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I’ve always wanted to review a Liberator product, so when Lovehoney kindly offered to send me the Liberator Wedge, I jumped at the chance. Liberator is a US manufacturer of high quality bedroom gear. Sex position pillows, sex toy mounts and even bondage furniture can be found in store and each and every item makes me wish I had a bigger bedroom (and bank balance). The Liberator Wedge is a sex position enhancer pillow. It is designed to help you experience new sexual positions, or to simply achieve new angles for vaginal/anal penetration and oral sex. It is designed to support the weight of two people, but you can have just as much fun using is solo.

Product Information:

The Wedge is packaged inside a classy box. To save space, the wedge arrives vacuum packed inside a black zip bag. It took quite a bit of effort to pull the wedge free from this bag, but once it had been removed, it instantly expanded, taking on its classic wedge shape. The polyurethane foam wedge is already zipped inside a moisture-proof, polyester cover, but the micro fibre main cover is folded and packaged separately inside a polythene bag. To finish constructing the wedge, you need to put this velvety cover onto the wedge and zip it up. Both covers can be removed for cleaning on a cold, delicate cycle in the washing machine. They can also be tumble dried on a low heat. As for the size; the Wedge measures 23 inches long, 13 inches wide and is angled to 27 degrees (the Wedge is also available in plus size).

The Wedge’s micro fibre cover is available in 7 colours, including a cute animal print design. When I first removed the miscro fibre cover from its packaging, I noticed what appeared to be a few scuff marks on the material (check out the lighter patches of material in my photographs). These marks seemed to buff out of the material with use.

The Wedge can also be combined with other Liberator position pillows (like the Liberator Ramp), to create more options and possibilities.

My Experiences with the Liberator Wedge:

What initially struck me about the Liberator Wedge, is just how firm the foam core is. I had imagined that the Wedge would feel similar to a memory foam pillow, moulding to the shape of my body when I put my weight onto it. The Wedge didn’t react like that when I lay back onto it. Instead, it felt very solid beneath my body, barely sinking at all.

Before the Wedge arrived, my partner and I used to use standard pillows during sexual play. We discovered long ago that, with my hips rotated backwards, his penis would more effectively stimulate my g-spot during PIV penetration. During oral sex, my partner experiences much less neck pain if my hips are raised slightly from the bed. Standard pillows feel comfortable, but there are a number of downsides to using them during sexual play;

  • Being so soft, my ass cheeks tend to sink into the plump filling and that creates a pillow bulge between my legs. This bulge can often obscure parts of my genitals and get in the way during oral sex.
  • Standard pillows are not water resistant (unless you buy waterproof covers, of course) and bodily fluids get absorbed easily. I am always washing my pillows.
  • Standard pillows don’t offer the best support. I often feel off-balance, as one hip is usually raised higher than the other. Beneath me, I feel bumps in some areas and sagging in others. Lacking any support to my lower back and thighs, those areas tend to get a bit sore.
  • With the weight of two people, standard pillows tend to sink dramatically against the mattress, offering very little enhancement at all.

The firmness of the Wedge does make it feel more uncomfortable to lie down on. It does feel like you are lying on an almost solid surface. However, I soon understood the logic behind using such a firm foam. Not only did the Wedge support both of our weights combined (140kg), it barely sagged at all.

Due to its shape and size, the Wedge also provided a lot of stability, even when placed on a mattress. My hips were aligned correctly and I didn’t feel like I was one hard thrust away from teetering off balance. This was a refreshing change, compared to my experiences with standard pillows.

The Liberator Wedge arrives with a guide book, showing a number of possible positions you can achieve while using the wedge. We decided to give them all a try and eventually developed a short list of favourites. In our opinion, the Wedge excels most when used to prop up a woman’s hips for oral sex and/or missionary style penetration.


As well as raising my hips, the Wedge simultaneously raised my pelvis, so that my vulva was pushed forward and angled upwards. Looking down, I recognised that this might make some women feel more exposed and may be a downside to some. For others, this is likely to heighten the arousal overall.

From my point of view, one of the biggest benefits to using the Wedge for cunnilingus is that my partner seemed to be stimulating me more intensely than usual. Initially, I couldn’t work out if this was a mental thing, or if his technique had actually improved. Afterwards, we spoke about it and it started to make a lot more sense.

With my vulva pushed up and outwards, he had the perfect view of my entire vulva and anal opening. Rather than probing blindly in the shadows between my legs, he could now see my entire vulva and stimulate the exact places he wanted to. The change in angle also helped to drastically reduce neck strain, so he felt more relaxed and comfortable overall.

Missionary Position:

Lying back over the Wedge, with my hips raised, my partner could kneel between my legs (rather than lying on top of me) and enter my vagina at a shallower angle. In doing this, his penis would apply a firmer pressure to my g-spot, compared to standard missionary position. With the Wedge supporting me from beneath, I could much easier grab my legs and pull them back, changing the angle further. This resulted in more intense g-spot orgasms.

It wasn’t just me who benefitted from reclining on the Wedge; my partner did too. I placed the Wedge under his hips, as he lay on his back. With his ass lifted high off the bed, I could kneel between his legs and indulge in strap-on play. This position used to be difficult for us, because my partner struggled to raise his hips and pull his legs back (inflexible). Being one of the only positions in which we could maintain eye contact, I always wanted to make it work. Using the Wedge, the angles were perfect and he didn’t have to strain to support his hips/legs. I fell in love with the Wedge the moment it allowed us to enjoy this position.

Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy the Wedge. The above are just some of our personal favourites.

Liberator Wedge Downsides:

Despite my glowing opinions of the Liberator Wedge, there is just one thing I would change if I could; I would make it waterproof. Yes, the Wedge does come with a water-resistant cover, which I tested (I dribbled water onto the cover, noting that it would bead and run off). However, water still seeps through this cover, as I noted when I held the Wedge flat and let the water pool. As a squirter, this is not ideal, especially as I am not sure if the foam core can be washed properly.


Overall, I was very pleased with the Liberator Wedge. It really did help us to achieve new angles during penetration and even experience positions we otherwise struggled to get into. Sometimes the firmness can be a little uncomfortable and I would personally prefer that the Wedge came with a waterproof cover, but overall, the benefits it provided far outweighed these little niggles.

I enjoyed the Wedge so much, that I would definitely recommend it to others. One day, I hope to add other Liberator position enhancers to this one and create all kinds of unique play styles. One thing’s for certain, we no longer use pillows for sex play anymore.

You can purchase the Liberator Wedge here at

The Liberator Wedge was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

Liberator Wedge Review
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