ElectraStim Flick EM60-M Review

The ElectraStim Flick EM60-M was kindly sent to me for an honest review from a company called ElectraStim, and although electro stimulation (E-stim) had been on my ‘must try’ list for a while and I was pretty excited to experience this new type of play, I was still a complete novice to this kind of stimulation, so I was understandably apprehensive and slightly baffled with the array of different products available when I first spoke with ElectraStim. I was very grateful though, that my first experience was with ElectraStim.  They specialise in e-stim and are a knowledgeable, friendly company, who answered my numerous novice questions helpfully, patiently and with attention to detail and helped me choose the most suitable product based on my experience levels, and the kind of sensations I was looking for. ElectraStim suggested that the ElectraStim Flick EM60-M would be an ideal choice and this particular set was a fantastic recommendation for us. As a couple, it offers a wide variety of different stimulation options for both male and female genitals, so we could really experiment with e-stim together, and the compact, simple to use, controls are not intimidating, which removed some of that initial apprehension that comes with being an unsure and apprehensive novice.

Understanding The Basics Of The ElectraStim Flick EM60-M:

The Flick EM60-M is a rechargeable device, and it comes with a USB charging cable (No mains) When you initially receive the Flick, you will need to charge it fully, which can take up to 3 hours. During charging, a red LED light will appear on the front of your Flick and once charging is complete, this light goes out. Once charged, you need to attach the output cable to the Flick. and then choose and attach your chosen attachments. Apply these to the body before switching the Flick on.

The ElectraStim Flick EM60-M is a single channel stimulator and it can be used in two ways, either with one bi-polar attachment, or with 2 uni-polar attachments. A bi-polar attachment (The probe) has two sockets/cables coming out from the base. The uni-polar attachments (The cock rings and the pads.) have one socket each. Whichever attachments you choose, you must ensure that both of the pins coming from the Flicks output cable, are connected to attachments (You cannot just attach one pad, for example, and leave the other pin disconnected.) One thing to note though, is that the probe can be used as a uni-polar attachment, so long as you also insert the other output cable to another attachment, like a cock ring, or a pad. The idea here is to complete a circuit between the two cables and your body, so you could insert the probe and attach a cock ring and your body will complete the circuit. Voilà! (I am not an electrical engineer, you can probably tell.) You should never use any of the attachments above the waist.

So with this in mind, you can now see that the Flick has a lot of different sensation options available, either for single person use, or as part of a couple (More on this later.) Here are some options available to you:

  • 2 x pads: These can be attached to the inner thighs, vaginal lips, base of the penis, pubic mounds and perineum, or you can share one each with a partner.
  • 2 x cock rings: You can place one at the base of the penis and one underneath the coronal ridge at the head of your penis, or you can loop one around your testicles and have the other around your penis.
  • 1 x probe: This can be inserted anally and vaginally.

So, those were the basics. However, you can mix it up:

  • 1 x cock ring and 1x probe: Insert the probe anally and loop the ring around your penis or scrotum.
  • 1 x probe and 1x pad: This is the better dual option for female genitals, but males can also use this. Insert the probe anally or vaginally and attach the pad to your pubic mound, labia majora, perineum, penis, or wherever else takes your fancy.
  • 1 x ring and 1x pad: Loop the ring around your penis or scrotum and attach the pad to wherever it feels best. Females can also use this to stimulate their clitoris. Attach the pad to your mound and use the ring to stroke your clitoris.
  • 1 x probe: This bi-polar attachment can be used just as it is. On its own, either for vaginal or anal stimulation.

I guess there may be more options, but I think I have covered a fair amount. It is all about experimenting to find which attachments, and where to place them, for best results for you.

Operating the ElectraStim Flick EM60-M:

Now you have fully charged your Flick, chosen your preferred attachments and applied them to a suitable area of your body, it is time to switch the flick on and experiment with the patterns and settings. The Flick is very simple to turn on. Simply press the large power button. As a side note, this is also the same button used to switch the Flick off in a hurry, so if something starts feeling too intense, hit that button and all stimulation stops immediately. When you switch the Flick on, it always begins at zero intensity and at a constant output. (So not a pulse or waves, just a continuous output of stimulation.) You now need to begin to turn up the intensity using the up arrow (There is also a down arrow, if you feel you have gone a little too far and want to drop the intensity down.) The Flick has 24 different levels of intensity and every time you click the up arrow, you will feel a step up in intensity (or a drop down if you use the down arrow) It is very simple to use. LED lights begin to light up along the top of the Flicks control panel to give you an indication of what intensity you are at, which is handy because if you hand over the controls to a partner, they can see exactly how intense the stimulation is that you are receiving. You can even tell them which setting not to go past.

