Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? Last December, I shared my best and worst sex toys reviewed in 2013 list and in the blink of an eye, here we are again. 2014 has been an incredibly busy, but highly enjoyable year for me. I have published lots of new articles and guides on my blog (and many for other blogs and websites too), spent time developing my photography skills and by the time this year comes to an end, will have published 69 new product reviews. 69! How apt.

I had the pleasure of testing some mind blowing adult products in 2014. I was especially pleased to discover that many of my favourites (listed below) come from smaller, newer companies. It wasn’t always sunshine and roses though and there were a number of products that disappointed me this year. What follows is a list of the products I most loved (and loathed) this year. If you want to read my in-depth opinion of each product, simply click on the product name to be taken to my review.

Best Vibrators:

Third Place: The Minna Limon

There is so much to love about the Minna Limon; it is cute, made from quality materials and comes with powerful, rumbling vibrations. What really makes the Limon stand out from the crowd, is the unique technology within. Known as “Squeeze Technology”, it allows the user to A) Constantly control the intensity of the vibration and B) Create unique pattern settings.

Second Place: The We-Vibe 4 Plus

It might seem strange that I place the We-Vibe 4 Plus in second place, considering that I can’t orgasm when using it. Like most dual stimulators, the clitoral arm doesn’t hit my clitoris in the right places. However, vulvae come in all different shapes and sizes if you can get a good fit, you are really in for a treat. The vibrations are powerful and rumbly.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus comes with so many impressive features, but I will keep this short and focus on the most talked about; the 4 Plus can be controlled remotely via the internet. This amazing technology (see “teledildonics”) allows couples to connect intimately, even when thousands of miles apart. The 4 Plus is one of the most versatile vibrators I have tested this year, as it can be used and controlled in multiple ways.

First Place: L’Amourose Rosa

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I agreed to review the L’Amourose Rosa for Lovehoney. I had not heard of this manufacturer before and Google had very little information. They were clearly quite new to the market. Being quite jaded, I didn’t have exceptionally high hopes for this unknown product from an unknown brand. What I really didn’t expect was to be blown away.

The Rosa managed to achieve a couple of rare feats. Firstly, it shot straight to the top of both mine and my partner’s favourite list (the Rosa is a g-spot/prostate vibrator). Secondly, it managed to avoid falling into the common “jack of all trades, master of none” trap. It is an extremely versatile vibrator, yet it satisfies fully, whether we use it for g-spot, prostate or clitoral play. We were also impressed with the build quality, materials, features and aesthetics. An all-round winner.

Honourable mention: The Upgraded We-Vibe Touch and Tango Vibrators

This year, We-Vibe upgraded their much-loved Touch and Tango vibrators (Both of which featured in my favourites list in 2013). These unassuming little vibrators still sit at the very top of my list and are the sex toys I play with most often. I have yet to find anything to top them.

Worst Vibrator:

I managed to go a whole year without reviewing a single vibrator deserving of rage. Still, I did review a few that I felt ambivalent about. I had some complaints about the Lelo Luna Smart Bead (Mainly the weak vibrations) and I really struggle to climax with the Revel Sol, the Jimmyjane Form 4 and the Tenga Iroha Mikazuki. Yet all of these vibrators have potential to please those who are more sensitive than I. There were no completely useless vibrators to cross my path this year.

Best Dildos:

Third Place: The Tantus Mikey

Being smooth, soft and shorter than the average dildo, I can use the Mikey to thrust deep and hard, without worrying that it will hit my cervix or clatter into my pubic bone. In similar news, Mikey is also great for anal play and strap-on sex; especially if you don’t enjoy deep penetration, but still want to feel full. Mikey is a great all-rounder.

Second Place: The Vixen Outlaw

For a long time, I had hoped to get my hands on a Vixen dildo, but they were difficult to find in the UK. This year, I finally got the opportunity to try a Vixen product after winning the Outlaw in a sex blogger competition. This monster dildo is far too long for me, but I absolutely love the dual density silicone used to create this toy. It feels incredibly realistic and super soft to touch.

First Place: The Tantus Pack & Play No 1

In case you hadn’t noticed, I like my dildos squishy and the Tantus Pack and Play No 1 delivers. This dildo is made entirely from Tantus’ softer silicone (Imagine a Tantus O2 dildo, but without the inner core. This is how the Pack and Play No 1 feels to me). The smooth shaft and silky silicone also help to reduce drag. Both of these features combine to create one of the most comfortable enjoyable dildos I have used to date. The Pack and Play No 1 also has a more realistic size (compared to the Vixen Outlaw), so we can also use it effectively for strap-on sex. Another great all-rounder.

