Hush by Lovense Review

Hush by Lovense Review

Неllo dear friends! Nice to meet you here, and you know, I have something to describe for you! Have you ever heard about Lovense Hush? A type of vibrator which has some special, unique features. What do you think about long distance relationships and how do you get satisfied while your beloved man is far away from your warm bed?

Couples who live together are really pleasing to the eyes, and what to do to those guys and girls who for a long time have to be far from each other? How can they not lose feelings of passion, tenderness and closeness to each other?

Without normal, high-quality sex it is very difficult to achieve. Long-distance relationships need constant support and nourishment with new emotions, otherwise they will simply end. It is necessary that the intimacy does not disappear and become only stronger.

Today for receiving sexual pleasure it is optional to be constantly near each other. Thanks to the sex toys, you can enjoy each other through the screen of your mobile device.

I have already tried the new product from Lovense and you know, it really suited me in many ways! Those several months my beloved partner was living in another country, so I used new sex toys very often. Now, my dear, I will tell you about a unique device – Hush from Lovense. Let’s start our review. Please, pay attention to every single nuance.

The main features of the new product from Lovense

  • First of all, I want to tell you that this unique vibrator is controlled by a smart application;
  • The power of this original device is quite high, which allows you to enjoy the game for a long time;
  • The ergonomic shape of the vibrator from Lovense, as well as the convenient location of all its parts makes its use surprisingly easy;
  • Toy from Lovense is not afraid of water, and therefore you may wash it with water and soap.
  • You will also be able to take the vibrator into the shower with you and get satisfied there;
  • All devices are subject to a mandatory warranty from the manufacturer.

Features of Hush vibrator

Hush by Lovense Review

The original device from Lovense is made very stylish and high quality. I started to adore this sex toy from the very first sight.  It feels incredibly smooth and soft. You will love it, I am absolutely sure! Location all of its parts from which Lush is done are made very correctly. This device will stimulate the most erogenous zone on the body of women with the maximum impact.

This device is controlled by a Bluetooth chip, which is mounted inside the device. This item is connected to a mobile device, both yours and your partner’s, which is far away from you.

At this point in time, my friend has been away from me for a long time, and therefore we now have the opportunity to enjoy each other thanks to the vibrator from Lovense. Its settings and modes are so diverse that every time we can try something new and get a stronger orgasm. We feel ourselves really happy and satisfied.

What Hush created for?

The Lovense vibrator is designed for single satisfaction when you are on the bed, or in the shower. Also, this device can perfectly please you in public places, when people are around, and you get a strong orgasm. For many, it would be a good new sexual experience, wouldn’t it? Also, Hush is suitable for couples who are separated by hundreds of kilometers.

Hush by Lovense Review

I did not wait for this new product to get my friend, I decided to try it first on my own, alone. Moreover, I have for a long time to choose for myself the original vibrator, which will be strong enough to affect my body and give me a cool orgasm. Anyway, the time has come, and I don’t want to put it off any longer. I’m starting!

Instruction for use

Well, finally, I hold in my hands the long-awaited cardboard box, which was handed to me a few minutes ago by a messenger from the courier bureau. Mercilessly tear apart its wrapping paper and pulls out the coveted parcel in which lies my future as a wonder toy. Very beautiful, stylish thing, everything in its place and no unuseless details. I immediately noticed the unusually stylish and concise design of the vibrator.

Sex toy from Lovens lies in velvet pouch. Also, in the kit I found a cable cord, charging, and instructions.

Hush by Lovense Review

This device can be connected to most modern operating systems. Android, IOS – all smartphones based on them are perfectly connected to the new product from Lovense. However, you must first download to your phone a special application from Lovense.

I turned on the Hush and saw a red light bulb – it means that the device is ready to work. Next, I read the instructions for use, which was written how to connect the toy and the application. This is very easy to do, even for those who know nothing about computers.

If you need to join a partner, then choose the “Long distance”option. You will see this pointer in your application. Your partner will receive an email invitation from you and approve the connection. After this moment you can start to please each other with remote touches.

