Lelo Loki Prostate Massager Review

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager Review

Hello dears! This is not the first time I write reviews about sex toys, including devices from the brand Lelo. I like these products, and therefore I get a real pleasure to share with you my emotions and feelings. Today I will tell you about one amazing new product from Lelo – LELO LOKI Prostate Massager.

Every September in the United States held a month devoted to the prevention and treatment of male disease, which is quite common in the modern world – prostate cancer. According to many medical reports, regular stimulation of this body organ can significantly reduce the likelihood of this disease. Therefore, the massager from Lelo not only solves the issues of sexual satisfaction, but also helps to maintain men’s health.

Now it’s time to tell you about all the nuances and details of this massager for men. How it works, what effect you can get from it, what options are included in its device, what it consists of and so on. In general, we are starting!

About Lelo Loki

LELO LOKI Prostate Massager is a sexy toy that is not used as a cork and is used without the help of hands. This device is a real male vibrator for the anus. The man inserts it on the inside and there is already a device begins to conduct the stimulation to the prostate. For example, the Bruno massager from Lelo has a different functionality and does not hands for the process of satisfaction.

The device from Lelo has a high-quality silicone coating, and at the tip of the vibrator you will find buttons to control the device. The handle of the massager is made of white color and very pleasant to the touch. I liked it very much from the very first touching.

For those users who have already used these types of stimulants, the control of this device will become very familiar and understandable. For those men who will take this device in their hands for the first time it will be easy to understand its work.

Great prostate massager, – LELO LOKI Prostate Massager – which I received in return for a sincere review on this unique product.

My impressions of the product

From the very first moment, as soon as I received the parcel with the massager LELO LOKI Prostate, I immediately drew attention to the quality and very stylish packaging of the device. The packaging is different from the Lelo products I ordered before. And I must say, these differences made me very happy! Usually, all the toys of this manufacturer come in cardboard boxes of a fairly large size, tied with wrapping paper. The LELO Prostate massager LOKI had a different version of the package. This device was delivered in a black wide box with a transparent part on it. So I could see what was inside the box without even opening it. As soon as I opened the box and took out the device that was lying together charger, warranty card, instructions for use, and here I found a few packages of lubricant cream for sex games on a water basis. All parts of the kit were neatly folded inside the package, and it was a real pleasure to disassemble each of them.

I remember my first meeting with Lelo Bruno when I was shocked by its soft and smooth silicone coating. Also, with the LELO Prostate massager LOKI I felt the same emotions. I found similar characteristics in this device. This device is incredibly ergonomic, and very safe for use in the anal area. Here in the right places there are bulges that are ideal for anatomical features of the body. On the handle of the device you will find the control buttons. But it’s all talk, we learn the truth only after the direct use of the device.

Before testing, make sure the device is sufficiently charged

I love sex toys that are easy to use and do not require additional costs for their use and maintenance. Therefore, rechargeable vibrators are exactly what I need. With this device, you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries, you just have to plug the cord into any outlet and wait for the massager to be fully charged. You can use any available USB port. The button on the handle of the vibrator lights up when the device is fully charged.

The size of the device from Lelo

For more intense prostate stimulation, the size of the massager plays a very important role. This device I cannot call small one. Its total length is about 7.5 inches. The circumference of the shaft at its widest point is 4.5 inches. The incoming length of the massager is 3, 75 inches.

Methods of using the LELO LOKI Prostate Massager

First of all, be aware of your personal safety while using this device. The anal organ does not produce its own lubricating fluid, and therefore to stimulate the prostate, it is necessary to use a lubricating cream, which should be only water-based. If you neglect this rule, then there is a risk of injury during the massage.

Brand Lelo offers its customers high-quality lubricants that will allow you to enjoy the game for a long time without getting discomfort. The item is made of good silicone, so in combination with a lubricant stimulation will be comfortable and bring maximum pleasure. The massager perfectly slides around the anus, next to the testicles and the penis, exciting the man and bringing his condition to the peak of pleasure.

After the excitement reaches the required level, the man directs the massager inside the anus. On the handle of the device are all the necessary buttons that allow the user to change the intensity of the prostate. To use the intelligent capabilities of the prostate device, first become familiar with each setting. You should also talk about the possibilities of the vibrator to your partner if you are going to massage the prostate not alone.

Modes of operation of the massager

Vibrators from Lelo are equipped with a sufficient number of different options and modes. This makes their use very pleasant and intense. LELO LOKI Prostate Massager can satisfy you in six ways because it has 6 independent settings. Each mode can be enhanced or weakened by pressing the + and -buttons. When using for the first time, note that the handle has ^ and v pointers. To turn on the device, press the +button. Next, select setting 2 and move further up with the appropriate pointer.

After using the massager to turn off the vibrator, press – and wait until the device is completely turned off. The massager stops working as soon as it completely stops all vibrations. And one more thing – each new session will start with 1 option, even if the last use of the massager stopped at mode 5.