Worst Dildo:

The Tantus Bound

The Tantus Bound is one of the most interesting looking dildos I have reviewed this year. Designed to look like a penis tied up in rope, it appealed to my interest in CBT and BDSM. I just had to have it. In my excitement, I must have overlooked the fact that I don’t enjoy highly textured dildos. The Bound is the most highly textured dildo I reviewed this year and being quite sensitive, it feels really uncomfortable to use. I can’t bear it for too long. This dildo is definitely best suited to those who really like a lot of texture.

Best Male Sex Toys:

Third Place: The Tenga 3D Module Masturbation Sleeve

Aside from feeling fantastic, the Tenga 3D Module is also compact (for ease of use) and low maintenance (easy to clean and store). What more could you want?

Second Place: The Hydromax x40 Xtreme Penis Pump

We tested a few penis pumps this year, but the Hydromax x40 Xtreme sits at the top of the pile. It comes with so many great features, but the one that impressed us the most was the addition of a hand pump. Whether you are new to pumping, or extremely committed to a workout routine, this pump will probably be the last one you ever need to buy. We love it.

First Place: The Hot Octopuss Pulse Vibrator

When I first saw the Pulse vibrator, I had my doubts. It didn’t look like a masturbation sleeve or any other penis pleasuring device on the market. I guess this proves a point; always be open to trying new things, because you never know when something will take you by surprise.

We reviewed the pulse back in January and it immediately became one of our favourite male sex toys. It has remained in top spot for the entire year and has still not been beaten in terms of pure sensation. No, it doesn’t feel anything like the standard masturbation sleeves, but it wasn’t designed to. It is completely unique and utterly fantastic in its own right. If you are a fan of vibrations, you need to add the Pulse to your collection.

Worst Male Sex Toy:

The Utensil Race Fame

The Utensil Race Fame looked great and felt fantastic, but it comes with a huge design flaw. The super soft material used to create the Fame is extremely delicate. Our Fame tore dramatically after just one use. On top of this, the material continuously leeches an oily residue that coats everything, from your hands to the box in which you store it. The Utensil Race brand is not cheap, so I really expected a better quality material.

Best Kink, Bondage and BDSM gear:

Third Place: Electrastim e-stim accessories

Electrastim have produced a number of e-stim accessories this year and we had the pleasure of reviewing three of them; the Nona (butt plug), the Lula (Kegel balls) and a set of metal cock rings. All three products have pleased us in different ways, so it was difficult to choose a favourite. If my experience has taught me anything, it is that Electrastim are consistent at producing high quality, well thought out products.

Second Place: The CB6000 Chastity Cage (Designer Edition)

The CB6000 (and eventually, the CB6000s) become our go-to chastity device for long term wear. This device is incredibly comfortable (compared to other chastity devices we own). The CB devices come with extra fittings (so you can get a more personalised fit) and are made from lightweight materials. This really helps to improve comfort.

First Place: The Dominix Sex Swing

This year, Lovehoney released the Dominix range; a selection of luxury bondage toys and accessories. I had the pleasure of reviewing the Dominix Spreader Bar and the Dominix leather flogger and these items really pleased me. However, it was the Dominix Sex swing that impressed me the most. The quality and versatility of this product make it a welcome addition to our BDSM collection.

Worst Kink and BDSM Toy:

The Bon4 Chastity Device

We were impressed by most of the Kink and BDSM products we reviewed this year, but if we had to pick one that let us down, it would be the Bon4 Chastity Device. The Bon4 gets a lot of positive reviews, but it just didn’t please my guy. It is not the worst chastity device we have reviewed, but in our opinion, it can be unsuitable for long term wear. The Bon4 is made from a grabby silicone, which creates too much friction. That, in turn, causes a lot of chafing and discomfort. This, plus the bulky size, made the Bon4 awkward to wear long term.

Best Personal Lubricant:

Give Lube Flavoured Lubricants

I am completely addicted to Give Lubes flavoured lubricants. You can purchase this lubricant in two, mouth-watering flavours (cherry and raspberry) and both flavours are yummy. It tastes so good, I try to incorporate it into our play most nights. Aside from the amazing flavours, the thick, slick lubricant really helps to keep everything slippery and wet, which makes giving head easier and more fun. I’ve gone through 3 bottles in 8 months and keep ordering more when supplies run low.

Worst Personal Lubricants:

Sasmar Lubricants

Sasmar have earned a lot of acclamations and awards for their lubricants and I was informed (by Sasmar) that their products are among the few to pass FDA approval. I certainly had no issues with the ingredients (aside from glycerine being present), but I was disappointed in these lubricants when it came to use. They tasted yucky and were too runny/thin for my tastes.

In case you were wondering what happened to the anal sex toy category, I am afraid I had to leave it out this year. We simply did not receive enough anal sex toys to form a best/worst list.

That brings us to the end of my best and worst list 2014. Have you tried any of the above products? What was your favourite sex toy this year? Leave your comments in the box below.

Happy Christmas!

Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014
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Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014 Best and Worst Sex Toys Reviewed in 2014