has a larger size – Bathmate Hydromax x40 penis pump, and I now promised them to write the most honest and sincere review on this new product. I’m certainly happy to fulfill this request, especially since I love to write reviews on sexual novelties, if they are really high quality.

Externally, these two devices are not much different. Hydromax x40 and Hydromax x30 are very similar to each other. The only difference is that the Hydromax x40 is 15% larger than its predecessor. The Hydromax x40 is a penis pump made to increase the size of the penis. Also, this unique device helps to establish a quality and effective erection and increase the sensitivity of the penis head.

Product features

Bathmate Hydromax x40 Hydropump Review

This sexy pump is made in three colors – transparent, red, blue. You can order for yourself any of these three options. I chose transparent color. In general, this device is different from most of these toys, first of all, its mechanism of operation. The pump operates in such a way that a vacuum is created by the action of water, not air, as is usually the case. As it turned out, it is the water that gives the desired effect, which gives a vacuum.

Here everything is very simple and easy. The suction effect is achieved by simply pressing the pump on the human body. The vacuum level depends on the control of the water flow and the pressure generated. On the device you will find a special valve that regulates the flow of water into the pump. It is very easy to apply. You just take it in one hand and start pressing. Although, to be honest, it would be a little easier to control this device if it had a more convenient button.

If we start to compare the details of the Hydromax x30 and Hydromax x40, the second option is made in the tube, which has a long length, which is gray pad. This long tube can move in any position. Agree that you do not need a large package for a small pump, so for a large pump there is a large tube, and for a small one – a small. Also, I am sure that the longer tube prevents damage to the skin during the use of the pump. However, my partner told me that even without the tube the probability that the skin will be captured by the device is minimal. Since the penis will be erect, skin damage is unlikely – that’s what my man told me. Although on the other hand, my partner did not deny the fact that a longer tube can become an auxiliary element and support a really high-quality suction process.

Device features

Bathmate Hydromax x40 Hydropump Review

The pump for men Hydromax x40 has the following dimensions and components:

  • Suction device length – 11.5 inches;
  • The circumference at the base of the tube is 9.5 inches;
  • The circumference at the top of the tube is 8.5 inches;
  • The circumference around the annular part of the device, which is located on the outer surface, is approximately 12.5 inches.

And in general, I advise you to take into account the fact that all these measurements that you will find on the stickers will depend in reality on how much the device will be compressed during operation. If you press as hard as possible, then all these characteristics will be almost 100% accurate.

Guide to using the Hydromax x40

I already wrote above that these two models of pumps have almost identical style and appearance, and the difference between them is only in the size of the devices. Therefore, for those of my readers who may not have read my previous review, which concerns the model of the pump X30, I will write all the characteristics below. Here’s how the Hydromax x 40 pump works:

  1. Remove the pump from the package and turn it on using the small button next to the valve;
  2. Pour enough water into the vessel, be guided by the marking, which is on the tube;
  3. Pay attention to the water level and start inserting your penis inside the device. Then point the ring in the opposite direction from yourself. You can adjust this process and the size of the device depending on your personal size and preferences;
  4. Remember that your testicles did not enter the pump with the penis. If this does happen, carefully take them out. Inside the tube there should be only your penis;
  5. The next step is to start pressing the device into your body. The mechanism of the device will begin to work more intensively, from the other end of the vessel you will notice how the water will pour. Push the pump with all your strength;
  6. Now it’s time to loosen the pressure a bit. Release the power from your pelvis. After that, the bellows will take their original position and relax. After that, your penis will get the desired effect and get the action from the pump;
  7. Then, you will have about 20 minutes to repeat the previous steps several times. Thus, the suction level will be optimal and your penis will get the desired effect. As soon as you realize that you have reached the desired state, stop the suction;
  8. Also, you can stop after 10 minutes and again pour water into the pump and continue stimulation with your penis. So you will achieve great results;
  9. In order to weaken the action, just start to act on the valve itself with all the force. So you relax the overall pressure;
  10. To remove the pump at the end of this procedure, press the known button and slide it to the shutdown position. This way the valve will be free of all accumulated pressure. Also, by this action you will let the water out.

