Electrastim Noir Nona G-Spot and Prostate Stimulator

I was kindly sent the Electrastim Noir Nona from Electrastim for an impartial review and the Nona is a new product at Electrastim as of June 2nd 2014 and one of the most exciting things about this gorgeous e-stim accessory is that it is made entirely from platinum cured silicone. More often than not, e-stim accessories will be made from metal (Just like the Electrastim Cock Ring Set I reviewed last month) and although metal is a fantastic conductor and works well in many e-stim accessories, it would be amazing to find some softer materials to create internal e-stim sex toys. After all, variety is the spice of life. Thankfully I am not the only one who thinks this, and am delighted that Electrastim have created these new accessories made from flexible silicone. I was highly curious, but the main thing I wondered was just how well the silicone Nona would function as an e-stim stimulator.

Product Description:

The Electrastim Nona is a bipolar e-stim probe, designed for internal use as a g-spot/prostate stimulator and as you can see from my images, it has a gently curved, top heavy tip, designed to target those erogenous zones within. The petite Nona measures in at 4 inches long (3.5 inches of insertable length) and has a maximum circumference of 4.3 inches around its bulbous tip. (The circumference of the neck is 2.25 inches) The Nona does have a small flared base, measuring 2.4 inches in length and 0.75 inches in width, making it safe for anal use.

The entire toy is made from platinum cured silicone, which is phthalate free, odourless and body safe. This silicone is of the matte variety, which creates a fair amount of drag, so I do recommend using water based lubricant, especially for anal insertion (Do not use silicone lubricant with the Nona because silicone lubricant will insulate conductivity). The silicone is quite firm, having only a small amount of squish to it, but the Nona does have a good amount of flex to it, thanks to the design and the fact it slims down a lot at the base. This makes it much more comfortable to wear.

The can be connected to 2mm pins and if you plug in both pins, you can use it alone. You can use the Nona in conjunction with other e-stim accessories if you wish, by inserting just one pin into the Nona and the other into the cock ring/pad/other accessory of your choosing. Finally, it is worth pointing out that the manual does come with some warnings for use. You should not use the Nona (or any e-stim products) if you suffer from any heart defect, have a pacemaker fitted, suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant or intend to use on inflamed or infected areas of skin. You must also always use e-stim accessories below the waist.

My Experiences with the Electrastim Nona:

Insertion and function:

My previous experiences with e-stim products had given me the impression that only metal, or metal coated toys, could be used to create these products and that anything else would be a poor conductor of current, so I really surprised to discover the Nona and curious as to how it would react and compare to my other e-stim accessories. I attached the Nona to my EM60-M Flick, lubed up and inserted the Nona. Unlike metal plated probes, which often contain seams or raised edges, the Nona caused no scratching sensations at all. It slipped in easily and comfortably. As soon as it was fully inserted, I noticed that the bulbous tip was resting directly over my g-spot and was applying a very gentle pressure, waking up my g-spot and making its presence felt, but in a subtle way. I let go of the Nona so that I could focus on operating the e-stim stimulator and noticed that it stayed inside me, hands-free, which was fabulous as I could now lie back, relax and enjoy what was to come. I had not switched it on yet, but I was already impressed.

Not all of my e-stim experiences have been good and I also had a rather shocking (pun) incident in the past which left me wary about using internal e-stim toys. Basically I had inserted a probe and continued to turn up the intensity because I could not feel anything, but as it turned out, this was because the probe was not making full contact with my internal walls and when I moved slightly, it touched partially and I received an incredible jolt because I had the device turned up high. Anyway, I slowly and carefully began climbing through the 24 intensity settings on my Flick, but felt nothing happening, despite reaching level 10, 11 and 12. I was getting nervous. After three or four attempts at removing and repositioning the Nona, only to experience the same thing, I began to assume I had received a faulty Nona, but I decided the only way to be sure was to continue past the half way point on my Electrastim Flick.

It was only after getting up the nerve to cycle past the half way mark that I began to feel the Nona starting to work. When the sensations began, they were gentle. It felt like the Nona was being rocked lightly back and forth into my g-spot. I soon realised that the Nona simply requires my e-stim device to be turned up to at least half way through the intensity settings before I can personally feel it working. My partner also found that he had to turn up the intensity a fair bit higher with the Nona, than he would do with his metal probe. We put this down to the fact that the Nona is made from silicone and maybe it does not conduct the current as efficiently as a metal material would. Another possibility is that it was purposely designed this way, to create a softer, less intense e-stim experience.

After coming to the realisation that the Nona was not going to suddenly and intensely shock me, I began to really experiment and enjoy the sensations it provided. I personally found that I could eventually build up the intensity on my EM60-M to maximum and although the sensations felt intense, they were never painful, so long as I built up gradually. Could I have gone even further if given the opportunity? Probably, just a little, but the last few intensity settings were close enough to my limits that I felt satisfied with the intensity and power overall.