Once you have mastered this part, it is time to experiment with the settings. These can be activated by pressing the central button on the control pad. For every click of that button, the pattern will change. There are 7 patterns, and you can keep cycling through them in much the same way as a vibrator. Do not forget that you can also change the intensity of the patterns using the up/down arrows and it is worth bearing in mind that some pattern settings feel more intense than others, so I recommend starting each one at a lower intensity level and building up to your desired stimulation.

The ElectraStim Flick EM60-M also comes with another great feature, the Flick mode. To activate Flick mode, you simply hold down the central button (The one used to cycle through the patterns.) for 3 or 4 seconds, until the lights begin to pulse, like a heartbeat. The intensity will drop automatically to a low level at this point, and now you have control of the stimulation. Flicking movements, or tapping on the control panel, will cause short sharp bursts of stimulation (Obviously at a lower intensity level, but you can turn up this intensity to your desired level.) Smaller, gentler taps or flicks of your wrist, cause a more gentle pulse of stimulation, whereas harder taps and flicks cause high (As high as you set it to be.) intensity pulses. Flick mode can be used with all of the attachments.

My Experience with the ElectraStim EM60-M:

The self adhesive pads:

The pads are designed for external stimulation and we found these to be the most versatile attachments in the EM60-M set. These pads are squares of flexible, rubber material with an adhesive backing. You receive 4 of these pads with the set, but can only use two at a time. The reason you get four is because eventually the adhesive backing doesn’t stick anymore, so these are spares. I have used the same set of two pads 5 times now with no signs of them becoming less sticky, so they should last a while.

The first time I tried the pads, I attached them to my bikini line and labia majora. The pads provided a very tingly sensation at lower intensity levels, these sensations feel similar to a mild case of pins and needles. As I increased the intensity, the sensations then begin to feel like a mixture between a tingling, pins and needles sensation and vibrations. I managed to use the pads right up to the highest setting without experiencing pain, it felt intense, and trying to turn it up to the highest setting immediately is just too much, but building up slowly allows you to enjoy the sensations much more.

Being one of the most versatile attachments in the set, we soon discovered a unique, and slightly terrifying (Can something be slightly terrifying) way to play with the pads. Now, I say discovered, but we actually saw it in the manual and being the experimental, lust filled, naive people we were, we thought “that looks like fun”. What I am referring to here, is attaching one pad to yourself and the other pad to your partner, this means that together you create a circuit and if I may say so, it’s the freakiest and most hilarious fun we have ever experienced. See, what happens when you both come together to create a circuit, is that you both develop what I can only describe as ‘scary electric hands’. You know that sensation you experience when you are charged with static and you touch something and feel that jolt in your hands? Okay, imagine that, but stronger, to the point where it feels like your finger is vibrating rather than one sharp shock. We both lay there together for half an hour poking at each other and we discovered that this sensation is a lot more powerful if the body parts touching are smaller, so grabbing hold of his leg with my whole hand was less intense than touching him with my finger. The person doing the touching feels the sensation in their hands or fingers a lot more than the receiver does, which was a little disappointing because I quite fancied him approaching me, ET style, with a glowing finger ready to vibrate my clit off. It was not to be though, as he felt it too intensely in his fingers and I barely felt it where he touched me. After twenty minutes of poking and giggling, a silence descended as we both looked down and thought the same thing together “What would this feel like if we touched penis to vagina right now”. Sadly we never got to experience this because I interrupted the silence by painting him the picture of his cock touching my pussy and him being blown backwards through the bedroom wall by the force of my electrified vagina, while I lay spread eagled on the bed cackling. The truth was, we were both too nervous after feeling how intense it felt in our fingers, to feel that in our most sensitive areas. When I tell you we experienced this sensation on power level 2 out of 24, you may understand our nervousness. We couldn’t bring ourselves to try it. Yet.

The pads, used at the base of his penis, felt very similar for him as they did for me, they felt like a tingling vibration which he described as tickly and enjoyable at lower levels, and quite intense at higher levels with a squeezing sensation around his penis. He only managed to get halfway through the full power settings before finding his limit. He said that he could also feel the sensations travel up to the tip of his penis, which felt nice, so long as it wasn’t turned up too high.

The internal probe:

This was our least favourite attachment. My partner did not like it at all because what the probe does, when inserted, is cause muscle contractions. Using the pattern settings (These work better with the probe.) it causes your internal muscles to tense up and contract with each pulse. As soon as it caused his internal muscles to contract he felt very panicky that his bottom was going to “suck” the probe completely inside of him. He felt that the probe did not have enough of a flared base to it, he could barely feel the base when it rested against his anus and this made him feel too uncomfortable using it. I spoke to ElectraStim about this and was told that if my partner was used to larger anal toys, and could relax his anal muscles quite easily, then this probe might just be a little too small for him. Bear this in mind ladies and gents.