Also, this application is very convenient, because there is a special window where you can write messages to each other, as well as manage the settings of your partner.

And one more thing – you need to go through the connection procedure only once. Each time you log in and contact each other automatically, you don’t need to send requests, invitations, and so on. You can get a lot of orgasms and do not worry about anything else.

My personal feelings

And now let’s move on to the most interesting facts. To be honest, you probably want to hear what the real effect is obtained from the use of Hush?

Hush by Lovense Review

I liked it, I confess to you honestly. I did not even expect that the vibrator can be such a variety of multi orgasms. Of course, the device is not perfect, and there are a couple of things that would be worth changing. But, basically, everything is fine in this device.

Smooth surface, vibrator, as if living body affects me and gives cool emotions. Matte silicone surface looks very elegant and erotic. I’m starting to get aroused just by the sight of a vibrator.

The plug of the device is small, but a little bit weighty. If you’re going to use a vibrator for anal sex then apply a softening cream because Hush is quite large, especially for beginners. Vibrator is perfect for a gift, it looks really cool!

To turn on the unit, locate the button at the top of the unit at the base. Hold the press for a few seconds and the device will work. Turn off the device in the same way. The main thing is to make sure that the vibrator is turned off exactly, otherwise it will be completely overdrawn and at the right time it will simply be unavailable to you.

Vibration, which produces the device I can characterize as quite strong and intense, although here there is and more lungs regimes. I like to use the touchpad more than to use different graphics modes.

To operate the device, touch the screen and move your finger in the desired direction to select the mode. The device understands the command very quickly, it is very sensitive in this sense. Here you can even program a certain sequence of vibrations and they will be played automatically. You can fill the memory of the device with several variations and include at any time the desired option. Or you can just use to get an orgasm the usual stimulation.

I really like that Hush allows us to be satisfied at a distance with my partner. I love to feel like hundreds of miles away my favorite guy is playing with my vagina and clit thanks to the device from Lovense. And sometimes, I don’t even expect, but my partner already enters me and starts stimulation. It changes modes on your own and I just start to go crazy with excitement.

Hush by Lovense Review

I sometimes get very tired and just satisfy myself without the intervention of a partner. I just want to do everything myself from time to time. For example, I come home tired, undress and immediately go to the shower with Hush. And all, in a few minutes I feel like in the seventh heaven.

For the best effect and to avoid damage, I use a sufficient amount of cream.

Disadvantages of Hush from Lovense

Vibrator Hush from Lovense a really cool device. It can be taken anywhere and used in any place convenient for you. However, remember one thing – this device at high speeds works quite loudly, so be careful.

Another disadvantage of the vibrator from the manufacturer – the antenna, which is a bit annoying my body during anal stimulation. Although, I admit, that this discomfort will feel not all girls.

I did not immediately master all the intricacies of the management of this tool. I first tried all the options on their own and only then connected to the sexual games of my partner.

One time I and my partner used a vibrator with sound, I’ll tell you it was very funny!

Hush by Lovense Review

I also did not really like one moment when I did not know how much grease I would need. I took a small amount, and it turned out that it was necessary to use more intimate cream. The fact that the water-based cream, which are recommended for sex toys, personally for me is not very suitable. My body needs an oil-based lubricant.

How can I replace the Hush?

If you don’t want to play using the anal penetration, then simply choose the toy of Lush from Lovense. It works great for the vagina and clitoris.


As a result, I want to say you: Hush is a really cool vibrator, especially for those who love anal stimulation. It is also well suited for lovers who live at a distance from each other. I know these types of vibrators well enough and recommend them to you, friends.

Elin Wilder/ author of the article
I'm Elin "Omg Sex Girl" Wilder. For over 10 years I have been fond of sex toys. Not so long ago, I decided to share my experience with my readers. On this blog you will find reviews on sex toys from butt plugs to vibrators, as well as reviews on all the latest sex toys.
Hush by Lovense Review
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