Give Lube Silicone Review

I was kindly sent a bottle of Give Lube Silicone Lubricant from for an honest review. I was also sent a bottle of Give Lube Aqua Gel (Their water based formula.) and you can read that review here. It is worth noting that Give Lube is an award winning brand and I can see why, both of their lubricants have impressed me and I am particularly fussy when it comes to these things.

About Give Lube Silicone +

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone

I like short ingredient lists. Having no nasty parabens, glycerine or other icky things to worry about, Give Lube Silicone is body safe, preservative free, oil free, unscented, flavourless. skin kind and latex condom safe. It is a CE marked medical lubricant, which means it has been assessed and meets EU health and safety guidelines.

In Use:

My personal experience is that water based lubes are generally thicker and provide a more slimy slickness and a “buffer” of sorts, between the contact points. Silicone lubes produce a more silky or powdery type of slickness and because they are usually thinner, the buffer between contact points is reduced. This usually means that water based lubes cause his penis (Or my sex toys) to glide without any friction whatsoever, whereas silicone lubes provide a silky slip that removes any uncomfortable friction, yet still allows you to feel more contact, more detail, more movement and more sensation. This is why Give Lube Silicone excels most when used for straight up, good old fashioned intercourse (Vaginal or anal) firstly because it doesn’t  dry up mid sex (Always a bonus) but more importantly, it just feels better than water based lube. This opinion was also shared by my partner, who commented that sex just felt more intense using Give Lube Silicone, compared with water based lubricants. Considering it feels so nice, it was also nice to discover it lasts absolutely ages, meaning you do not often have to stop to re-apply lube, which can be distracting or off putting during a session.

Aside from generally being pretty amazing for standard penetration, I was also impressed to discover that Give Lube Silicone has absolutely no taste, making it the perfect lubricant to grab for if you also intend on indulging in some oral sex too. Unlike most water based lubes (Which seem to always have a bitter, soapy taste.) Give Lube Silicone will not leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

When it comes to masturbation (Without sex toys) I prefer Give Lube Aqua, Give Lubes water based lubricant, because I just prefer a more slimy slickness than I do a silky one. This is down to personal preference and is based upon the fact that I do NOT enjoy friction on my clitoris at all, something I can still feel, albeit in a different way, when using any silicone lubricant. I can hardly hold this against Give Lube Silicone though. On the other hand, I personally loved using Give Lube Silicone when getting hands on with my partner because it rarely needs to be re-applied and I can go down on him without any nasty tasting lube flavours distracting me. He is not as sensitive as me and his experience masturbating with Give Lube Silicone was much more enjoyable.


Silicone lubricants are not recommended for use with silicone sex toys and for that reason, Give Lube Silicone comes with a warning on the bottle “Do not use with silicone sex toys”. The reason for this is that the silicone in the lubricant can react with the sex toy material and cause your toy to become tacky. I have read that it is safe enough to use silicone on silicone if both products are pure and of the highest quality but if you are just unsure whether your sex toy is 100% pure silicone, or if you have any doubts whatsoever, then I would advise avoiding silicone lubes and sticking to a water based variety, which is what I do. (Better safe than sorry.) Although this isn’t a downside as such, it does mean Give Lube Silicone is a little less versatile than its water based cousin, Give Lube Aqua Gel. Give Lube Silicone is safe to use with glass, plastic, ceramic or metal sex toys, so it isn’t all bad news.

Like most silicone lubricants, Give Lube Silicone + is runny and is prone to trickling or running everywhere if you are not careful with it, which you might want to be because silicone lubricants tend to stain fabrics, leaving behind an oily looking patch on your bed sheets or clothing.

It doesn’t soak into the skin like water based lubricants do. It leaves a residue on your skin that feels kind of greasy but also.. not. (A silky greasy feeling, similar to oil but less tacky and more powdery.) You will probably feel an urge to wash it off and it needs to be washed off using soap and water. Credit where credit is due, it does wash off your skin easily, but if you are like me and would rather cuddle up and fall asleep after sex, you might find the extra trip for a quick shower is annoying.


This is another fantastic lubricant from Give Lube. Silicone + was perfect for the times that I wanted to be lost in the moment with my partner. Those times where we wanted to feel as much as possible and not have to stop every 5 minutes to re-apply lubricants. It does have some downsides, things that do not appeal to me as much as a water based lubricant would (Like when I want to play with my silicone sex toys or when I want to masturbate) but each of these issues apply to every single silicone lubricant on the market and as such, are not a fault of the product. I think I will always favour water based lubricants, even though they come with their own faults (Like drying out quickly) but Give Lube Silicone + has its place in our bedroom and I would definitely recommend it.

You can purchase Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gel here at


Give Lube Silicone + was kindly sent to me free of charge by for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

Give Lube Silicone Review
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