Doxy Massager Review

The Doxy Massager was kindly sent to me for an honest review from Doxy and is available to purchase in the UK from Lovehoney, Simply Pleasure and Honour. The Doxy Massager has been designed and manufactured in the UK and is advertised as the UK’s answer to the Hitachi Wand, and also as the world’s most powerful sports wand massager. Being British myself, I have not experienced the Hitachi Wand, so I cannot compare. I can, however, compare the Doxy to every other vibrator I have tried to date, including the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand, and so far, in my experience, their claims of having the most powerful massager hold firm.

Product Information:

The Doxy Massager is a mains powered vibrator that measures 13 inches in total length and the head measures 7.5 inches in circumference, making the Doxy one of the largest hand held vibrators on the market. It is not designed for internal use. The head is made from 100% medical grade PVC, which is padded underneath with foam, which gives the head of the Doxy a squishy and cushioned feel. Doxy describe this PVC material as “containing no harmful phthalates or latex” Doxy recommend only using water, or silicone based lubricants. Oil based lubes may damage this material. The Doxy is available in three colours; Black, white and pink.

It is worth noting that the Doxy massager is not a quiet, discreet vibrator. As with most mains operated wand vibrators, it is reasonably loud. It can certainly be heard from the other side of a closed door and I would feel uncomfortable using this vibrator if I did not have the house to myself.

Operating the Doxy Massager:

Simply plug the Doxy Massager into a wall socket and you are ready to begin. It comes with a very long power cable, which I measured at 2.85 metres (112 inches.) not including the wand itself, which should be plenty long enough for most people, so long as you have a plug socket reasonably close to your bed. The cord stretched more than half way across my bedroom before becoming taut. The only thing to bear in mind is that the plug is quite large and protrudes out more than standard plugs.

The Doxy is very simple to operate. It comes with three large buttons which are easy to see, reach and press. The power button turns the Doxy on and off, and the plus and minus buttons control the vibration power. Using the plus button will cause the Doxy to vibrate stronger, and the minus button reduces the power. You can use the plus and minus buttons in two different ways. You can either use a quick click of the button to cycle through the power settings one by one, and when used this way, I could feel a speed increase/decrease with each click (I counted 9 different power settings) or you can simply press and hold either the plus or minus button for a fast ramp up, or down, in power

The Doxy massager also comes with a pulse setting, which can be activated my pressing and holding down the power button for 3 or 4 seconds and you can alter how fast the Doxy pulses at, by using the plus and minus buttons. The plus button will make the Doxy pulse faster, and the minus will slow down the pulsing.

In Use:

The Doxy is the deepest, most powerful vibrator I have experienced to date. It would be unfair to even compare the Doxy against battery powered, heck, even most rechargeable vibrators, as the Doxy is in a league of its own, on a pedestal of power, waving down at all other vibrators.

There is only one other vibrator, that I have tried anyway, that even comes close to the Doxy for sheer power and that is the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand. The Lovehoney wand does vibrate at the same speed as the Doxy, but the vibrations are more shallow. I never thought I would ever use the words ‘shallow vibrations’ to describe the Lovehoney wand, but when the Lovehoney wand goes head to head with the Doxy, that is how the vibrations feel in comparison. The Doxy knocks the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand to place two on my ‘Most powerful vibrators’ list. The Doxy can bring me to orgasm easily on its LOWEST setting and even the pulsation mode can bring about powerful orgasms. I have never said either of those things before about any vibrator because I am a serious power seeker who generally turns all vibrators up to the highest continual speed setting to be able to orgasm.

Great power is not always so amazing though. The vibrations on the Doxy are so powerful, that when we used it against our genitals on the higher settings, it caused pain, rather than pleasure. At roughly power level 4 (Or about half way through the power settings.) I began to experience an uncomfortable stabbing/nipping sensation against my clitoris and I believe this sensation was caused by a combination of two factors; 1) The intense power. 2) The PVC head. When using the higher power settings, the head of the Doxy vibrates so intensely that it actually pushes the lubricant out from between the head and the contact point on the body. I could actually hear it splashing the lubricant out from under the head. With the lubricant removed, or diminished, the PVC head (Which is vibrating like crazy, remember.) then begins to cause friction, or nipping at the skin. That is what I believe is happening, but I cannot be sure. Using lashings of lubricant did reduce this sensation but I really recommend using silicone lubricant, or even a mixture of silicone and water based, as water based alone just dries up too quickly due to the speed and friction of the wand. It is also worth mentioning that the PVC head can get warm very quickly (Within minutes) when you have it vibrating fast, which does actually make body massages feel even more enjoyable, but I do worry that this could damage the wand eventually.

Does this mean I feel negatively about the Doxy? Nope. This is not your ordinary vibrator and trying to whack it up to full is like biting off more than you can chew. Put it this way; The Doxy gave me slow, strong  orgasms on setting 1, quick comfortable and guaranteed orgasms on setting two and fast, furious and forced orgasms on setting three and four, with setting 4 being on the verge of what I can comfortably stand, so why would I need to worry about what settings five, and above, feel like against my clit? The answer is that I don’t worry, or care. I simply save the last few power settings for times when I want a deep, thumping body massage, rather than an orgasm, and it certainly works well for body massage. The vibrations feel so strong that when I place the Doxy against my mid back area and switch it up to its highest setting, I could feel my whole head vibrating so much I had to turn it down. It is THAT powerful. The Doxy is not just suitable for female folk. It also had the same effect on my male partner, managing to bring him to orgasm twice in one session, which impressed the hell out of us.

Cleaning and Care

The Doxy massager is not waterproof and so I recommend cleaning it with a sex toy cleaner spray, or even mild antibacterial wet wipes or a soapy flannel. It is easy to clean so long as you avoid getting liquid underneath the head. Avoid using oil based lubricants on the head, as these could damage the material. Silicone and water based lubricants are fine to use.


The Doxy is the most powerful vibrator I have ever used. So powerful that I cannot stand it against my clitoris on the higher settings, but the lower settings are mind blowing. It is above and beyond anything I have ever experienced in any standard battery operated vibrator. The Doxy can even FORCE me to orgasm, which would make it ideal for anyone into power play and domination. It doesn’t have to be forced though, and the first 3 power settings are perfect for enjoyable, intense orgasms. This vibrator is even suitable for men who enjoy vibrations, as the large, squishy head can be placed against the penis for intense sensations. I would wholly recommend it, especially to power queens and anyone looking for the next step up in vibrations, but if you prefer gentle, teasy vibrations, step away. Even on the lowest setting, the Doxy has a reasonably strong vibration that is probably comparable to the vibrations felt on standard, quality toys at their highest setting. Overall, the Doxy gets top marks from us. You can purchase the Doxy here at Lovehoney and here at Simply Pleasure.

You can purchase the Doxy Massager from

The Doxy Massager was kindly sent to me from Doxy free of charge for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used in this post.

Doxy Massager Review
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