Bon4 Plus Chastity Device Review

I was very kindly sent the Bon4 Plus chastity device from Uberkinky for an impartial review and we were really looking forward to testing this chastity device set. Due to our passion for chastity and orgasm denial, my partner and I have gathered a small collection of chastity devices, including the Metal Worx Cock Cage, the Uberkinky Spiral and the CB6000, so we had already sampled cages made from metal and polycarbonate. The Bon4 device differs from all our previous experiences because it is made entirely from silicone, which means that, unlike the devices we owned previously, this one was going to be flexible. This fascinated us. We wondered how it would function as a long term chastity device, how strong it was and whether he could more easily stimulate himself through the cage section. We were certainly looking forward to adding this unique device to our collection and seeing how it compared to the others.

Product Information:

The Bon4 Plus package contains lots of extra fittings to ensure the wearer finds a comfortable fit and to make sure you have spares, should one of the smaller parts break. With the Bon4 Plus you get the following items:

  • Two cage sections. The standard measures 88mm in overall length, with an opening diameter of 32mm. The large measures 110mm overall length, with an opening diameter of 35mm.
  • 4 Main rings (Circular). Sizes are 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 55mm
  • 4 locking pins
  • 4 plastic straps (Holes are positioned slightly different on each. I am guessing this is to help them match up with the different sized rings)
  • 2 master padlocks (with two keys each)
  • 10 individually numbered plastic locks

This set basically allows you to experiment with the 4 different sized rings and the two cage sections, to find the most comfortable fit around your penis and testicles.

Now, I don’t have the best set of scales, but I discovered that the Bon4 cage, when complete with its ring and fittings, weighed more than the complete CB6000 device, but a lot less than the complete Spiral (metal) device. The weights I got are as follows (Take the following as an estimate, due to dodgy scales);

  • The CB6000 = 45g.
  • The Bon4 = 100g. (Large cage with 50mm ring)
  • The Spiral = 175g

As you can see, the silicone Bon4 falls somewhere in between the weight of the lightweight polycarbonate device and the heavy metal device, but remember, the Bon4 weight will be lowered if you use the small cage and smaller rings. The weight noted above is the maximum estimated weight.

The Bon4 can be purchased in 3 different colour choices; transparent (clear), black and red. The black and red options are still semi transparent, so you can still see through the material, it is just not as clear as the pure transparent option. It is also worth pointing out that due to this transparency in the coloured devices, the red one looks closer to pink and likewise, the black looks closer to grey in colour. I recommend choosing the clear colour option if you want to see your penis clearly inside the cage.

Our Experience with the Bon4 Chastity Device:

Initial fitting:

The Bon4 is one of the more fiddly devices, in terms of getting it on. Basically you need to thread the thin silicone straps through the base ring and the cage portion in order to assemble the device (Kind of like sliding a belt through the loops in your jeans, but obviously on a smaller scale). If you used lubricant to get into the cage, the slippery silicone becomes even harder to handle. There is more than one method for putting this chastity device together and with practice, it does get easier, so keep going until you find a method that works best for you.


It took my partner a couple of days to rule out the smallest ring (far too tight) and the largest ring (way too loose), which left us with the two middle rings. (Goldilocks springs to mind) Unfortunately, we discovered quickly that the tighter of the two middle rings (the 45mm) was just a fraction too tight and it would cause chafing and burning sensations under his scrotum within a day or so of wear. The 50mm ring, which was the next step up in size, would slide off his body entirely with minimal effort (Sometimes it just fell off in his underwear) making the cage easily escapable.

We tried a few methods to help reduce the chafing he experienced with the 45mm ring (The best fit for him). We applied lubricant, which helped, but dried up quickly and we also placed a plaster (band aid) over the area, which also helped, but the plaster can be annoying in itself. We were disappointed. Not because the device was defective, but simply because we could not find a comfortable, secure fit. Despite having four rings to choose from (which is fantastic and will really lower the odds of a bad fit), my guy did not have his goldilocks moment.

