Chastity Device CB6000 Review

Chastity Device CB6000 Review

Hello, friends! Today I suggest you to get acquainted with the novelty, which I recently received and have even managed to test on myself. We did it together with my beloved man and now we have a lot to talk about. We both love to entertain ourselves with various sex toys, and therefore I was very glad when I finally got this novelty in my hands – the CB6000 Chastity Device.

This is the third toy of this format, which I purchased for us. In general, the brand CB A.L Enterprises produces only really high-quality devices, and I have repeatedly seen this. Today, the market for sex toys is very rich, but the really cool things are produced only by a few corporations, among which is this luxury brand.

The CB6000 Chastity Device is made from durable and reliable polycarbonate based material. It is transparent, and sometimes in various stylized coatings. Some devices of this toy are made in chrome style, and there are options in the image of wooden bark. A variety of appearance allows the buyer to choose their individual version of the strap and get an absolutely unique product.

External device characteristics

I will describe the option that is made in the style of camouflage. They brought me this toy in the mail in a small black box, inside which I found a closed storage bag. By the way, you can later store a toy in this case. This is very comfortable option. Then, when I opened the pouch, I saw the components of the package pack:

  • The individual part of the cage is just over 3 inches long;
  • 5 rings with different diameters – from 1 to 2 inches;
  • Two pairs of pins of different lengths;
  • 4 platforms;
  • One lock with key;
  • 5 signed locks;
  • Packaging lubricant cream.

I really liked that the CB6000 device kit includes all of these components. They provide an opportunity to get maximum enjoyment from the process of their use. Just imagine – 5 rings, these are as many as five special ways of playing for you! And if we talk about spacers and locks, their range also gives the opportunity to individually select the most convenient option for using the device for chastity. It reminded me of the designer, which I can assemble exactly as I want, and there will be no second similar one in the world! I am sure that this device will suit many men.

How we first tried the CB6000

As soon as I received the parcel and opened it, I was very surprised at the fact how small this device was. I used to acquire such things, but they were all much bigger and heavier than the CB6000. Perhaps the reason is that this new product was made not from steel, like other toys used to, but from polycarbonate, which is lighter in weight.

The next point that caught my attention was 5 rings in a set, each of which had its own individual diameter. In fact, these are not even rings, but rather horseshoes. Because each of these spherical objects does not have a final completion, and therefore has the shape of a horseshoe, and not a ring. You make it a ring when you give it the right diameter for your maximum convenience. For this purpose, special fasteners and connectors with cloves are provided. Create your own individual ring, which will ideally enter your penis and pass by the testicles. Do this carefully so as not to injure yourself. The safest option to secure the ring is to close it when it is located between your eggs, and not to stretch this hole along the entire length of the penis. Be careful, there is a chance to catch your hair, and it can be quite painful.

And so, my partner and I finally put on the ring, and now it was the turn to deal with the work of pins and spacers, which are also included. Once you put the ring on, pull the pin through the hole, and then slide the strut on it. It is necessary to adjust the distance that is formed as a result between the main ring and the cell section. You can make any option convenient for you and your partner. Try to achieve optimal consolidation so that your testicles do not dangle and slide. Experiment, because only in practice you can surely understand which method will be the best for you.

Now we just have to connect all the parts of the cell. It’s not so easy, I have to tell you absolutely honestly! Since this section of the cell is very narrow, it will not be easy for you to stick your penis here. Especially if your penis is in a soft state, it will be all the more difficult to push it in, the extreme skin will constantly be pulled back.

But everything can be solved, and this problem too. We have come up with several effective ways in which this process will be more successful:

1) You can use the device with a large amount of lubricating cream. Moreover, such lubricant is already bundled with a toy. Smear the penis with cream so that it penetrates the cell faster and softer. You will feel much more comfortable feelings after doing it.

2) Take out of the closet a pair of old and you do not need tights. Cut off the bottoms to make the pantyhose look like socks. Now take the sock and pull it on the penis. Do not pull it to the end, let the sock hanging from the head of your penis. The next step is to take the CB6000 and stick part of the sock into it first, let it stick out of the cage hole. Then move the cage over the head of your penis. Feel it pulling away your skin. Hold the sock at the base and slide the penis into the cage. Now it’s time to pull the nylon through the cage. That’s all – your penis is in a cage, and you stretched your sock and pulled it out.

I will say right away that the method that I have just proposed to you in practice works quite successfully. Just when you put your penis in a sock, and only then try to push it into the cage of the device, your skin remains safe. Of course, there may also be some minor difficulties here, it’s not so easy to do everything right the first time. But believe me, after several attempts, you will see that this method is the best.