My experience with the probe was mixed. The first time I used it, it hurt me, a lot! I inserted it vaginally and began turning it up, but felt nothing. I assumed it must be normal when using the probe to need more power, so I turned it up a little more and still felt nothing until suddenly and unexpectedly I felt the most intense stabbing pain against my g-spot. Then I made my next rookie mistake. In shock, I pulled out the probe while it was still on. Don’t do this ladies. It feels like a thousand needles piercing your vulva. I spoke to ElectraStim about this and they helpfully explained what had happened.  I am going to assume that the reason I could not feel anything was because I was not using the pattern settings and simply because I was relaxed. Electrastim explained that, in much the same way as it feels more intense to touch each other with a finger, compared to a palm, when wearing the pads, the probe also feels more intense if less of the contact points are touching skin. I can only assume that the first time I inserted the probe, I was so relaxed that some of it was not touching my internal walls. As I turned it up, it suddenly made contact with my g-spot area only and this is why I got an intense stabbing pain. Then when I removed it from my vagina while it was still on, the more I removed, the less the panels were in contact with my body. It hurt. Lesson learned. When using the probe for the second time I was a lot more wary, but this time things went much smoother. The proper sensation is one of squeezing internally. Each time the probe activated, I felt my pelvic floor muscles grip involuntarily around the probe, and then relax as the probe stopped. It provides sensations similar to orgasmic contractions, only without the orgasmic sensations, although it felt interesting, it wouldn’t be enough to make me orgasm. It is not painful (so long as it is making contact correctly and not turned up stupidly high) and I can imagine that, as well as feeling nice, it would also work fantastically well at toning up your PC muscles, in much the same way as those abs pads can do. I quite like that idea. As for my own anal experience, I did not enjoy it. I felt like I had pins and needles in my butt which was about as disconcerting as the fact my bum was clenching and relaxing without any conscious thought on my behalf. A bizarre sensation, and one that I can see could be enjoyable in BDSM play, especially if you enjoy things like figging. For me, my butt is quite delicate and I just did not enjoy it.

The cock rings:

My partners favourite. The rings, unlike the pads, created a much more direct sensation around his penis only (as opposed to feeling it in his whole groin area with the pads) he describes it as a tingling tickling feeling at lower levels, moving into a more intense vibration as he moved up through the power settings.

The rings are pretty fiddly to get on though. These are the only items in this set that require the use of the Electrastim gel. You need to get an even coating around the inside of the ring (the part that will rest against your skin) then slip the ring over your penis and tighten it by sliding the plastic slider up the length of the hoop. Not the easiest thing to do when the ring and your fingers are slippery with gel, the slider is pretty tight, and you are trying your best not to rub away the conductive gel. Once in place they generally stay there but can occasionally slip, especially if, like my partner, you have no pronounced coronal ridge to hold it. Once in place however, they provide very nice sensations that my partner ensures me could make him orgasm if he was already close, but not from a cold start.


The ElectraStim EM60-M is extremely versatile and a lot of fun. We have still not exhausted all of the possibilities available to us when it comes to playing with this set and as expected, we had mixed reactions to the sensations. The lower intensity levels provide tingly, tickly and buzzy sensations that are certainly not painful but do feel different and unique. The stronger intensity levels gave us pleasure/pain sensations that are perfect for sadists and masochists to enjoy together. It is really going to depend on your own pain tolerance levels as to how much, and how far you want to push it and whether you want pleasure or some pain too, but there is an intensity level to suit all levels of desire and taste. Please note that generally this ‘pain’ I am describing is mild to moderate and mixed with pleasure too, rather than an outright evil type of pain. Plus, if you build up slowly, and do not whack it up to the higher intensities, you should not experience any bad pain at all. Put it this way, my partner is not into pain at all, yet he found the Flick enjoyable. He just couldn’t whack it up to full, that was all. Overall, we both enjoyed experimenting with the Flick and it was not as scary or as painful as we initially assumed it would be. It will get played with often.

When it comes to orgasms, we haven’t experienced one from e-stim yet. It is a sensation that requires a little getting used to because it is different from vibrations. Either that or it just doesn’t work for us in that way, and although that is mildly disappointing, it doesn’t feel like the end of the world because for me, the ElectraStim Flick EM60-M was fantastic. It was laugh out loud fun at times, brilliant for BDSM play at other times and it provided a lot of unique and new sensations to enjoy during foreplay. (Seriously, I recommend trying the ‘scary electric hands’.) It is also simple to use and operate, even for beginners, but you must read through the manual first and soak in the directions and warnings. I would not recommend it to everyone though. You should not use this device if you suffer heart conditions or wear a pacemaker and if you are really, really adverse to any kind of pain, then avoid it.

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