Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy

Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy

Hi to everybody! I love to use for pleasure a variety of sex toys. And I like to share with you the impressions of its application. Today I will tell you about the new product, which has become one of my favorite toy for sexual games.

Vibrator Lush I first tried a few months ago. Then this device was the so-called generation number 1. I really liked it and still sometimes I continue to play with this amazing device. But when I have heard that at the market there is appeared Lush №2, I was just shocked by the impatience and desire to try this new product.

Lovense company cares about its customers, and therefore the products of this brand are so popular and I fully share all the positive reviews that have already been written. But here and now I am going to leave my unique one and, I hope, useful response to the innovation – Lush №2.

Before I understand whether this new device is suitable for me to enjoy, I decided to try it on myself. After all, you see, this is the only way that will make you truly feel the quality and features of the vibrator of the new generation.

By the way, I want to add that the company Lovense on its official website often holds various promotions, and for example the novelty Lovense Lush №2 you can buy at a half of its real price.

Well, let’s get started!

What is Lovense Lush 2?

This is a new generation egg vibrator that can be used both alone and in public places. Lash 2 – quite powerful and convenient in all senses device for effective stimulation of sexual erogenous zones. The vibrator is made of high quality silicone, very soft and incredibly smooth, like real silk. Lush 2, as well as the first generation Lush – very easy, comfortable to use, and yet, it can be easily recharged in a short period of time.

Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy

This is the best device for sex at a distance! The vibrator is equipped with special functions that allow you to control its operation using a mobile application. Also, the user can add not only the intensity of the device, but also add voice, music and even a touch of partner. With Lush 2 you will be available all kinds of pleasures in bed. Also, this sex toy can be completely immersed inside you for more thrill.

Description of the Lush 2 by Lovense

  • Appearance

This unique and ergonomic vibrator consists of two parts – the rounded base and the antenna. The first part is designed for internal use, inside the vagina. The antenna connects the device via Bluetooth connection and is controlled by a mobile phone.

Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy

Lush 2 is equipped with a very powerful motor, even stronger than the vibrator Lush 1. The surface is made of comfortable and smooth elastic material. The main functional part of the vibrator has optimal dimensions that will suit to most women anatomically (35.5 mm thickness and 80 mm length). Thanks to these dimensions, the g-spot is perfectly stimulated, and the most erogenous zones inside the vagina are well achieved. The part where the antenna is located is 122 mm in length.

Now let’s talk about color. This sex toy is made of bright pink material that really pleases the eye. The design of the product, including both color and material – all evidence of the high quality of the vibrator. This is a truly luxurious toy!

The control button is located at the top of the antenna. With it, you can easily turn on and off the device. Also, this button is used to change the settings of the vibrator.

  • Sounds

The vibrator of the new generation Lush 2 works almost silently. It is safe to say that this device is one of the quietest among analogues of other manufacturers of similar egg vibrators. And it is noticeable even when it working at the highest speed. Only 45.5 DB – and no louder! For those who are not strong in physics, I specify – a similar noise can be heard only in the library. Therefore, this device can be used even in public places, wherever you want to get satisfied, without attracting attention.

  • Powerful vibration

Lush 2 can give you a bright orgasm, both when using it at low mode and at the highest speeds. It is 4 times more powerful than analog versions of vibrators from other manufacturers. All this is due to the powerful motor, which is even more than in Lush 1. Vibration strength is not much different from its predecessor, but the reliability and durability of the device is definitely at a higher quality level.

This toy will give you a lot of pleasure. Even at low speeds you will wet the sheets very soon! Higher speed will make your body truly tremble for a long time. By the way, the vibrator battery holds a charge well, and it will last you for quite a long game.

  • Convenience and flexibility

The device of the new generation from Lovense is very comfortable and ergonomic. You can use it anywhere. On the street, in bed, and even while traveling anywhere. Flexible antenna that you can turn in any direction and give the desired shape, helps to achieve pleasure in a matter of minutes. You can also fix the antenna on your underwear and satisfy yourself without using your hands.

  • Wireless device controlled by a special application

The main distinguishing feature of Lush 2 can be called its method of control. It allows your partner to control the vibrator from a distance, choosing the optimal modes for you. The vibrator can even work accompanied by a live voice or musical sounds. Most importantly, connect the vibrator to your mobile phone using Bluetooth and ask your friend to create an account to download the application “Lovense Remote”. As soon as you both install this program on your mobile phones, your partner will be able to fully control your vibrator. You will be able to purchase several Lush 2 toys and all of them can also be connected to the application. These settings are very fast, and you will understand them by all means. Below I will write in detail about how to use this app.

  • Other characteristic

Among other characteristics of the device – water resistance, USB charging.

How to connect Lush 2 to the mobile app

First of all, turn on the device. This is done simply – press the button on the antenna and hold for 3-5 seconds. As soon as the red light flashes, it becomes clear that the vibrator is ready to work.

Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy

Install an application called “Lovense Remote”on your mobile phone. This application is available for most operating systems such as IOS, Android, Windows. I often plug in my favorite toy of the Lush to the phone.

Once the program is loaded, click on the sign up pointer to register your personal account. If you already have an account on this system, then just activate it.

