Lelo Sona Cruise Review

Lelo Sona Cruise Review

Hello, friends! Hope that you have in your everyday life a good sex? But even if it is not, believe me, today there are different ways in which you can get wonderful orgasms anytime and anywhere you want. And these are not empty words or personal misconceptions. This is reality!

Of course, many of you used to think that in this case is important quality foreplay, such as candles, silk stockings, special sexy interior and so on. I will tell you one thing, it all does not matter much, because, even in normal conditions and in everyday life, you can have fun no less bright and spectacular.

You ask me how? I answer – with a new product for the pleasures of Lelo. Sona Cruise – a unique sex toy for masturbation, which will give you an unforgettable experience. Its power lasts for a long time, and the level of stimulation is simply amazing. Using the device is very easy, all the options are controlled by simply pressing three different buttons.

New vibrator from Lelo – what is it?

I love to write reviews, especially reviews regarding vibrators and other sex toys. I get real pleasure from this occupation, because every time I share with you my frank feelings and while it I am experiencing these sweet moments again.

Lelo Sona Cruise Review

I like this new product firstly because the device acts on the clitoris area in a new way. I’ve never felt this way with any other vibrator before. I also like the ones, such as Womanizer and Satisfier, but their action is still a little different. I note that no other device gives such a strong vibration as Lelo Cruise.

In functional sense Lola also has its updated characteristics. For example, its pulsation is due to sound waves, not air intake. This was done in order to increase the penetration area. After all, the clitoris is not only a point at the top. This is a fairly large area that extends below the top point. Stimulation of the entire zone gives a stunning orgasm in a short time.

I decided to order a new product on the official website of the manufacturer Lelo. I got the best version of this vibrator. Device for sex games include several modes of stimulation, and even those species that use the air impact. Lelo Cruise allows you to save the necessary power and charge, even for those cases when the battery is completely discharged, and the need for the device is still required. I use at any time, as soon as I have the desire and opportunity, I put the vibrator inside myself and begin to experience pleasure. Switching the vibrator to higher speeds brings me to a mad orgasm.

Small price combined with such a set of characteristics – I’m just in love with Lelo Cruise!

I open the box, and there…!

As soon as the courier rang my doorbell and handed me a package with a new device from Lelo, I was in real anticipation and even a little excitement. I just couldn’t wait to open the box and see what was inside.

Lelo Sona Cruise Review

I opened the box and in front of my eyes appeared a very exquisite packaging, more like a package for expensive jewelry. Silicone toy, decorated with gold ornaments, looks very luxurious. I was pleased with the fact that my new toy buttons are very convenient. When you press the pointer “+” the device starts to work. The same button is responsible for the intensity of vibrations. Another Sona Cruise located button “–”, it operates at reduced intensity, and also stops the operation of the vibrator. But that’s not all options.

Between the buttons “+” and “–” you will find a special button that switches the device to 8 unique modes.

An additional advantage of the device – its water resistance. Also, the Lelo Sona can be charged via USB. Another nice bonus – the battery charge is not lost. If you do not use the toy, the battery remains charged at all times. In the kit you will find a lubricant cream and a charging cable.

Also, please don’t forget to take care and clean your silicone vibrator. It is necessary for your hygiene, and also, the more carefully you will look after a sex toy, the longer it will serve you. Due to the water-repellent surface Sona Cruise can be cleaned with ordinary water. You can use gentle soap for better cleaning. Wash the device after each use and do not use the device while charging.

Lelo Sona Cruise – My story

My feelings with Lelo Sona Cruise

If you want to reach strong clitoral orgasm, Sona Cruise – an indispensable thing. It is very cool that the manufacturers decided to abandon the constant air stimulation, and instead created a device based on sound waves. It’s more natural in my opinion.

Lelo Sona Cruise Review

The clitoris is an incredibly sensitive part of our body, it cannot be treated rudely. The clitoris likes delicate stimulation. Sound waves are exactly what he needs for a quick and juicy orgasm. By the way, Sona is related to the word “sonar”, and it has a direct relation to the language of dolphins. This natural impact and interaction in the world of wildlife shows that the sound wave has an amazing character.

But let’s return to our main theme; back to our box! And so, I have got the long-awaited device. I took it in my hands. Then, turned it on and heard a soft sound. I tried to apply it to the skin and the sounds became intensified. The sound really reminded me of the dolphins talking.

To make this toy work and bring pleasure I had only a little pressure on my skin. When I began to use the device fully, it seemed to me that someone is very soft and gentle kisses and caresses me between my legs. However, I heard a pleasant and warm moans. The sounds do not distract me, but rather more of the plant.

How it works

Agree that the quieter the vibrator works, the better. No one wants the neighbors behind the wall to hear her during sexual fun, right? Speaking of Lelo’s company, all the vibrators I tried were pretty quiet. This is due to the high-quality, soundproof motor. Sona Cruise vibrator produces different levels of sounds, depending on the selected operating mode. But to be honest, I don’t really care about strangers. I like my toy, I like to get pleasure, and I’m not worried about who and what will think about me.

Lelo Sona Cruise Review

Lelo Sona – Real hardcore

Now I want to say a few words about the technical side of the device. Believe me, everything is brilliant and simple! Even a beginner will understand all the instructions and controls. To understand the settings and different modes it took me quite a bit of time. I almost immediately got into the desired option and started the game at the same minute.

You know, 8 modes for a vibrator of this level is worthy of respect. I can’t say that I really, really love novelty and variety. But I was shocked by the abundance of Lelo Sona Cruise modes. Here every girl can find the best option for satisfaction. There are even a few modes that turned out to be a bit strong for me, I like a softer effect.

Each of the settings of Lelo Sona Cruise works individually. The anatomy of a woman varies in little nuances, and, since one girl will be the pinnacle of pleasure, another woman may not like it. Eight modes of vibrator – eight possible ways of receiving a strong and long orgasm. The first few modes are the softest. I choose these initial settings for myself. If you want tougher exposure and steeper stimulation, select the settings that are at the end.

If you want to enjoy and have fun without stupid preparatory rituals and preludes, then the game with Sona Cruise you will really appreciate and like. I give to this amazing invention a maximum of points! If you are dreaming of getting a lot of orgasms and want to feel it at any time, then Lelo Sona Cruise is perfect for you.

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Lelo Sona Cruise Review
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