Master Series Bird Cage Chastity Device Review

I really like the look of metal chastity devices, so when asked if I would like to review the Bird Cage chastity device, I jumped at the chance. The Bird Cage is the fifth device to make its way into our chastity device collection and I was looking forward to comparing and contrasting it with the rest. Buckle up, it’s going to be a long one!

Product Information:

The Bird Cage arrived packaged inside a plain black drawstring bag and it comes with everything you need to get started. The contents of the pouch include:

  • 1 x solid metal cock ring (This ring will be worn over your penis and testicles)
  • 1 x solid metal cock cage
  • 1 x small metal padlock (which only opens using the keys provided)
  • 2 x metal padlock keys

While browsing online, it came to my attention that you can purchase the cock ring in a few different sizes. At the moment Naughty Tuck Shop only stock one ring size (it measures 1.73 inches in diameter, according to my own measurements), but they do intend to stock other sizes in the near future.

The cock cage section is curved, which makes it difficult to accurately measure its length. I decided to take two measurements in the end; one from the underside of the cage (3 inches in length) and one along the top of the cage (5 inches in length) I guess the true length lies somewhere between the two. The circumference of the cage (measuring around the outside) is 5.3 inches, but to get a true representation of the circumference within, I measured the diameter at the entrance (1.37 inches). This means the average circumference within the cage is 4.30 inches. As you can see from these measurements, the Bird Cage is one of the larger chastity devices available. It is certainly the largest in our collection.

The Bird Cage device is made from chrome-plated steel, so it does have a decent amount of weight to it. Thanks to the thin bars (those that run from the base of the cage to the tip), it is not as heavy as the other metal devices in our collection. The Uberkinky Spiral chastity device, for example, weighs 177g in total. Of course, the Bird Cage is still much heavier than the polycarbonate CB6000 chastity device, which weighs just 49g (All of the measurements listed in this paragraph include the cage section and the cock ring).

Attaching the Bird Cage Device:

The Bird Cage is one of the easier chastity devices to get into, partly due to the design and partly due to the minimal number of parts. To begin, you need to slide the cock ring over your penis and testicles. It is easier (and more comfortable) to insert your testicles first and then gently pull your flaccid penis into the ring. Do not attempt to put the ring on if you have an erection, unless you enjoy pain. If you are struggling to get into the ring, you can try applying lubricant (or soap) to the area. This will help things glide more easily.

With the ring in place, you can now slide the cock cage onto your flaccid penis (again, it is more comfortable if you are not erect). There are a few methods you can try if you find your skin is bunching up at the base of the cage; the first is the sock/stocking method (You can find lots of guides for this method online) and the second is applying some lubricant/soap to your penis (remember to rinse it off afterwards). Thanks to the open design, the Bird Cage can often be fitted without having to rely on these methods. You can actually grab the sides of your penis and pull it down into the cage.

I would advise you to take extra care as you push the pins on the cage into the small holes on the cock ring. If there is any loose skin in the way, you might experience a painful pinch. As soon as you have the two sections connected, you can attach the padlock. Just remember, this is a solid metal cage and it is not easily broken. Make sure you know where the padlock keys are at all times.

Feel free to check out my beginners guide to fitting and measuring for a chastity device, for further information.

His Experience Wearing the Bird Cage Device:

Before the Bird Cage arrived, my partner’s favourite chastity device was the lightweight CB6000s. Being so different, I was curious to find out what he thought about the Bird Cage. After wearing the device for a month (on and off) he concluded that each device comes with its own set of upsides and downsides.


Being heavier than his usual device (the CB6000s), the Bird Cage makes its presence felt more often. As he moves around, he can feel the cage lightly tugging on his genitals (weighing them down slightly) and it arouses him to have this constant reminder of his predicament. It also helps that the device is made from metal, which is impossible to snap or break without using tools. Since he knows he can’t escape, he feels that much more submissive to me, his key holder.

It wasn’t all positive. The problem with wearing the Bird Cage device 24/7 is that it can feel uncomfortable if you are very active. My partner spends most of the day on his feet doing manual labour (which includes lots of climbing and bending). By the end of the day, his testicles can feel achy, as the device has been weighing on them all day. On occasion, he will also experience chafing where the cock ring has rubbed underneath his testicles, but this can usually be avoided by applying a small amount of lubricant during the day. When it comes to day-to-day comfort, he rated the Bird Cage higher than the Uberkinky Spiral device but lower than the CB6000(s).


