Licx Mix (For Her) Lubricant Pack Review

I go through a lot of personal lubricant, but despite having a large box packed full of the stuff, I often end up purchasing it from my favourite brands. I guess you could say I am quite picky when it comes to lubes. Still, you just don’t know how you will feel about a product until you try it for yourself and the Licx lubricant range piqued my interest. Licx were ticking a lot of the right boxes for me. Their packaging is stylish, their pricing is very reasonable and almost all of their products are free from irritating chemicals.

Licx sent me the Licx Mix for Her Lubricant pack, which is a box containing 6 sample sachets of Licx product. Inside the box, you get:

  • 2 x Intimate Wipes
  • 2 x Arousal Gels
  • 1 x Gel Lube
  • 1 x Deluxe Cream Lube

Licx Gel Lube:

After testing all of the sachets in the Licx Mix box, I began to think of the Gel Lube as the staple lubricant in the collection. It might not do anything fancy (like the Arousal gel does) but it is a lot more versatile overall. As the name suggests, Gel Lube is a thick, water based lubricant. I tend to prefer thicker lubricants, so I was really pleased with the consistency of this one. It reminded me a lot of my favourite lubricant, Sliquid Sassy.

There are many benefits to choosing a thicker water based lubricant. First of all, it is unlikely to drip everywhere when you attempt to apply it, so clean up is easier and you don’t tend to waste as much. Secondly, a thicker lubricant will provide a thicker cushion. This can have drawbacks (I don’t feel quite as much stimulation when using a thicker lubricant, compared to a thinner one), but if you have a sensitive or dry vulva/vagina, a thicker lubricant will further reduce friction and irritation. This is my experience anyway.

In a pinch, Gel Lube can also be used as a satisfactory anal lubricant. The formula is thick and slick enough to do the job, but like all water based lubricants, it does tend to dry up mid-session. You can reactivate water based lubricants using a splash of water, but honestly, I often don’t remember to grab one before I begin playing. For these reasons, I still prefer using an oil or silicone based lubricant for any kind of anal play. This is not to say that Gel Lube dries up too quickly. When compared alongside Sliquid Sassy, they both lasted about the same amount of time.

Licx Gel Lube provided me with everything I needed in a good water based lubricant. It provides a nice cushion when using toys and a slippery surface for clitoral play. The best thing is, I never experienced any irritations or adverse reactions when using it. The only downside is that the Gel Lube can feel slightly tacky when it is almost dry. As soon as it has dried completely, this tackiness disappears.


Purified water, Propylene glycol, Xylitol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine digluconate.

Licx Arousal Gel:

Licx Arousal Gel is a water based lubricant, designed to stimulate and arouse your erogenous zones (for example, the clitoris, glans and nipples). Arousal Gel closely resembles Licx Gel Lube in terms of consistency, but it contains an added ingredient (peppermint oil) to provide a cooling, tingling sensation on the skin.

I must admit, I am not usually a fan of stimulating lubricants, because their effects are either too mild, too distracting, too numbing, or just downright irritating on my sensitive vulva. Licx Arousal Gel is the closest I have come to enjoying a stimulating lubricant and this is because the effect it produces feels just right for me. It is not overpowering, but the cooling sensation is noticeable and it kicked in as soon as I applied the gel to my clitoris.

With many stimulating lubricants, I have found that the stimulating effect fades quickly, often within 10 to 15 seconds, but the peppermint oil in Licx Arousal Gel just keeps on providing. I could still feel that refreshing, cooling tingle, even after I had rubbed the lubricant in and let it dry up. I only applied a small amount to achieve this too. Due to this cooling effect, I really enjoyed using the Arousal Gel in combination with glass and metal sex toys. Whenever I placed one of these cold toys against my vulva, the peppermint oil would heighten the effect, so the toy felt icy cold. It was like experiencing temperature play without any effort required.

Unfortunately, the Arousal Gel does have one downside; it dries sticky. This sticky sensation did not seem to fade as it did with the Gel Lube; if anything, it just got worse. Eventually, I did feel the need to rinse it off my skin in order to remove this sticky sensation. The Arousal Gel contains different ingredients than the Gel Lube and these changes clearly make a difference.


Deionised water, Mono propylene glycol, Glycerine, Tylose, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Peppermint oil, Frescolat, L-Arginine, Vitamin B5.

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube:

Licx’s Deluxe Cream Lube is a thick, creamy, water based lubricant, designed to provide even more smoothness and glide. Unfortunately, despite being deluxe, this was my least favourite lubricant in the Licx Mix box.

What initially surprised me, is that this thick, creamy lubricant is extremely stringy (See my video below to see what I mean). My only other experience with such a stringy lubricant, was with the Bad Dragon Cum Lube. Strangely though, I really enjoyed that product, so it wasn’t this that put me off.

Initially, I was impressed with Licx Deluxe Cream Lube, because it really did feel luxurious when it was still wet. Like the Gel Lube, the thick consistency provides a great cushion on the skin, but the cream lubricant seemed to do it even better. Not only that, but it seemed to last a long time without becoming sticky.

It was only when the Cream Lube dried completely that I discovered its downside; it had coated my skin and left behind a residue. I really felt as though my genitals were coated in a watered down version of PVA glue. It wasn’t sticky, but my skin felt coated and clogged. When I rubbed at the dry lubricant on my skin, it would begin to peel or flake away, depending on how dry it was. Eventually, I would be covered in these gloopy little balls of dried up lube and the only way to get rid of it entirely was to shower.

On the Licx website, I noticed they mention guys may appreciate this lubricant more, so I assumed it might have been designed more specifically for male masturbation. Unfortunately though, I experienced the same glooping when I used this on his penis.

Finally, I noticed that the Cream Lube contains parabens. If you are sensitive to parabens, you might want to avoid this altogether and take a look at the Gel Lube instead.


Purified water, Isopropyl myristate, Propylene glycol, Polyethylene oxide, Sodium polyacrylate, Sodium methylparaben,Trideceth-6,Sodium propylparaben, Hydrogenated polydecene, Chlorhexidine digluconate.

Licx Intimate Wipes:

The intimate wipes included in the Licx Mix Box are fragrance free and paraben free. They do however contain Aloe Vera, to help soothe the skin. When compared alongside other branded wipes, I would describe the Licx wipes as middling.  They are smaller than the Give Lube Cheeky Wipes and the Pjur Med Wipes, but the material is still reasonably thick. As an intimate wipe, they definitely did the job of freshening me up, but when I was coated in lubricant, I felt like I needed to use two. This was not the case with the other branded wipes. Still, the Licx wipes are cheaper to purchase, making them good value overall.


Water, Glycerine, PCA, Citric Acid, Feniol, Phenoxytol, Extract of Aloe Vera.


My experience with the Licx Mix Box was generally good. I really loved the Gel Lube formula and although I expected not to like the Arousal Gel, it proved me wrong and felt great. Even the wipes were acceptable in quality and function. My only negative experience was with the Deluxe Cream Lube, due to its peeling effect when dry.

I think the Licx Mix Box would be suited to those who travel often, or those who just want some handy, lightweight product to carry around in their handbags. This box would also be ideal for those who have never tried Licx before and want to experiment with the products before deciding which lubricant suits you best. However, if you have no need for the smaller sachets, I would recommend that you purchase the bottles separately. I especially recommend you try the Licx Gel lube.

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Licx Mix (For Her) Lubricant Pack Review
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