L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Set Review

Last year, my partner and I reviewed the L’Amourose Rosa Vibrator and it impressed us so much, we rated it as our favourite vibrator of 2014. This year, we discovered that L’Amourose had released an exciting new sex toy; or should I say, three sex toys in one sophisticated package. It is called the L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Set and it won the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2015. We were super excited about testing this one.

Product Information:

The Paramour Pleasure Set contains a small, vibrating egg, three silicone cradles and a remote control. The egg fits into all of the silicone cradles, allowing you to choose between three different sex toys. Each toy has been given its own name:

Lana (The Couple’s Toy Cradle):

Shaped similar to the We-Vibe 4 plus, or the Lelo Tara, the Lana is designed to be worn by a female, either by itself or during penetration. Simply insert the thin arm into your vagina and allow the vibrating egg to rest against your clitoris.

Mae (The Kegel Ball Cradle):

The Mae cradle allows you to use the vibrating egg as a kegel ball, or an internal/G-spot stimulator. After ensuring the egg is secure inside the cradle, you can insert it into your vagina, leaving the silicone retrieval cord outside for removal later.

Clark (The Cock Ring Cradle):

The Clark cradle will turn the vibrating egg into a vibrating cock ring. The silicone ring is reasonably stretchy, so it should fit over most penis sizes. A little lubricant can help to slide the ring to the base of the penis if needed.

The L’Amourose Pleasure Set is a luxury sex toy and as such, it comes with all the features you’d expect in such a high quality product:

  • The vibrating egg contains 5 pattern settings, 12 speed settings, 2 touch sensitive modes and 1 custom mode. (The custom mode records 10 seconds of play, then repeats this back to you continuously).
  • Remote control operation (up to 15 metres).
  • The remote control and the vibrating egg are both rechargeable. (The egg sits on the back of the remote control, so both can be charged together. I loved this innovative design).
  • The vibrating egg is waterproof.
  • Made from FDA approved, body safe silicone and ABS plastic.
  • Luxurious, sophisticated packaging, including a plush velvet storage pouch.

L’Amourose claim that the vibrating egg will last 1.5 hours after one hour of charging time. This may be true on the very lowest speeds, but I tend to use vibrators on their highest settings. In my experience, the egg lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes on a full charge.

Our Experiences with the Paramour Pleasure Set:

Before I discuss my experiences with each cradle, I want to discuss the things that all the cradles have in common; the egg and the remote control. The egg is the only source of stimulation in the Paramour set, so if I disliked the vibrations, my experience with all three cradles would be tarnished as well. Fortunately, I didn’t hate the vibrating egg, but I didn’t love it either.

I am a power seeker. I need powerful, rumbling vibrations to reach climax.  While it is possible to find this type of stimulation in small toys (like the We-Vibe Tango), it is unfortunately quite rare. The L’Amourose egg does have a decent kick and it definitely contains some rumbles, but it wasn’t always enough. The issue was compounded by the fact that the egg rests sideways across your vulva when placed inside the cradles. This produces a broader sensation and I prefer pin-point.

I compared the egg alongside some of my favourite vibrators, noting that it didn’t feel as powerful as the L’Amourose Rosa, or the We-Vibe Tango. It wasn’t bad though. It actually compared quite closely with the Lelo Mia in terms of power and depth.

Because the vibrations were not quite as powerful as I would like (and because the egg was not as pin-point as I prefer), it did take me longer to reach orgasm while using it. I am not one of those people who can climax quickly (I can take between 10 and 20 minutes on average), so it would often take about 30 minutes with the Paramour Set. Unfortunately, this is about the same amount of time you get before the egg runs out of juice and stops working. The egg has died on me a few times before I finished, so I always feel like I am racing this vibrator to the finish line. Obviously that doesn’t help me get there any faster.

The remote control is definitely a welcome addition in this set, because the egg is quite small and often hard to reach. It did take me a couple of attempts to figure out exactly how the remote worked, because it contains so many different options. A quick read through the manual was needed, before I mastered it. The remote generally works well, but sometimes it can be a little flaky. It felt as though the touch pad would only pick up 2 or 3 different changes in speed (opposed to the 12 speed settings mentioned in the literature). Still, as someone who always selects the highest speed anyway, this did not bother me too much.