After the penis is in the right place, we close the device. The CB6000 in its kit has a unique key and lock, which, by the way, is not as easy to break as it may seem. I have seen much chastity from other manufacturers, in which the locks were of rather poor quality. But in this new product the quality was great! Here I found 5 options of plastic locks at once. They can be broken, and anyone can handle it. Even with ordinary scissors, locks can be easily opened. Each lock has its own individual number, which can be opened if necessary very quickly. It may be better if you write down the number on paper, so as not to forget.

Our history of using the CB6000 Chastity

My partner and I have long dreamed of finding such a device of chastity, which would be a great fit for us and not cause discomfort when wearing it. Also, for us the term of its operation was of great importance – I really would not want the device to break after a short period of time.

Previously, we already had a similar toy, and we liked it, but there was one unpleasant detail – at night, my partner’s penis experienced severe discomfort. After midnight, my friend often has erections, and in this device they caused a little pain. Then we decided that this was normal and even put up with it. But as soon as we tried to use the CB6000 it turned out that the new product does not give us such discomfort. I put this device on my partner’s penis and after 3 days of wearing it, he did not experience any discomfort.

The erections that usually occur in the morning did not cause any more pain, and I will say even more – with my new device my partner did not wake up all night all the time! Throughout the night, my man slept completely calm, like a baby. Of course, there was some discomfort if the partner began to get excited, because the tension in the body grew, the penis became firmer and larger; but compared to other devices for these purposes, new CB6000 was just perfect. We have something to compare with, because we have acquired similar toys before. But this new product is the best for us.

When the CB6000 was put on my friend, he could do any work without problems. He even sometimes forgot that a cage was put on his penis. This device was almost invisible to my man and it made us very happy. Under the clothes, the CB6000 is completely invisible. My man lived his usual life, the CB6000 did not interfere with his body movements. My boyfriend went for walks, could run in the park, sit, lie down, stand, walk and so on. The only thing my man could do hardly while his cage was put on his penis was to go to the toilet. It was not very easy to urinate in this device, a little practice is needed to master this vital activity process in new conditions. The best way was found as a result – the partner urinated while sitting.

Included with the device is a small investment for the cell. It contains a small hole so that the device carrier can urinate. This hole is wide enough in size. But this hole is not enough for a man to masturbate through it. His penis is completely safe, and no one can touch him while he is wearing this cage, even he. But, when we removed a cell from a penis after a certain time, its sensitivity increased several times. Such a feeling that he was able to experience the first orgasm after liberation from the trivial touch of a finger to his head.

We can point out some of the shortcomings of the CB6000

First, when a device is put on your penis, and suddenly your head began to itch you will cause a lot of inconvenience, since you will not be able to scratch it properly.

Also, I can note the unusual flavor of this device, which is particularly acute for about 6-12 hours, as soon as you open the package and take out the CB6000. After you remove the cage, the penis will be quite wet and misted. Well, here, perhaps, the entire main disadvantages of this unique cell.

By the way, if we talk about a strange smell, then he really at the beginning of the application may start to annoy you and your man, who put the device on himself. It is not very pleasant to wear something that has a strange smell and taste on your body. But we found a solution to this problem. If it is good to wash this device before use, then the aroma will become almost imperceptible. Also, do not forget always to wash the CB6000 after each wearing session. Also, the fragrance will cease to be felt if you take it off every day, wash it, and then put it on the man again. In this case, the smell will disappear. The basic rules of hygiene will help you when using this sexual device. If you do not pay enough attention to washing and caring for the CB6000 device, then very soon the device will simply become completely unusable.

To wash the device, you can take any soft washcloth. Also use a mild soap solution for cleaning. Then, be sure to rinse the device thoroughly and dry well so that not a drop of moisture is left in it. Do not use hard washcloths to avoid scratching the surface of the object.

Another thing to say about the metal lock, which is included with the device. It may slightly scratch your CB6000. Of course, this fact does not affect the functioning of the means of chastity, but try to act more carefully.


We liked the new CB6000 very much and it fully justifies all the features and functions declared by the manufacturer. My partner gladly wore it on himself and confirmed that this device is ideal for long-term use. The CB6000 is completely invisible under clothes, which allows you to put it on and go about your business, visit various public places, go to work, play sports and live your usual life. The absolute advantage of the device is its ability to be designed to fit the individual dimensions and needs of the carrier of the cell. Today, this device is the best use for us when we want to experience the process of chastity!

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Chastity Device CB6000 Review
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