IOB-Spec Speculum with Light Review

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your vagina looks like? I have, on occasion, but it wasn’t until recently that I started giving it some serious thought. My partner and I had discussed purchasing a vaginal speculum, as the thought of seeing inside my vagina really turned him on. I associated the speculum with uncomfortable medical examinations, but I could envisage all the enjoyable ways such a simple tool could be used for sexual pleasure. As luck would have it, Uberkinky was looking for somebody to review the IOB-Spec Speculum with light. I seized the opportunity and waited with baited breath for my new toy to arrive.

Product Information:

The IOB-Spec speculum is a bi-valve (duck bill shaped) vaginal speculum, designed to dilate the vaginal canal and give a clear view inside. When the speculum is closed, the two curved blades come together to form a smooth, hollow tube. With the tube inserted into your vagina, you can begin to adjust the speculum so that the two blades move apart (imagine a duck’s beak opening up). As the blades open, they apply a gentle pressure to your vaginal walls, widening the canal and opening you up. At a certain point, you should have a clear view right down the middle of the speculum.

The IOB-Spec Speculum is made from transparent Perspex and is designed to be disposable. I have used it on multiple occasions, taking care to clean it thoroughly between uses, but this is a personal decision. If you chose to use the speculum more than once, you should try to avoid scratching the Perspex material, as this may provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

The IOB-Spec Speculum is available to purchase in three different sizes (small, medium and large). I am reviewing the medium, which has an insertable (beak) length of approximately 4 inches. At the maximum stretch, the gap between the two blades measures 3.5 inches.

Like most speculums, the IOB-Spec can be adjusted to fit your body. This particular speculum can be adjusted in two different ways via a ratchet mechanism. When you press the bottom button, the small tooth lifts out of the ratchet mechanism, allowing you to slide the blades closer together or move them wider apart. When you make adjustments using the bottom button, the tip and the base of the speculum remain at equal distances apart (Imagine a vice opening up). The top button works in exactly the same way, but this adjustment causes the blades to open at an angle (imagine a duck’s beak opening up).

To help improve the view, the IOB-Spec speculum has been fitted with a small torch light. You will find a small red button at the base of the speculum and this can be used to turn the light on and off. Unfortunately, the battery compartment is built into the base of the speculum, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove. The IOB-Spec is a disposable speculum after all, so I guess the manufacturer didn’t consider a need to access the battery compartment. At some point, the light will run out of power and it is unlikely you will get it working again.

My Experiences with the IOB-Spec Speculum:

I’m probably stating the obvious, but the IOB-Spec Speculum is designed primarily to perform a function. It has not been designed to provide pleasure in itself, so it came as no surprise to find that insertion felt clinical. The medium IOB-Spec isn’t that large (I’ve inserted much larger sex toys), but I had to apply lashings of lubricant and take my time during insertion. If I rushed, I would often experience an uncomfortable scratching sensation as the blades brushed along my vaginal wall.

With the speculum inserted, I began experimenting with the adjustable features. It can be a little fiddly/awkward to adjust the speculum yourself, due to the location and design of the buttons. From my angle above, I couldn’t see what I was doing and whether or not I had managed to lock the buttons in place. With a little practice (and occasionally, a mirror) this process got easier.

Initially, I didn’t understand why the speculum could be adjusted in two different ways. After all, both methods seemed to produce similar sensations and offered comparable views internally. The more I thought about it, the more theories I came up with, until I eventually settled on the most logical conclusion; If you have a tilted uterus, you might need to open the speculum wider to locate your cervix. In this instance, it might be better to use the angled, duck beak adjustment, which will open the back of your vaginal canal wider while avoiding over-stretching your vaginal entrance. In other words, you can use the two different adjustments to find the most comfortable position for the blades to sit, while giving yourself the best possible view inside.

The IOB-Spec offered a clear view of the inside of my vaginal canal. I even managed to view my cervix for the very first time. The light is a fantastic addition too. It enhanced the view at the best of times and proved invaluable in a dimly lit room. The IOB-Spec speculum was as versatile as I had expected it to be. Pretty soon, I had put it to use in a variety of different ways. Here are just a few:-

  • Self-Examination

The speculum doesn’t arouse me when I use it by myself, but it definitely came in handy for examining the inside of my vagina. I have a contraceptive coil inserted and the speculum allows me to check the strings, without having to root around blindly with my fingers. I was also fascinated by the overall view. I have never seen inside my vagina before, but now I could see the various textures and folds within.

  • Roleplay

The Speculum works well as a predicament device, as the wearer feels vulnerable and exposed, yet unable to do anything about it. You can take advantage of this in a variety of different ways, from medical play to humiliation scenes. If you and your partner enjoy this type of mental teasing, you should definitely consider adding a speculum to your toy box.


The IOB-Spec is a disposable speculum with a low price point, so don’t expect the highest build quality. The curved blades could be a little smoother, as they can feel a little scratchy at times. The ratchet mechanism is not the smoothest either and it can sometimes jolt/rumble a little. On these occasions, I can experience a sharp nipping sensation as the blades click into a new position. This usually only happens if I rush things, so I recommend taking your time (especially if you are using this speculum on your partner).

As I mentioned previously, the batteries will run out of power and the light will not work anymore. I have used the speculum four times and the light is still running. Hopefully it will continue to do so for a while yet.


The IOB-Spec is not the most luxury speculum on the market and it obviously won’t last forever, but it does the job and I enjoyed playing with it. I would recommend it to those who are curious about roleplay and want to experiment with a low-cost speculum before they commit to something more permanent/expensive. If you already indulge in this type of play and want a solid, long lasting speculum, you might want to check out the metal speculums at Uberkinky instead.

You can purchase the IOB-Spec Speculum with Light here at Uberkinky

The IOB-Spec Speculum was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

IOB-Spec Speculum with Light Review
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