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I was kindly sent a Boink Box from for an honest review and as you can see this product is a little different to my usual reviews. The Boink box is basically a goodie box full of sex toys and adult accessories, like lubricants and massage oils. You can either purchase a single Boink Box for a one off payment, or alternatively, you can sign up for a 3 month, or 6 month subscription. If you choose a subscription, you will receive one box every month for that period of time and the longer your subscription, the cheaper each box is. Boink Box offer 3 different box options at the moment. The pamper box, which contains 5 or more soft adult products. The pleasure box, which contains 5 or more seductive adult products and the passion box, which contains 5 or more hot and kinky products. The products you receive are a surprise but they will focus around the theme of your box choice.

What I received inside my Boink Box:

  • Fetish Fantasy Bondage Tape:

 A 2 inch wide, 35 foot long roll of black bondage tape. (Vinyl) This tape sticks to itself and is not adhesive so it will not stick to your skin and hair. It can be used for making blindfolds, gags (Carefully) handcuffs and even sexy clothing. It is reusable, so long as you don’t over stretch, or tear it during use. This is the first time I had tried bondage tape and I had a lot of fun with it. It is very versatile.

  • Super Soft Orgasm Balls

A set of unbranded jiggle balls on a string. Each ball measures just over 4 inches in circumference. I am not a fan of these at all. They seem to be made from a cheap PVC/rubber material and they smell really badly. (Strong chemical smell) There are no materials listed on the packaging, so I will hazard a reasonably safe guess that these babies are not body safe.

  • Toy Joy Funky Viberette:

This was the main sex toy inside my Boink Box. It looks like a very large bullet and is made from ABS plastic, so it is body safe. It is waterproof and comes with a single vibration speed. As far as vibrations go, this toy was lacking in the power I need to reach orgasm and the vibrations are quite buzzy with a slight rumble to them. It isn’t the best vibrator in the world but it isn’t the worst I have felt either The box describes it as silent but it does kick out a fair amount of noise. (Have a listen to the vibrator on my video below.) One thing that jumped out at me was some dodgy information that I found inside this toys instruction manual. It recommended inserting this toy anally. Seeing as this large bullet vibrator does not have a flared base, I wouldn’t recommend doing this.

  • Fetish Fantasy Anodized Handcuffs:

A set of metal handcuffs, painted a deep red colour, which makes a nice change from silver or furry handcuffs.

  • Splash Secret Love Massage Oil

A very sweet smelling massage oil that reminds me of baby products like talcum powder or Johnsons baby oil, only even sweeter, almost cloying. For me, the scent was too over powering but please bear in mind I am highly sensitive to perfumes and as such, I was not surprised to have a bad reaction to this oil. (It gave me a headache and I felt a bit sick. It did not cause any bad reactions when applied to my skin.) It has a very runny consistency, in fact it is very similar to Johnsons baby oil for consistency as well as slickness. It is not very slick, it seems to soak in too quickly and leaves the skin feeling silky but needs reapplied often to avoid chafing. Some of the ingredients may cause reactions with people who are sensitive to perfumes.

  • Durex Lubricant Samples:

The last thing I received in my Boink box was 2 x 5ml Durex, warming intimate lubricant sachets. I personally love the little samples. They add an extra little treat to the Boink box and allow you to experiment with different lubricants, balms or lotions. The only problem is that the ingredients are not written on the sachets but Google comes in handy for that information if needed. The Durex warming lubricant warms on contact with the skin and this provides a different sensation during use. It feels similar to that sensation of touching yourself after touching chillies, only, less severe and more pleasant of course.

My opinion of the Boink box:

As a sex toy reviewer (Someone with a lot of adult products) I must admit that the Boink Box contents were not hugely appealing to me. The simple truth is that I am experienced in this area, I know what I want and I have developed rather fussy tastes over the years, not to mention, I already own some of the products contained within the Boink Box (Metal handcuffs and Durex Heat Lube). If you are a serious toy collector and know exactly what you want, then this may also apply to you and you might feel a little disappointed with the products you receive. This brings me to what I feel is the main point of the Boink Box. They are a fantastic idea for anyone starting out on their journey with adult products. For these people, who are unsure where to begin or do not know what they like yet, the Boink Box offers an opportunity to try a mixture of different adult products in one box and it will introduce you to products you may have never thought of trying before, opening your eyes to new ideas.

However, beginners and experienced people alike will get a huge kick out of the surprise that comes with the Boink Box. I certainly did. Knowing that a box of sexy products is on the way, and you do not know what to expect, makes the prospect of receiving a Boink box very exciting. They make great presents too, especially if you are struggling to decide on what sexy gifts to give to a lover. Purchasing a Boink Box takes the indecision and worry out of your purchase. You just about get your monies worth if you buy just one box, signing up for a subscription ensures you get more for your money. Overall, the Boink Box fits a niche in the sex toy industry and for certain people, it is a really great idea, for others, not so much. It will all depend on such things like experience, fussiness and potential allergies.

Video Review:

The Boink Box was kindly sent to me free of charge by for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

Boink Box Review
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