Liberator Wedge Review

Liberator Wedge Review

There’s the cool brand called Liberator, which produces stunning items for bed and sex trafficking. I love to write reviews on those products that I sincerely liked and that I use myself. So now I’ll tell you about the new product, which is impossible not to love after the first application, believe me!

Product delivery and packaging

The goods were delivered to me very quickly, I did not even expect that the courier would ring the doorbell and give me a box. When I took this object in my hands, I noticed how everything was neatly and carefully packed and folded. On the one hand there was nothing bright and luxurious, but everything was very concise, simple and neat.

Name of product – Liberator, I didn’t see on the box. According to the customs stickers, the product was simply called “orthopedic pillow”. Therefore, such conspiracy did not give out my plans and even if my box was accidentally seen by my neighbors, they would never have guessed that inside this package there is a furniture device for sex.

As soon as I removed all the wrapping paper, I found three items inside. These are an instruction for use, a colored cape for the pillow and the piece of furniture in a special bag. By the way, this case had a very small size and looked quite stylish. The pillow itself had a very small size, because it was without air, because it was necessary to put this product in a small box, and for this it was necessary to release all the air from it. Consumers who order such products often know that the smaller the packaging, the cheaper the delivery will be. After the pillow I took out of the compression case, it immediately acquired a large size.

Characteristic features of the Liberator Wedge

The pillow, which was more like a small wedge, consisted of a foam block and had the shape of an irregular triangle. The color of this object was white. Foam, which was part of the product was quite dense consistency, but at the same time it was and oen pleasant to the touch. By the way, if you want you can order a similar wedge for the bed, only larger. My size is 14 and I can say that after the first test I realized that this size is perfect for me.

In the package, the wedge was in a nice water-repellent cover, which I also had to taste. I like really stylish and neat things. This liner is designed to protect this item from various kinds of liquids, such as lubricants, which people use during sex. If you get this wedge dirty, you’ll just be able to wash the liner and dry at low temperatures.

The top surface of my toy was red, because I prefer the red tone. If you do not like bright colors, the range in this case is quite large, there are plenty to choose from! And if you want to change the capes for the wedge, then you can buy a few options and change them from time to time to suit your mood. By the way, this coating can be easily washed. However, I did not like that the shade of the cape is much brighter and richer than I expected. I don’t really like flashy colors, and here I was delivered a very bright wedge. And in this sense, the product disappointed me a little.

However, it is worth noting that this is perhaps the only drawback in this model. Another cool advantage of the product is that it is perfect for an open body. No slip effect, the feeling of touching my skin and the pillow is very pleasant. Once my partner and I decided to try not to wear a cape and use this piece of furniture in the open. I did not like it – to be honest and straight. Without the cape, the wedge is very slippery and unpleasant to the touch.

If we talk about the size, the wedge has a height of about 7 inches. And the angle of the wedge is approximately 30 degrees. What does it give when used? This gives a great feeling when having sex. Just listen, your vagina and ass will be raised to the desired height, so that the sex was really unforgettable. Although, in the beginning I somehow decided that I would not feel much difference between ordinary sex and sex using Liberator. As it turned out, I was wrong.

Now a few words about the cost of this toy for bed fun. I will say sincerely – this wedge is quite expensive. About 90 dollars, in my opinion it is too expensive for such a product, even with all its advantages. Although after I tried it at work, I realized that this item is worth the money.

My feelings after the first applications

It’s time to evaluate Liberator’s work in reality. I didn’t know what to expect from this new sexy furniture in my bedroom. I did not think that after the use of the wedge, I will rise from the incredible delight in heaven.

First we tried with my man a few positions that are shown in the instructions for this product. We tried doggie style, Down Low as well as Grab and Go. Doggy style seemed to me virtually unchanged compared with the traditional sex without the use of a wedge. The only advantage, thanks to the wedge, was that I no longer had to hold my body with my hands. Now I could just lie back and enjoy myself. Also, we practiced the missionary position together with the use of the wedge.

If we talk about the missionary position, this kind of sex for me opened from a new side. And I can say that I like it a lot more now. As long as my hips were spread and angled, the penetration felt much brighter and stronger. My man affected my erogenous zones much more sensitively than without the use of a wedge.

We tried several positions in our bed with the use of a new device. And I realized one major thing – this wedge makes my sex much more easy, pleasant and relaxing. Now I was really enjoying myself, not working in bed. I enjoyed it more and worked less!

And yet, as soon as this unique wedge appeared in our house, we began to love sex more. Now we have more sex and look forward to the night. We try different positions and continue to enjoy each other endlessly. We always use our wedge, it makes our life brighter.

Again, this wedge has another cool purpose. I like to use it as a stand for comfortable sitting in bed. For example, when I want to read a book or watch TV, I take my wedge, put it under my back and sit comfortably for a few hours.


Liberator – is a great thing that must necessarily be in any home. With a wedge it is very pleasant to have sex, this device can be used for other purposes.

My man and I like to have sex only with this subject. It gives us a lot of beautiful emotions.

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Liberator Wedge Review
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