Our impressions after the first use of the device

The Hydromax x40 can be used anytime you want. This device copes with its main functional tasks and gives a really good result. For young guys who have a low growth is quite suitable X30, and for men like mine – of course it is better to take more, such as X40!

You know, after my boyfriend used this device for 3 weeks, almost every day – we noticed that his penis actually started to grow in size. And I’m not just talking about its length. The penis of my man began to become not only longer, but also thicker in girth. This is a spoiling result, which we did not expect and which were pleasantly surprised and delighted.

Bathmate Hydromax x40 Hydropump Review

And by the way, this effect does not pass quickly! The increased sizes remain for quite a long time. And even when we stopped the pump, the penis still continued to swell. We saw obvious increases in the size of my man’s penis. And all this thanks to a pump that allows fluid and blood to stay inside the penis. Remember about these properties of the device and do not start pumping before you have to go somewhere or go on business. Also, immediately after pumping the penis, you are not recommended to go to the gym for training.

But you know, there’s another cool discovery. This is a long-term effect of penis pumping, which we also began to notice after regular sexual procedures with the device Hydromax x40. It turns out that if you use this device constantly, the penis will never be the size it was before the use of this pump. Its size will maintain its new shape constantly. My man assured me that the new length and thickness lasts at least two days before the new pump. That’s impressive, isn’t it?? Now we do these procedures very often and see tangible results.

As far as this procedure is painless

This penis pump device is very convenient and comfortable. It is designed with all safety measures in mind. If you perform all actions correctly and according to the instructions, it will not cause you any pain or damage to your body. You must follow all instructions strictly.

Here are some important nuances that you should definitely remember. You may have a little swollen foreskin after the procedure, do not worry – this is normal and will soon pass. My man noticed it after the first time. But according to him it does not hurt. However, if you suffer from phimosis, then you should carefully study the whole process, so as not to harm yourself when using this device.

One more thing – you can receive the feelings that you have bruising and swelling around the penis after using the pump. But these are only apparent feelings. This is especially common among beginners who use such sexual devices for the first time. In fact, you will get used to and will not experience such feelings. And bruises you will not be exact after applying. This device is as safe as possible, believe me! My man has never had a single bruise or even redness in this area.

If suddenly your testicles were drawn into the pump, you do not worry, and gently pull them out. If you do everything carefully, you will not hurt yourself. The device X40 has a large circumference and therefore the probability of absorption of the testicles exists. But you just hold your testicles in your hands and everything will go well.

Device for use in the shower:

It’s nice when the brand takes care of its customers. This is a sign of high quality products, when complete with the main device are still other accompanying elements go. Bathmate created not only a wonderful pump, but also a handy strap to be able to take this device with you in the shower. As my partner said, it is very convenient to use this toy in the shower. The device does not cause discomfort or inconvenience. In the shower, you can use the pump well without the help of hands. All this became possible thanks to the strap. Thank You, Bathmate!


Bathmate Hydromax x40 Hydropump Review

If you had asked me a couple of years ago did I believe in the effectiveness of such penis enlargement devices, I would have said no, I don’t. But as soon as I first saw how this device works, I realized that I was very wrong in my attitude and assessments. Bathmate invented a unique device that gives a guaranteed result with regular use. Hydromax x40 will allow your man to believe in himself, get rid of some complexes, become a cooler lover in bed. My boyfriend is still thrilled with the action of this product. I’m sure he’ll never part with the Hydromax x40. If you are not sure which brand to choose, I definitely advise you to buy Hydromax x40. It really is worth the money, and cheaper options will be less effective. It is possible of course in the modern market of sexual toys to find more affordable and cheap options for penis enlargement pumps, but no one will give you a guarantee that they will make a real miracle for you. Try the Hydromax x40 pumps and you will realize that size really matters!

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Bathmate Hydromax x40 Hydropump Review
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