The next step is to find the “connection”icon on the screen. With this option, you add an account to the device. Now try to find your vibrator. If you have done everything correctly, you will see the corresponding inscription on the phone screen. And that is all – now your device is connected, and you can control the vibrator with the help of a cool application.

In order for your friend to join the network, press the “Long Distance” key, then add the ” + ” symbol in the upper right corner, enter the name of your partner and click “Done”. As soon as your friend receives a request, he will answer it, and you can start enjoying each other at a distance with the help of Lush number 2.

What do I love most about this program? Of course, I adore it for its inexhaustible access to pleasure. We don’t need permission, my partner controls my vibrator any time he wants. I give him unlimited access, and the partner satisfies me as he wants, and when I want. Of course, if my toy is in the “on” mode.

Once Lush 2 is connected to your devices, you and your partner can manually control the vibrations by moving the button on the antenna up and down (as mentioned earlier). But that’s not all! There are six main ways to control vibration intensity with the app, including recorded voice control, music control, personalized template management, etc.

Instructions for use sex toys without application

But not always, you see, there is a time and desire to configure the mobile, choose options, to communicate with a partner and so on. Sometimes you just want to get an orgasm with a minimum of effort. For these purposes, the novelty of Lovense works perfectly.

Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy

On the device you will find only one button that turns on the vibrator. It is located on the antenna. Hold your finger for a few seconds on this button, Lush 2 will turn on. Then, click here again and select the desired vibration from the 7 options.

  • Low vibration;
  • The average stimulation;
  • High degree of vibration;
  • Pulsing mode;
  • Undulating vibration effect;
  • Additional effects – fireworks;
  • The effect of the earthquake.

To turn off the device, simply press the same button on the pink surface of the device and hold for a few seconds. Each time do not forget to thoroughly clean the vibrator. This applies not only to the durability of the device, but also to your health.

How to charge the battery

Before use, the vibrator must be well charged, so that at the crucial moment the device does not disappoint you. To do this, firmly and slowly insert the plug into the charging, and then connect the charger to any USB ports. Only act gently, no need to make extra effort to establish charging and USB connections .

Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy

A red light will indicate when the appliance is charging. When fully charged, the light will turn off. It takes 1.5 hours to charge the gaming device, and a full battery will give you about 2 hours of continuous use.

Packaging and storage of new Lush 2

If you order a vibrator on the official website of Lovense, the toy will come to you in an ordinary brown box. Inside the box will be another, smaller. It will be your device. The sender’s name will be “Hytto Ltd”.

New Lush will come in a safe package that is suitable for transporting the most valuable and fragile items. The box, consisting of two-layer cardboard, protects the vibrator from possible falls during transportation. You can be sure that your goods will come safe and sound. Also, if privacy is important to you, you can rest assured – no one but you will know about the contents of the package. When the courier delivers the goods to your home, only you will know what is inside the box.

When you unpack the purchased goods, inside you will find:

  1. The Device Of Lush 2;
  2. Charging cable;
  3. User manual;
  4. Installation guide.

Unfortunately, the kit does not provide a bag to store the vibrator. It seems to me that such additional things have to be included in the set of sex toys.

As soon as you first touch the novelty of Lovense, its soft and silky texture – you will fall in love with this item forever!

Care and cleansing

Remember, for hygiene reasons and to extend the life of the vibrator, you should clean the appliance before and after use. It is very easy to clean because its surface is completely waterproof. Take some soft soap, prepare warm water with foam and immerse your toy there. Also, you can use any other method of soft cleaning. Then be sure to dry the device and only then remove it for storage in a designated place.

For the choice of lubricants, give preference only to those ones that have a water base. The use of oil – based lubricants can harm you.

Also, do not use the device while charging under any circumstances. If you use a vibrator rarely enough, then do not forget to fully charge its battery every six months. So you will extend the life of your silicone “friend”.

My impressions after using the vibrator Lush 2

It all started with the fact that I was in a long-distance relationship with a young man for quite a long time. Therefore, in order to relax and be together we needed such a unique way as a sex device from Lovense. I wanted for us not to lose the feeling of intimacy, and the vibrator Lush 2 became my faithful assistant.

The novelty shocked me from the first days of acquaintance. The feelings that I began to receive, it is impossible to describe in words. Lush 1 made me fall in love, and Lush 2 just sunk into the heart. I use this toy for foreplay, it turns my body on. Then, when my partner joins the device and starts picking up different modes for me, I’m just blown to heaven! I reach the peak of pleasure thanks to the stimulation of the g-spot when my partner begins to control the vibrator remotely.

And I’m also wildly turned on by the situation when the game starts in public places. Partner chooses a strong regime, and I’m sitting in a coffee shop. It is very difficult not to scream at such moments!


In the final of my review I want to say again, the vibrator Lush number 2 – a great device. With this device multi orgasms are provided to you! It is also a unique opportunity to have good sex when your partner is away from you, but you are not going to change him with other men. Sexy toy from Lovense will give you a lot of emotions.

Also, I recommend this effective vibrator for women who have experienced in their lives only one type of orgasm, such as clitoral. Lush 2 will teach the body to feel vaginal orgasm. The novelty will give you a range of fresh sensations that you were unfamiliar until now.

More recent reviews can be found on the Lovense website.

Elin Wilder/ author of the article
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Lovense Lush 2 Review – My Best Joy
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