Unfortunately, the remotes lack of sensitivity did effect the custom mode. In custom mode, the remote records a pattern that you create using the touch pad. After ten seconds recording, it saves your pattern and it will play back continuously unless you change settings. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to create wave-like patterns, due to the remote not responding well to my touch. The best I could manage was pulsing patterns. The same was true in the Touch 2 mode. In this mode, the vibrations get stronger or weaker, depending on how fast you move your finger over the pad. It just did not react in the way I hoped it would. Sticking to the pre-set pattern modes was a lot less frustrating overall.

Clark (The Cock Ring Cradle):

Our experience with the Clark cradle produced mixed results. I generally don’t enjoy using vibrating cock rings, because I need constant stimulation to my clitoris to orgasm. Unless you grind together, most cock rings will produce an intermittent sensation at best. Some of them miss my clitoris completely. The Clark cradle placed the vibrating egg in the perfect position to stimulate my clitoris. From a girl on top position, I could grind away, enjoying the constant sensations from the vibrating egg. If the egg had been a little more powerful (or a bit more pin-point), I could have reached climax using the Clark.

My partner’s experience was a little different. He noted that the silicone cradle would muffle the vibrations, so he only felt a mild tingle at best. He also began to experience discomfort after approximately 10 minutes, as the ring began to feel too tight. I know it is not recommended to wear a cock ring for extended periods of time, so this was probably quite normal. However, it was extremely difficult for me to climax in that time.

Mae (Kegel Ball Cradle):

The Mae was my second favourite cradle, because it allowed me to A) enjoy some internal vibrations and B) practice my kegel exercises. The seams (where the cradle meets the egg) would sometimes cause a mild scratching sensation as I pushed the Mae inside, but other than that, it was very comfortable to wear. Internally, the vibrations felt reasonably strong (much stronger than those in the Lelo Smart Bead). I liked to wear the Mae while working around the house. I could simultaneously use it to work my kegel muscles and tease my g-spot at the same time.

The one downside to using the Mae, is that the remote control doesn’t work very well (more so that usual). It does state in the L’Amourose literature that the touch pad modes are not available when using the Mae, but I found it effected the standard modes too. I could still switch the settings and speeds, but it wasn’t easy. I had to hold the remote right up against my pubic mound and even then, the vibrator only reacted about 50% of the time. Your best bet is to choose your favourite setting before you insert the Mae. If you fancy a change mid-session, be prepared to click and angle the remote a few times.

Lana (The couple’s toy cradle):

Unlike the Clark cradle, the Lana allowed me to experience constant clitoral stimulation during intercourse with my partner. When using the Lana solo, I found that it stayed in place hands free and because the internal arm is so slender, I could penetrate myself with a dildo, without experiencing discomfort or stretching. The egg was resting across my clitoris perfectly, but frustratingly, it still felt too broad for me. I still struggled to orgasm, but I did get the best results when using the Lana cradle. During intercourse, the Lana stayed in place (for the most part) and didn’t interfere with his thrusting.


My main complaint with the Paramour Set, is that I struggled to reach orgasm with all three cradles. It was easier if I used the egg by itself, but due to the grooves on the surface, it could feel a little scratchy. If a vibrator can’t make me orgasm, then it generally gets shoved to the back of my toy box. Unfortunately this is the case with the Paramour Pleasure set. However, I am aware than I need more stimulation than most and despite my personal struggles, I can see a lot of potential in the Paramour set.

There were many things about this set that delighted me, such as how amazingly versatile it is. I mean, you get three different sex toys in one box. You can play with it solo, or with a partner. You can use it during penetration or while you wash the dishes. Don’t even get me started on all the different settings and speeds it had. The Paramour set really does provide a lot of options. On top of this, the overall quality is fantastic. The toys are presented beautifully and all of the items inside the box are made from high quality, body safe materials. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into its design.

The Paramour Set is not a bad sex toy; it just didn’t work well for me. I think it is designed to suit those who don’t need intense, pin-point stimulation. I would recommend it to those with smaller labia and/or an exposed clitoris, but I would probably avoid it if you have full labia. Remember, the egg will sit sideways across your vulva and if your labia cover your clitoris, you may not experience direct stimulation. If you enjoy a broader sensation, the Paramour set would probably also suit you. Power seekers who need intense, pin-point stimulation may have a similar experience to me.

L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Set Review
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