Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady Review

Despite having positive experiences with a number of Fleshlight masturbation sleeves, my partner had become less and less excited about testing anymore. “They are starting to feel quite samey” he complained when I asked him why he felt so apathetic. Having a strong preference for intense stimulation (such as vibrations and the extreme texture found inside the Tenga Flip Holes), my partner finds it difficult to detect any huge differences between each Fleshlight sleeve. The texture (and therefore, the sensation) is often quite subtle.

It was while I was browsing through the range of Fleshlight sleeves at sexcite.co.uk, that I stumbled across the Fleshlight Ice masturbators. The Ice sleeves differ from Fleshlight’s standard, flesh-coloured sleeves in one major way; they are made from transparent materials. Using a see-through sleeve, we could watch as his penis moved in and out of the canal. Since we are both highly aroused by visual stimuli, the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady seemed like an obvious choice. Sexcite kindly offered to send us one, in exchange for an honest review.

Product Information:

The Fleshlight Ice Crystal is a high-quality masturbation sleeve, designed to provide a more realistic experience. Like most Fleshlight sleeves, it comes with an anatomical entrance (vulva) and is made from Fleshlight’s trademark SuperSkin material. The inner sleeve feels soft and velvety to the touch and it will squish easily if you prod it. While it doesn’t feel exactly like real skin, I suspect it’s about as close as you could get from a sex toy material.

The Ice Crystal Lady is the same size and shape as the regular Fleshlight sleeves, measuring 10 inches in total length with a penetration depth of 8.5 inches. I believe that the Fleshlight sleeves can be enjoyed by most men, no matter what your penis size, but only a small percentage of men will be able to penetrate the entire length of the sleeve (You can remove the inner sleeve and use it by itself, but I don’t recommend this as you could damage the delicate material). I think it is important to consider your penis size when browsing the Fleshlight sleeve textures. Thankfully, the Crystal sleeve has lots of interesting texture throughout.

The Crystal sleeve is textured from start to finish and varies from chamber to chamber. At the start of the canal is a tight section with ridged walls. An inch or so further on and the ridges become more prominent as the canal widens. As you move past this ridged section, you enter a rounded chamber. The walls inside this chamber contain lots of raised, rounded bumps. The canal tightens as you exit this chamber and the ridges reappear. If you are well endowed, you will reach the second chamber, which contains a square shaped texture. From this point on, the canal gradually narrows and is lined with ridges.

The Crystal sleeve sits inside a hard, plastic case, but it can be removed easily for cleaning. With both lids attached (there is one at either end of the case), the Fleshlight is supposed to resemble a large Flashlight, which explains the name. The larger cap covers the entrance, protecting the material from damage, dust and grime. Remember, the Ice case (including the lid) is completely transparent, so you won’t be able to disguise this Fleshlight as easily as the others.

The smaller cap can be loosened and tightened to control the air flow within the canal. If you loosen the cap before insertion, there will be no air resistance inside the canal. With the cap loose, your penis will slide in and out effortlessly. If you insert your penis and then tighten the cap, it will create a vacuum (and some enjoyable resistance) inside the sleeve.

The Ice Crystal sleeve can be purchased in three different styles and the only thing that differs is the design of the entrance. You can choose from the Lady (a vulva entrance), the Butt (anal entrance) and the Pure (a non-anatomical donut shape). If none of these options appeal, there are others available under the Fleshjack brand. These options include the Mouth (a set of lips) and the Ass (butt cheeks).

Our Experience with the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Sleeve:

As expected, the texture inside the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady is less intense than the texture inside his favoured Tenga Flip Holes. He expected this, as it seems to be the case with every Fleshlight product we have tried. In his opinion, the Fleshlight sleeves excel at providing a soft, silky, cushioned canal to sink into. The textures might be a little subtle (compared to other masturbation sleeves), but the experience is slightly more realistic. Personally, he prefers sex toys that provide an intense experience over a realistic one, but your opinion may differ.

Compared alongside his other Fleshlight sleeves, he found that the Crystal insert was relatively intense. In fact, the only sleeve that provided more stimulation was his Fleshlight STU. When I asked him to describe the sensations, he said that the initial section (the ripples) felt quite tickly. He felt the most pleasure when the tip of his penis moved in and out of the large, bumpy chamber, describing the sensation as rumbly. Measuring approximately 5 inches long, his penis didn’t penetrate much deeper into the canal, but it was still intense enough to take him to orgasm. It did take a little longer than it does when he uses his favourite masturbation sleeves, but it was just as enjoyable when he got there.

Of course, the most exciting thing about using the Ice Crystal Lady is that we could watch as he thrust in and out of the canal. The view isn’t crystal clear (you can’t see every little detail) and your penis can look a little….distorted, but we could see where his penis was in relation to the texture inside the canal. If you enjoy using masturbation sleeves on a partner, you will understand how valuable that information can be. Knowing which textures he enjoyed the most, I could manipulate the Fleshlight in a way that stimulated him most intensely. That was pretty awesome and something I miss when using standard Fleshlight sleeves. In other exciting news, we both got to watch as he ejaculated inside the sleeve. Watching him reach orgasm is a big turn on for me, so this is another big plus for the Crystal sleeve.

Cleaning and Care:

Like most Fleshlight Sleeves, the Ice Crystal Lady is a pain in the ass to care for. Cleaning the device is easy; just remove the sleeve from the case and rinse it with warm water until clean. I sometimes rub it down with mild soap, but you have to be careful as the material is both delicate and porous.

Drying the Fleshlight is not quite so simple. You have to let the material air dry, as it can develop a musty smell if you place it back inside the case when damp. One of our older Fleshlight sleeves developed mould spots after we failed to let it dry out properly. If you share a house and need to be discreet, this can be a little annoying.

Once dry, you still have a little work to do. To ensure that your Fleshlight has a silky feel to it, it is given a fine coating of powder. As soon as you wash your Fleshlight, this coating is rinsed off and the material feels sticky to the touch. For some reason, the transparent Crystal sleeve feels so much stickier than the standard sleeves do. If you want to stop your Crystal sleeve feeling so sticky, you will need to give it a fine coating of powder. Fleshlight do sell a renewer powder, but corn starch (cornflour) works just as well. I would avoid using perfumes powders, as the oils and scent will soak into the material.


The Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady could not compete with his favourite masturbation sleeves when it came to intensity, but we both enjoy using it nevertheless. Compared to his other Fleshlight sleeves, this one is definitely one of our favourites. He enjoyed the varied texture inside the canal and the transparent case/sleeve was a huge win.

I wouldn’t recommend the Fleshlight Ice Crystal sleeve to those with a below average penis size (5 inches or less), or those who prefer tight canals and intense texture. If you are on the smaller side, the Fleshlight Sex in a Can range might be preferable. If you like it intense (and are not overly large in the pants department) then the Tenga Flip Holes may suit you best. For everybody else, I don’t think you can go far wrong with the Ice Crystal sleeve. It covers the middle ground very well, providing mid-level intensity, mid-level tightness and a semi-realistic sensation. If you prefer non-anatomical masturbators, simply choose the Pure entrance, rather than the Lady entrance. Overall, we highly recommend the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady.

You can purchase the Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady here at sexcite.co.uk

The Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady was kindly sent to me free of charge from sexcite.co.uk for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are not used within this post.

Fleshlight Ice Crystal Lady Review
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