Despite the unsuitable fit, we continued to experiment with the Bon4, as we were keen to compare this new silicone material with the metal and polycarbonate devices we had tried previously. The Bon4 offers up both advantages and drawbacks, when compared (and these could go either way, depending on your own needs). For example, it is possible to touch yourself through the Bon4 device and you can feel that touch, which is great if you have an itch, need to reposition, or just generally like the idea of still being able to feel something through the device (The feeling is muted and dull of course, not like touching skin to skin). However, it could also be considered a drawback if the idea of touching yourself through the device is not appealing. I found it easier to pleasure my partner and even bring him to orgasm, by using my hands, or a vibrator. (Note: This is possible in many devices and not only an issue with the Bon4. With the Bon4, it was just easier.)

Because the Bon4 is made from a flexible material, it will bend and flex a little as you move. This means the rings will fit more comfortably and even allow for some expansion (For erections and such). Ultimately, this means that the Bon4 should provide a more comfortable fit (So long as you find a good fit with one of the rings) However, there are some drawbacks to this flexible material and the first one we noticed was that he could escape from the Bon4 easier than most of his other chastity devices. To be fair, it is possible for him to escape from most of his cages (and this will probably be the case for you, unless you pay out to get a fully customised cage, built to fit perfectly) but he could also get himself back into the Bon4 device, which was new for us.

The second issue with the silicone material is drag. Silicone, unlike metal or plastic, is quite a ‘grippy’ material and when attached to clammy parts of the body, parts that tend to need to move, it can cause chafing and burning sensations quite quickly. Water based lubricant definitely helps, but it will either dry up, or help the device slip (In some instances, right off). Another option is to put a plaster over the sore area, but that becomes annoying in itself. Unfortunately, the Bon4 caused a fair amount of chafing discomfort for my partner, but this could be down to the poor fit he experienced. After reading other reviews of the Bon4, it seems that some men do not experience this chafing issue and find the Bon4 entirely comfortable, so I am guessing the difference lies in how well the device fits your body and how sensitive you are to this chafing sensation.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that the Bon4 device was slightly bulkier than the other devices we have tried previously and it was ‘sort-of’ noticeable under his jeans. Of course, it does tend to squash more easily and it was impossible to tell he was wearing a device (You could not see any outlines or anything noticeable), but on the other hand, it did look like he was packing a rather large bulge down there. Take this as an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your tastes. On the plus side, being made from silicone, this device did not make any clinking noises (if he sat down on a plastic seat for instance) and it would be undetectable going through metal detectors, so long as you used a plastic lock, which makes it ideal for frequent flyers.

Cleaning and Care:

The Bon4 cage section is enclosed, only having 3 small holes at the tip, to allow you to urinate. Enclosed cages like this do tend to build up body odour quite quickly and you will find that you need to take the cage off once a day to clean. It is possible to give yourself a freshen-up, by squirting soapy water into the holes and squishing the cage around a bit. Alternatively you can use cotton buds to get inside, but ultimately, the cage will need to be removed reasonably often for cleaning. When the cage is not attached, it could not be easier to keep it clean. The entire device is made from silicone material and can be washed thoroughly in hot, soapy water. I recommend that you avoid using silicone lubricant on, or around the Bon4. Silicone likes to bond with silicone and the lubricant could cause the material to weaken, become sticky or even be damaged.

As with most enclosed cage designs, my partner found it difficult to stand up and urinate with the cage attached. I recommend sitting down, to avoid spray shooting off in the wrong direction.


We feel disappointed in the Bon4, yet I feel it would be unfair to write it off as a bad chastity device; it really isn’t. The unfortunate truth is that, despite the device arriving with 4 rings, none of them were a great fit for my partner and this really affected his overall experience. The chances of a bad fit are definitely reduced with the addition of the 4 rings, but clearly it is still a possibility, as happened with us. Either the device fell off, or he suffered chafing and discomfort with a ring that was too tight. The problem though is that this issue comes down to personal fit, which will be different for every man and therefore, you may have a completely different experience. With a good fit, I have a feeling that the Bon4 would be a great chastity device for those just starting out, or for those looking for a non threatening device. It is lightweight, flexible and comes with plenty of accessories to help you get that good fit. This might be preferable to starting out with a heavy, rigid device that could overwhelm you. If you are still undecided, I recommend taking a read of Uberkinky’s “Beginners Guide to Male Chastity“, where you will find a fantastic list of pros and cons to each type of device.

Bon4 Plus Chastity Device Review
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