My partner has an average sized penis, measuring 3 inches when flaccid and 5.5 inches when erect (He would like me to point out that he is a grower, not a shower). When flaccid, his penis filled half of the large Bird Cage device and it did allow him to get more of an erection than any other cage we have tried before. It was not a full erection, but I would say it was about 70% of the way there. Once again, this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your own desires. With more room to grow, my partner didn’t suffer the same amount of constriction/discomfort as he does in similar, smaller chastity devices. Because of this, he could often sleep right through the night, as he didn’t suffer too much pain from nocturnal erections.

Of course, some chastity fans actually prefer to stifle the erection as much as possible. If this is the case, the Bird Cage might not be the best device for you. Your mileage may vary, as it will depend on the size of your own penis. The bigger you are, the less space there will be inside the cage to grow.


The Bird Cage device has a very open design, exposing approximately 80%-90% of the penis when attached. This once again comes with its own set of benefits and downsides. Unlike closed chastity devices, the Bird Cage allows air to circulate around the penis. This helps keep the area dry and free from odour. My partner always felt a bit paranoid about odour building up when wearing the CB6000 device. He doesn’t have to worry about this when wearing the Bird Cage. Another benefit is that you can clean yourself reasonably well while still wearing the cage. This might be a blessing for those in long distance relationships, who can’t afford to keep buying those plastic, numbered padlocks. Still, I would recommend removing the cage entirely every few days for a thorough clean.

The downside to having such an open design is that he can touch most of his penis. It is still difficult to masturbate “normally” (hand around his penis, applying pressure as he moves the foreskin back and forth) but he can certainly pleasure himself if he really wanted to. To be fair, this is true in most devices. Where there is a will, there is a way. The only real difference is that the Bird Cage makes it that much easier to stimulate yourself directly. If you want to deny yourself (or your submissive) that option, then the Bird Cage might not be the cage for you.


My partner can slide his flaccid penis out of all of the trapped ball style chastity devices. The Bird Cage is no exception. If you are looking for a device that is difficult/impossible to escape from, you might want to consider a chastity belt or getting a Prince Albert piercing (there are PA compatible devices on the market). Although he can remove his flaccid penis from the cage, he does find it difficult to squeeze himself back in again. It is also worth noting that he cannot remove the device completely. His balls remain trapped between the ring and the cage, so he does need the key to remove the device.


The main concern I have about the Bird Cage device is that it is made from chrome-plated steel and not stainless steel. I am not a scientist (and please correct me in the comments if I am wrong), but I believe the chrome plating provides a protective layer to minimise rusting. If the chrome layer wears away, or if there are any holes, I imagine the device will begin to rust. We have been using the Bird Cage for a month now and have not noticed any rusting. I have noticed a few areas of discolouration though (darker patches on the surface). Since we plan to use this device more, I shall update this review if we do notice rusting in the future.

My partner also feels slightly paranoid about the size of the device. He worries that it is noticeable through clothing and that the device might clunk against seats when he sits down. To be fair, he does look like he is packing more in the pants department, but I wouldn’t know that he was wearing a chastity device. There are no obvious bulges. If you are worried, I recommend wearing fitted underwear and looser trousers/jeans. This will also help to keep the device still, which may minimise the risk of it clunking against furniture.

The padlock that comes with the device will only open using the keys supplied, so this is good news. The bad news is the padlock has very sharp corners/edges. Due to the open design of the cage, the padlock would often press or brush up against his penis and cause minor scratching and nipping sensations (it left a red mark on a few occasions). I recommend purchasing a padlock with smoother, more rounded edges

Cleaning and Care:

The Bird Cage device is very easy to keep clean. We use hot soapy water and sometimes a soft cloth, but sex toy cleaner spray would work too. I personally avoid using abrasive cleaners on the Bird Cage device, as I worry about scratching the chrome plating. Thankfully, you don’t need to use anything harsh to get the device nice and clean.


The Bird Cage chastity device definitely competes with the CB6000 for a place at the top of his favourites list, but both devices are good for very different reasons. I would recommend the Bird Cage to you if:

  • You have a larger-than-average penis (length mainly, but girth too).
  • You like to have plenty of room for your penis to move/grow inside the cage.
  • You want a device that allows air to flow, keeping odour/moisture to a minimum.
  • You like the security of a metal cage.

You might want to avoid the Bird Cage device if:

  • You want a smaller, less noticeable device.
  • You usually wear tight trousers/jeans.
  • You want a device that will last forever (it is not made from stainless steel).
  • Your testicles are sensitive to being pulled/weighed down.

Master Series Bird Cage Chastity Device Review
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