Electrastim Noir Lula Kegel Balls Review

I was kindly sent the Electrastim Noir Lula Kegel Balls from Electrastim.co.uk for an honest review.

Approximately one year ago, a company called Electrastim introduced me to the wonderful world of electro sex toys. Pretty soon I was hooked, happily experimenting with new e-stim accessories and enjoying the range of sensations they could provide. When you are new to e-stim, it is easy to imagine that these devices only produce pain, but they actually produce sensations ranging from a tingling tease, right through to an intense vibrating shock. Pain is only a part of the e-stim experience; it is there if you want it, but not a necessity.

One of the (often overlooked) sensations provided by internal electro-stimulation accessories, is an involuntary contraction of the PC muscles. This sensation is painless unless you do something silly, such as attempting to remove the toy while the current is still on (been there), or turning up the device too high, too soon (done that). I mentioned these contractions on my Electrastim Noir Nona butt plug review, discussing how I used them for kegel training. Of course, the Nona was a butt toy and not specifically designed for that exact use. The Lula, on the other hand, has been designed to train the kegel muscles, although it is only intended for vaginal use. With no flared base, the Lula is not suitable for anal play.

Product Information:

The Electrastim Lula is a bipolar, e-stim kegel exerciser and a set of jiggle balls all in one. To achieve this dual stimulation, the top ball (the one you would insert first) is hollow and contains a free-roaming weight within. As you move this ball, you can feel this weight shift from side to side, gently knocking at the sides of the ball. The idea is that as you move with the Lula inside you, you can feel this jiggling effect. The second bead (The one you would insert second) is solid and contains electro-conductive contacts that, when plugged in to an e-stim device, cause contractions of the PC muscles. The Lula can be used with or without the e-stim device attached, so you could wear it like a regular set of kegel balls if you wished.

The Lula is made entirely from a phthalate free, platinum cured silicone, which I think is great. Most e-stim accessories are made from metal (obviously, as this material conducts well), but metal can be a little intimidating for some and it provides a rigid feel. Being made from silicone, the Lula contains more flexibility (such as the neck, or joint between the two balls) and is therefore less intense or imposing. The silicone used to create the Lula is quite matte and grabby, so it does require a little lubricant and a good wash before each use (it attracts a fair amount of dust and lint).

Each ball measures in at 4.5 inches in circumference, which makes the Lula ideal for use over a broad range of experience levels. The balls are large enough not to provide too much of a challenge to beginners and while advanced users might have no trouble keeping them in, they will still get plenty of benefit out of the Lula’s e-stim/jiggle ball features. The total length of both balls, plus the silicone join between them is 3.75 inches. This increases to 9.25 inches with the retrieval cord included.

My Experiences with the Electrastim Lula:

The Lula could sometimes be fiddly to insert, because silicone neck used to connect the two beads is very flexible. I couldn’t grab onto the second ball and push the entire thing inside me in one go. Instead I had to treat each ball as an individual, inserting the first and then moving on to the second. With both balls inside me, I went for a little stroll about the house. I could definitely feel their presence, but they were completely comfortable to wear.

By putting a little bounce into my step, I soon began to notice a subtle tapping sensation within my vagina. This was the jiggle ball working its magic. This sensation was nowhere near intense enough to take me to orgasm and I think most women would experience similar (sorry Fifty Shades). However, when it comes to jiggle balls, I personally don’t think that climax is the main goal. The goal is to A) Constantly remind you that you have something inserted and B) Tease your g-spot and other nerve endings within, turning you on and keeping your arousal simmering. In my opinion, the Electrastim Lula does just that.

Next I wanted to experiment with the Lula’s most exciting feature; the electro-stimulation. The manual states that the Lula should be inserted in a specific way to get the best out of this feature. If you take a close look at each ball, you will notice a textured flower pattern on two sides of each sphere. You have to insert the balls with these patterns facing outwards, pointing towards each thigh or hip.

With the balls inserted correctly, I plugged the Lula’s connections into my EM60-M Flick E-stim device. I then selected a pulse setting and began to gradually work my way up through the Flicks intensity levels. I didn’t feel anything until I reached level 5 or 6. At this point, I began to feel a gentle, involuntary clenching and relaxing of my PC muscles.

The Lula always started gentle, easing me in to play. Each time I turned up the intensity level, I felt a noticeable jump in how hard my kegel muscles would clench. After a minute or so at any given level, my body became accustomed to the intensity and I could then turn it up to the next level, then the next and so on. As I moved up through the settings, my muscles would clench harder and harder. I personally couldn’t reach the highest intensity levels on my Flick device, which was good news as I can work to my fullest potential and still have something to work towards.

The Lula affects me in different ways, depending on what mood I am in when I use it. If I use it to train my PC muscles, I don’t feel highly aroused. However, if I use it in conjunction with a good clitoral vibrator, or other highly stimulating sensations, the Lula helps bring me to a more intense orgasm. I usually use the Lula for approximately 20 minutes per session and afterwards, my PC muscles feel like they have had a good work out. Again, this is not painful. They just feel kind of tired.

Cleaning and Care:

Being made entirely from body safe, platinum cured silicone, the Lula is waterproof, but you must make sure that the connections are completely dry before plugging it in to your e-stim device. I want to commend Electrastim on the inclusion of a silicone retrieval cord too. Unlike the string cords found on many kegel ball sets, this one is virtually non-porous and can be cleaned effectively. This means it holds way less bacteria and reduces the chances of getting an infection. The downsides? Electrastim silicone is quite grabby, so it attracts a fair amount of hair and lint. It doesn’t come with a storage pouch either, so it might need a rinse before each use.


The Electrastim Lula has definitely become my “go-to” kegel exerciser. Am I convinced that the involuntary clenching is actually strengthening my muscles? Honestly, I am not 100% sure. I believe the Lula works in a similar way to those abdominal e-stim devices, which are designed to help tone up your six pack. I can’t say whether those devices work either, but your opinions would be welcomed. Either way, I do feel that the Lula has been beneficial. It definitely helps me to isolate my PC muscles and I feel like I have gained more control over them too. That’s half the battle really.

Of course, the Lula isn’t all about the hard work. It does produce pleasurable sensations too. I certainly enjoy using it to tease myself, or combine it with a vibrator for more intense orgasms. Those of you who want to experience kegel balls 50 Shades of Grey style (In public) will also be relieved to know that the Lula is completely silent in use. Yes, you will have to carry around the actual e-stim device if you wanted to experience contractions, but at least you don’t have to worry about people hearing any vibrations.

Overall, I really enjoy the Electrastim Lula Kegel balls and would recommend it to those looking for an entirely new experience. Something a little different from the norm.

You can purchase the Electrastim Noir Lula Kegel Ball Set here at Electrastim.co.uk

The Electrastim Lula was kindly sent to me free of charge by ElectraStim for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my  opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. No affiliate links are used within this post.

Electrastim Noir Lula Kegel Balls Review
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