LELO Bruno Prostate Massager Review

LELO Bruno Prostate Massager Review

Hello dears! I have great news for you. My favorite brand Lelo released three original products at once. All three sex toys are designed for men – a prostate massager. Did you know that stimulation of this organ for men can prevent cancer? Yes, yes – prostate massage is not only very pleasant action, but also it is useful for men’s health! Lelo is a recognized leader in the development and creation of vibrators and various sexual toys, and therefore to write reviews on its products for me is a great pleasure, especially when you consider the fact that the manufacturer gave me a sex toy for my sincere review. By the way, coincidence or not, this month in the United States there is a period of struggle and prevention of prostate cancer in men. This is news. Let’s go.

BRUNO LELO Prostate Massager – features of the new product

Included with the massager, I also received a charger for the device, instructions for use and a special water-based lubricant cream.

The size of the device is small – about 3 inches, although the instructions say that the length of the massager should be 3.25 inches. The handle of the massager has a size of 4.25 inches, width – 1.1 inches. Also the width around the golden tip at the base is 1.5 inches. The widest place of the roller, which is inserted into the body – 4 inches.

LELO Bruno Prostate Massager Review

The appearance of the massager is quite presentable. It looks very expensive and chic. In the hands of its keep is a real pleasure. The massager is made of a nice dense material based on silicone. The device reminded me of real velvet. And I didn’t feel any unnecessary stitches.

I should also note that the silicone material, unlike many other toys is not a magnet dust and different specks. There is no pile on the massager, even if you leave it in the open space.

Stimulation of the prostate massager from Lelo

The more settings in the vibrators is the better, right? In the device for the prostate from Lelo there are 6 independent modes of operation. To change the modes you need to find on the device a special key at the base of the massager and press until the desired option appears.

By the way, every time you turn on the massager will be the first option, even if the last time you finished the session on 5 or 6 settings. Here are these modes, please meet them:

  • Powerful vibration without stopping;
  • Low level of stimulation;
  • Oscillation mode;
  • Pulsing command;
  • Elongated ripple;
  • A variety of pulsating options.

Instructions for use of the prostate massager Lelo Bruno

I think there is no need to remind you that during the anal games, the lubricant should be present necessarily. This area of the human body does not produce its own moisturizing liquid, and therefore a lubricant cream when using a massager is required. Included with the device there is a small package of cream, but if you are going to use the massager constantly I advise you to buy immediately a large package of high-quality water-based lubricant.

I love this brand for the fact that Lelo is very sensitive to its customers and all its products not only look gorgeous, but also give an extraordinary feeling. The prostate stimulation device has a very delicate shape and ergonomic design. The device insert part is quite narrow and pleasant to the touch. It will connect with the general device very elegantly and imperceptibly. The extension of the massager is also in the right place, which is ideal for application in terms of anatomy.

This device is designed to stimulate the prostate, and its location is also very accurately taken into account by the manufacturers of the massager. The shaft itself is not quite straight, but slightly curved, which is anatomically suitable for massage perfectly. The tip of the insert has a curved appearance, so the stimulation is very bright. The prostate itself is a very sensitive area, and the correct device of the massager will only increase the sensitivity.

What I liked most

Undoubtedly, the design of the product is really great, its shape and composition of materials is beyond praise. Everything is done in the best possible way, as I expected from my favorite brand for the production of the world’s best sex toys. But this is not the only advantage of the massager. Now I will tell you about some other characteristics of this sex toy that are worthy of being known to potential consumers.

  • This unique device is rechargeable. This will save you from having to change the batteries endlessly. Just plug it and charge the massager.
  • The material from which the vibrator is made is very soft, without seams and roughness. Excellent silicone that uses the Lelo brand to make all of its toys. It is very easy to wash and store.
  • This massager is not afraid of water. This means that you can enjoy its work in the bathroom or while taking a shower.
  • You know, this device is incredibly powerful. Once I put it to my clit and even through the clothes felt cool feelings. I understand that this massager is exclusively for men, but you know, I also liked to direct it to my erogenous point!
  • The mechanism of the massager from Lelo includes 2 engines that work constantly and in all modes. They are located at the base of the vibrator handle and in the part that stimulates the prostate. These engines work perfectly and without failures. Most importantly, do not forget to charge the device after each session.
  • I like this device because it’s almost silent. You can use it in your apartment and not worry that the neighbors will hear you. However, it should be noted that at fast speed it certainly does not sound very quiet, but when working at low modes it is almost not heard.
  • This device can be used without hands and it is very convenient. Until you pull it out it will work without your participation.
  • The device is covered by the warranty period. One year warranty for the smooth operation of the device and 10 years of additional warranty service at your request.

Sensations after using LELO BRUNO Prostate Massager

After we first opened the box with this product from Lelo enough time has passed and we have used the device several times. I will tell you that this is a very cool toy! The massager is pleasant to use, it gives true pleasure and happiness. Here everything is done on the highest level. Excellent design, first-class material, a large number of options, cool power and so on. Prostate massage, which is very useful for men’s health and prevents the occurrence of cancer, is very high quality and pleasant.

LELO Bruno Prostate Massager Review

My beloved at first was not very happily to meet this novelty. I saw that my boyfriend is a little worried, he thought about how he will use this toy. In addition, the diameter of the inserted part can not be called small, so my friend was afraid that this massager will not suit him anatomically. But in the end everything went perfectly. The lubricant did its job and the massager entered without problems.

We also decided to try not to insert the massager into the body at once, but to play a little with it outside, to give the man more excitement, to stimulate his erogenous zones as much as possible and brighter. We directed the device towards the man’s penis, drove it around the eggs, stroked and acted on the areas located next to the prostate. Power Lelo BRUNO prostate massager allows you to warm up the body to the desired condition and only then insert the massager inside.

We did not really like the constant high power and we periodically lowered the speed of the vibrator. The best option for us was the regime from lower to higher. Thus the man received the highest pleasure. Slow exciting foreplay, which gradually led the man into a cool state of excitement, then replaced by more and more intense stimulation. Then again, the speed of the massager decreased. And so until the bright and strong orgasm.

Then we decided to try the ripple mode and other vibrating options. We combined other types of sexual entertainments together with the massager – it turned out just perfectly! We had traditional sex, I did a man oral caresses and all this happened in parallel with the work of Lelo BRUNO prostate massager.

Briefly about the device for sexual games from Lelo

Me and my friend enjoyed using this unique device. It is very easy to operate, and the sensations that it gives are really extraordinary. The device is made of safe and luxurious material, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also pleasing to the human body. It’s really nice to hold. You can choose a massager which is more suitable for you on personal preferences. Sexy toys from Lelo come in two colors: black and purple.

The cost of Lelo BRUNO prostate massager can not be called low, but the massager is worth the money. This device has a huge number of advantages, so I definitely recommend this new product from Lelo for sex games.

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LELO Bruno Prostate Massager Review
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