Lelo Ora Oral Sex Simulator Review

I was kindly sent the Lelo Ora from Lelo.com for an impartial review.

Back when I was a sex toy newbie, I remember salivating over an oral sex simulator known as the Je Joue Sasi. I am a huge fan of oral sex and was thrilled to discover a sex toy that could potentially mimic the action of a tongue. Unfortunately that product remained a little out of my price range and so I never had the opportunity to try it. I never forgot how much it fascinated me though. The technology at the time was original and even now, oral sex simulators are few and far between. The first (and last) oral sex simulator I had personally tried, was the Lovehoney Sqweel. It contained a rotating wheel of silicone tongues and while it certainly felt unique, I was personally disappointed in the sensation.

If I have learned anything from my life as a sex toy tester, it is this; it is extremely difficult to manufacture a mechanical toy that can produce the movements, warmth and wetness provided by a real human, but I was certainly hoping the Lelo Ora would come close.

Product Information:

The Lelo Ora is an oral sex simulator and clitoral vibrator in one. The flat pad contains a rotating ball underneath the silicone that rotates in full, or half circles, depending on the setting. Also depending on the setting, the Ora produces vibrations that focus most intensely around the edges of the pad where the ball rotates.

The Ora contains ten stimulation modes which provide a varied range of sensations. Some modes activate the rotating ball only and depending on the setting, the ball will either roll in a continuous circle, or swing back and forth in a 180 degree arc. Other modes will turn on the vibrations alongside the rotating ball. Some of these modes contain continuous vibration, while others produce patterns, such as pulses and waves. The Ora also comes with an “intense” setting. If you hold the power button for approximately 3 seconds, the Ora will switch to this intense mode, which adds 30% more power to all the vibration settings.

The Ora functions using three operating buttons. The central power button cycles through the ten settings if clicked as normal, but if you hold it down for 3 seconds or more, it will activate and deactivate the “intense” setting. You will know if the intense setting is activated, because the LED lights will glow continuously. These lights remain off in standard mode. The plus button turns the Ora on and increases the power to the vibrations. Because this vibrator has a memory function, it will always begin on the setting you had it on last. The minus button decreases the power and if held down for a few seconds, will turn the Ora off.

The Ora is rechargeable (It comes with a mains charger), is coated in a body safe, silky soft silicone and is completely waterproof. It comes with a long term storage box and a satin pouch.

My Experiences with the Lelo Ora:

Before I begin let me explain a little about my personal needs. If you follow my reviews, you will know that  when it comes to vibrations, I like them deep, powerful and pin point. However, when it comes to stimulation from a partner (fingers or oral) I like it to be incredibly soft, slow and gentle. Despite enjoying oral sex, I highly doubted I would enjoy the Lelo Ora, because I couldn’t imagine it producing the intensely powerful, pin point vibrations I need. I also suspected the rotating ball would be too mechanical in its movements and would therefore fail me too. The first time I lay down with the Ora, I was not expecting much.

In a sense, my predictions were correct. The Ora doesn’t feel much like actual oral sex. (That is, not unless your partner performs oral sex by mechanically circling your clit gently with the very, very tip of his completely dry, but inhumanly smooth tongue?). When trying to describe the sensation that the rotating ball provides, the closest I can come up with is to imagine putting a female condom over your vulva (To emulate the silicone skin covering the ball on the Ora) and then use the non-pointy end of a pencil to create circular movements over the area, without adding much pressure at all.

Another factor to consider when it comes to sensation, is that the rotating ball only protrudes from the silicone a fraction, which means it cannot sink deeply between your labia. It therefore cannot stimulate deeply down the sides of your clitoral shaft like a real tongue can. It is very much a “flickering over the surface” type of sensation. On top of this, the ball rotates at a single, steady speed of approximately one rotation per second. This may be too slow, or even too fast for some women, but that speed cannot be altered. To get a better idea how fast this rotation is, simply circle your finger in the air, creating one complete turn each second.

With the vibrations switched on, they can overpower the gentle and subtle sensations of the rotating ball, making it more difficult to feel. The vibrations on the Ora really surprised me though. My overall experience with Lelo vibrators, especially the smaller ones, are that they are just not quite enough for the power seeker in me. (Take for example my experience with the Lelo Tara, the Lelo Mia and Lelo Smart Wand Medium). However, it seems to me that Lelo vibrations are getting stronger lately. I certainly found that to be the case with the Lelo Elise 2 vibrations, which I rated very highly and the Ora pleased me too. Of course, it isn’t perfect. I do have to turn the vibrations up to their highest continuous speed, use the “intense” mode and place the edges of the Ora’s pad against my clit to push me over.

Because the Ora is not as intense, deep or pin point as my go-to vibrator (the We-Vibe Tango), it does take me longer to reach orgasm when using it. I therefore have to be in the right mood to fully enjoy the Ora (i.e. not in a rush and craving a slow, teasing build to orgasm), but when it does work for me, it works amazingly well, producing some incredibly intense, drawn out orgasms.


The Ora is one of the loudest Lelo toys to be added to my collection. The vibrations are reasonably quiet, but the rotating ball mechanism does produce a screeching noise that could become irritating. This sound reminded me of the internal parts of a printer, moving back and forth over the paper. I think I would feel slightly on edge using the Ora in a shared house, but I did test it and discovered the sounds could be disguised under a duvet. They cannot be heard through a closed door, especially with some light background noise.


Knowing my personal preferences in a sex toy, I was not expecting to like the Ora as much as I did. I think the main reason it worked so well for me is that it produces two kinds of stimulation that I usually enjoy separately; slow, gentle touches and powerful, rumbling vibrations. With these two sensations combined, the Ora produces a unique type of stimulation that works well for me, so long as I am already primed and looking to draw out my session in a teasing, but ultimately explosive way. I suspect that the Ora will be an acquired taste. For women who NEED intense, direct, pin point stimulation and extremely powerful sensations 100% of the time, it might just be a little too indirect or teasy for you. More often than not, I fit into this ‘power seeker’ category and I find that I only reach for the Ora on those occasions where I crave a slower, more sensual build up. I also suspect that your vulva shape/labia size could affect your experience with this toy. I believe that those with smaller, less fleshy labia and an easily exposed clitoris will feel the sensations most directly (bearing in mind that the ball won’t penetrate deeply).

However, unlike weak and buzzy sex toys, I do believe the Ora offers a lot of potential to those women who prefer something a little gentler. It produces quality, rumbling vibrations that do travel deeper below the surface and it produces an additional, unique sensation from its rotating ball too. If you enjoy a slow and teasing, but high quality build up to orgasm, the Ora might just be for you.

You can purchase the Lelo Ora here at lelo.com

The Lelo Ora was kindly sent to me free of charge from lelo.com for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

Lelo Ora Oral Sex Simulator Review
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