Using the Nona Vaginally:

So what does it feel like? Well, you know those muscular contractions you have naturally when you reach orgasm? The Nona recreates those contractions and depending on what setting you have your e-stim device set to, it can either create a constant, unrelenting squeeze, or it can make your internal muscles pulse, quiver, clamp down, or build up in waves. Now, I don’t know about other women, but when I masturbate, I like to clench and relax my internal muscles anyway, because it heightens my arousal. If I have something inserted to squeeze around, it feels even better and the Nona basically provides both the squeezing and having something to squeeze around. Every time the Nona caused my muscles to contract, the squeeze would push the bulbous tip directly into my g-spot. It felt nice and so long I built up through the intensity levels slowly, I never felt any discomfort or pain when using the Nona.

The Nona cannot bring me to orgasm on its own, no matter how fast I set it pulsing, because it never manages to recreate the same technique I use manually to achieve g-spot orgasms. I like my g-spot stimulation to be fast, firm and furious, but the Nona does not press hard enough into my g-spot unless I manually jiggle it with my hand and to be honest, if I am going to do that, I’d rather use a longer dildo. I would not choose the Nona for manual stimulation alone, because it had no handle to grip onto. However, this is not to say the Nona is not a good toy. When used as designed and in combination with a clitoral vibrator (I used my We-Vibe Tango), the Nona’s rhythmic squeezing helped intensify my orgasms and get me there more reliably. It felt fantastic.

Using the Nona as a Kegel Exerciser:

As I have already mentioned, the Nona works by causing your internal muscles to squeeze and relax. This action is designed to produce pleasure, but it also gives your internal muscles a workout, almost as a by-product. For me, this was not a by-product, but a huge feature of the Electrastim Nona. What I love about it is that the Nona does all the work for me and even allows me to go above and beyond by turning up the intensity and letting it contract and squeeze my muscles harder than I can do manually. For this reason, I began using the Nona regularly for kegel training and will often just chill out in bed with a movie, or a good book, and let it tone my muscles as I relax.

I usually leave the Nona inserted for approximately 20 to 30 minutes and gradually increase the intensity until I reach my limit. Maybe this is psychosomatic, but afterwards I am convinced that I can control my muscles with ease and feel like I can squeeze harder than I could before I started. I have stopped using kegel balls because I am totally addicted to kegel training with the Nona. Still, I can’t help but wonder how effective it really is, compared to manual training. Despite it squeezing all of the same muscles that I would squeeze manually, can it really be effective if I am not doing any of the work? It certainly feels effective, but I guess only time will tell.

Using the Nona for Anal Stimulation:

Thanks to the flared base, the Nona can be used safely for anal and the overall shape makes it effective for prostate stimulation. My partner had much the same experience as I did, discovering that the tip of the Nona rested directly over his prostate. The sensation did take a little getting used to (Your bum will clench and relax without you telling it to) but as soon as he got used to it, he really enjoyed it. Again, just like my experience, the Nona could not take him to prostate orgasm alone, but when combined with any form of stimulation to his penis, it really heightened the sensations felt overall and gave him some powerful orgasms. The design of the base, being small and quite flat, meant that he could walk around with the Nona inserted (It stays in place, hands free) and he could even sit up on it. Of course, you want to be careful sitting upright when the pins and wires are connected to the Nona (In case you break them) but as a stand-alone butt plug/prostate stimulator, it works really well.


The Nona really impressed us. I would go as far as to say it is our favourite e-stim accessory so far and I really hope Electrastim design more of their accessories in silicone. I don’t think the silicone conducts the current as strongly as metal does, so you may want to rule it out if you want an intense e-stim device (for use in BDSM etc), but I think it is fantastic as a gentle, pleasurable e-stim stimulator for beginners and it should still be intense enough on the  higher settings for more advanced users to enjoy the sensations. Despite not conducting current as strongly as the metal accessories, it does seem to conduct it more smoothly. I never experienced any sharp jolts of pain that I can sometimes feel with the metal devices, as the sensations seem to be spread more evenly throughout the whole toy. The intensity levels ramp up more gradually too, with each one being a manageable increase on the last, rather than a sudden leap from comfortable to ‘Oww that hurts’.

As we gained confidence using the Nona, we began to realise how fantastic this e-stim toy really is. It is so versatile, being suitable for vaginal pleasure, anal pleasure and even kegel toning. Even the design and overall construction is fantastic and of a high quality. If you have a compatible e-stim stimulator (and if you don’t, I recommend the EM60-M Flick device) and want a versatile, comfortable, unintimidating accessory to go with it, then you need to get yourself the Electrastim Noir Nona.

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Electrastim Noir Nona G-Spot and Prostate Stimulator
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