Liberator Fascinator Throe Review

In my opinion, messy sex is the best kind of sex. It might start with an all over body massage, or licking edible treats from each other’s body. Pretty soon, you are writhing around, dripping wet from exertion and arousal. It’s all fun and games until you collapse in each other’s arms, exhausted and satisfied. It is then that you realise you are lying in a cold, uncomfortable wet patch.

If this happens a lot, you start to take precautions. As a heavy squirter, I used to keep a towel handy, to place beneath me during play. Unfortunately, this was rarely good enough. On many occasions, my fluids would soak through the cotton and sometimes, I’d overshoot the towel entirely. As I bask in that post-orgasm glow, the last thing I want to do is to drag my ass out of bed and change the sheets, yet I have done this more often than I can count.

Then I heard about the Liberator Fascinator Throe; a large, waterproof blanket, designed specifically to soak up spillages during sex. It sounded amazing, but I really struggled to find UK stockists. Thankfully, all hope is not lost. I discovered that stocked the Liberator Throe and they kindly sent me the red, microfibre version to review.

Product Information:

The Liberator Throe is a double-sided blanket, made from three different layers of polyester material. The satin-like side feels sleek and silky, while the microfibre side feels soft and cosy. In between the two sides is a layer of water-resistant material, which provides the barrier needed to keep your bed sheets dry.

Measuring 74 inches by 54 inches, the regular sized Throe is much bigger than a bath towel. I have a king size bed and as you can see from the pictures below, the regular Throe doesn’t quite cover the entire mattress. Although I can’t say for sure, I suspect that the regular sized Throe would cover a double, or queen size bed. If you do have a king size bed and want full coverage, a king size Throe is available from the Liberator store.

The Throe comes in a variety of colours and a few different material finishes too. My Throe is the microfibre version (in the colour, Fluffy Red), but you can also purchase the Throe in a shag or velvish finish.

Our Experiences with the Liberator Throe:

I removed the Liberator Throe from its packaging and lay it out flat on my bed. Although it didn’t quite cover my entire mattress, the size still impressed me. Lying side by side, my partner and I could lie on the Throe, with room to spare. I was also pleased with the overall quality of the Throe. It has a decent weight to it (which reduced the chances of it bunching up beneath me when I moved) and the material quality is excellent. Even the stitching looks robust.

If you have ever used a waterproof mattress protector, you will know how annoying it is to hear that plastic sheet rustling beneath you when you move. I was really hoping that the Throe would not emit that crinkling, plastic sound, but unfortunately it does. Thankfully though, it is not nearly as bad as my past experiences with those cheap mattress protectors. The crinkling sound was most noticeable when I scrunched the Throe in my hands. When I placed it flat on my bed and moved around on it, the sound was a lot less noticeable. Perhaps the plush materials help to stifle the sound, or maybe I was having too much fun to notice. Either way, the slight rustling sound did not detract from my overall enjoyment.

Being double-sided, the Throe provides two tactile experiences in one blanket. The Fleece side feels incredibly soft and snuggly, making it ideal for relaxing massages and getting cosy on cold evenings. I also found that the fluffy side absorbed liquids faster and more copiously than the satin side. The silky satin side feels cool against your skin, which feels wonderful when your own temperature is rising. During use, I noticed that the satin side creates less friction, so I could slip and slide on this material with ease. Both sides feel amazing in their own ways.

The true test however, was still to come. I wanted to know if the Throe could protect my bedsheets from everything I could possibly throw at it (and being quite kinky, we had a lot to get through). Over the past month, we used the Throe whenever it was not in the washing machine. We exposed it to a variety of fluids, including personal lubricants, massage oils, food, semen, sweat, female ejaculate (squirting), menstrual blood and urine. The Throe rarely let us down.

There was only one or two occasions when the Throe let fluids seep onto the bed. This usually happened when we introduced a large volume of liquid, very quickly. See, the Throe can only soak up a certain amount of liquid before the material becomes saturated and the fluid begins to pool. When you move, these pools can spill over the sides of the Throe and wet the bed beneath. The Throe can handle a surprisingly large volume of liquid, but if you are into extreme or heavy wet play (water sports, sploshing etc) you might want to consider the king size Throe instead.

It was hard to determine exactly how much liquid the Throe could hold, but I did try. I poured 2 litres of water onto the fluffy side, noting that the liquid pooled at first. Over the next five minutes, the material absorbed these pools of water until half the material was completely saturated. When I lifted the Throe (from two corners), I was surprised to note that no water gushed out onto the floor. I hung the Throe over my washing line and within a minute, it started to drip.


There are a few downsides to using the Liberator Throe, but most of them are to be expected. The first issue is that the Throe doesn’t really allow you to be spontaneous. If you want to save your bed sheets, you need to put the Throe on your bed before you start to play. If you forget, you have to stop what you are doing, get off the bed and put the Throe down, which interrupts the mood a little.

After you have finished, you are still going to find yourself lying in a wet patch. The last thing you feel like doing is getting up, removing the Throe and placing it in the washing machine, but at least you don’t have to spend time stripping and re-making your bed.

Cleaning and Care:

The Liberator Throe can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle in cold water. The label suggests that you wash the Throe separately, or with dark colours. After washing, you can place the Throe in the tumble dryer on a low heat. Avoid high heats or you may end up melting the plastic interior. I have washed and tumble dried the Throe on four separate occasions now, following the guidelines on the label. It still looks as good as new.


As a squirter, one of the greatest benefits to owning the Liberator Throe is that I can finally allow myself to relax. I no longer worry about how much fluid I have expelled, or whether or not I managed to get it all on the towel. These concerns used to cause me to hold back and minimise my pleasure, but now I don’t even have to think about it. I gush more than I ever did and my g-spot orgasms feel incredibly intense. The Throe might not seem like a product designed to heighten sexual pleasure, but it certainly worked that way for me.

Of course, there are functional benefits to using the Liberator Throe; I don’t have to get up and change the bed sheets after sex anymore. When not in use, I feel comfortable hanging the Throe over the back of my bed, safe in the knowledge that it looks like any other throw or blanket. If you are fed up of lying in the wet patch, I highly recommend you purchase the Liberator Throe. I don’t know how I managed without mine.

You can purchase the Liberator Fascinator Throe here at

The Liberator Fascinator Throe was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

Liberator Fascinator Throe Review
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