The appearance of the Lelo LOKI Prostate massager looks very impressive and attractive, and this is not surprising, since the Lelo brand is a recognized leader in the production of sex toys in the world. Now let’s talk about the effect of using this massager.

This device is rechargeable, and it is very convenient and incredibly practical. To charge the appliance, simply plug it into an outlet and wait for it to be fully charged. The flash on the back of the device indicates that the battery is fully charged.

The material, from which the massager is made, consists of high-quality silicone, which meets all safe standards. The prostate vibrator has a smooth and soft surface. It is pleasant to the touch and the surface of the massager heats up very quickly as soon as you take the device in your hands. And remember that these toys in any case cannot be used in conjunction with butter cream. This can harm your health and can also cause damage to the massager. The color of the vibrator is contrast – white and black.

This device is absolutely waterproof. It can be washed with an aqueous solution and a small amount of soap foam. But this is not all the advantages of the massager. It can also be used in the process of taking a bath. We did so and we loved it

Another cool advantage is the large power of the stimulator. Although in comparison with Lelo Bruno its power is slightly lower. However, the power is enough for a man to get a bright prostate orgasm. I also tried to get a clitoral orgasm with a vibrator LELO LOKI, and I did it, although not very quickly. In any case, I will leave this device for my man, and I have enough of their vibrators for full enjoyment.

LELO LOKI Prostate Massager has a good ergonomic shape for effects on the male prostate. This unique massager is very delicately suited for all anatomical features of the male body. The tip of the vibrator is quite sophisticated and has the desired angle. All this allows you to make a great prostate massage without effort.

If we talk about noise, this vibrator produces very few sounds. If you lower the intensity of vibrations, then the noise will be even less. If the vibration of the massager is amplified, in this case the sounds become a little louder, but still the sound insulation of the massager is high enough. By controlling the + and – keys you can adjust the noise level in the vibrator.

Using the massager is very simple and easy. With the appropriate buttons you adjust the desired mode and intensity.

All devices from the Lelo brand are provided with a warranty period of service. You can limit the warranty to 1 year, and can extend up to 10 years.

The main differences between the massager Lelo Loki and Lelo Billy

At first glance, you may think that these two toys are not very different from each other. For me it was a real surprise, as soon as I first opened the package with a Loki massager. My inner voice told me that these devices have the main similarity – they stimulate the prostate! In this sense, for someone may be interesting, why it was necessary to develop a new model of the massager, if there is already a great version, such as Lelo Billy? Now I will tell you what are the main differences between these two sex toys.

First, vibrator Billy has no curved parts and his tip has a different shape, unlike Lelo Loki. This tip has a more pronounced and sharp surface. Also, thanks to advanced technologies, Loki is much easier to manage, its buttons and mechanisms work more efficiently. It is much easier and more pleasant to work with the Loki massager. It does not cause any inconvenience and the process of obtaining pleasure as a result is excellent.

The vibrator of the latest version from Lelo has 6 modes in its composition. His opponent has only 5 settings. This is another additional advantage of the Loki massager. If we talk about the size of both massagers, then Loki has a longer length and a more ergonomic shape of the part that stimulates the prostate.

By the way, Billy doesn’t have waterproof quality. And Loki is not afraid of water and can be used in the shower.

Now let’s talk about what the massager gives the feeling

Sensations – the concept of individual feelings and there cannot be a consensus. I will tell you about the feelings that my friend experienced during the application of the Loki massager. For my partner, anal toys that have a large diameter of the introductory part are not suitable. So, Lelo Loki was too big for us. It took us quite a long time to prepare the man’s organs well for entering a sexual toy into it. It was necessary to take a lot of lubricant cream, we tried to make everything go smoothly and without damage, and the massager really turned out to be quite wide for the anus. As a result, we still inserted the tip of the vibrator and began to stimulate the prostate. I suspect that for some it will not be a problem and everything will go much better than we have. But my task is to tell you exactly our feelings, unvarnished and honest.

Further, after the massager was installed in the desired position, immediately appeared unusually pleasant sensations. My partner started to really enjoy this vibrating massage. We played with the settings, changed the position and the speed, intensity periodically changed, from the stronger to the weaker.

Everything was very nice and safe, we were sure that the vibrator will be in the right place and will not go further than necessary.

I noticed a difference, vibrator Bruno didn’t need to hold massager, but Loki is such a need. To use the Loki massager, one of the partners must always hold the handle in his hands. Here is a matter of taste, some people may like to get satisfaction without the help of hands. For others – this fact is not important.

Speaking about me and my friend, we even found it fun and exciting that we can hold a vibrator in our hands and help stimulate.


In conclusion, I can say that Lelo Loki – a good toy, which I definitely saw a few new advantages. I like that the company for the production of sex toys Lelo strongly convinces users, men all over the world, in the need for the use of prostate massagers.

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I'm Elin "Omg Sex Girl" Wilder. For over 10 years I have been fond of sex toys. Not so long ago, I decided to share my experience with my readers. On this blog you will find reviews on sex toys from butt plugs to vibrators, as well as reviews on all the latest sex toys.
Lelo Loki Prostate Massager Review
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