OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Review

The OhmiBod Lovelife Adventure was kindly sent to me directly from ohmibod for an honest review and just in case you were wondering, the Adventure is a triple stimulator, designed to provide an all encompassing sensation to the female anatomy, although it works surprisingly well on the male anatomy too. (See our experiences below). The idea is to insert the main shaft into your vagina and allow the curved, sword shaped handle to come to rest against your body. All being well, the two raised, nodules on this handle should come to rest with the top one sitting against your clitoris and the bottom one teasing your anus.

Product Information:

The Lovelife Adventure is made from ABS Plastic and is completely rigid throughout. It is however, coated in a silky soft, body safe silicone which closely resembles the feel of the silicone used to create Lelo sex toys. Just like Lelo silicone, the Adventures silicone does not attract much dust or lint. The Adventures main shaft measures 4.75 inches in insertable length and has a circumference of 4.5 inches at its largest point. It might sound a little on the short side, but when you consider that you need to insert most of this length to ensure the clitoral arm is hitting your clitoris, it’s actually a good thing. No one likes cervix poking. The distance between the clitoral stimulator and the anal stimulator is 3.25 inches, which means that to get full enjoyment from the adventure, you will need to measure 3.25 inches exactly between your clitoris and anus.

The Adventure is a USB rechargeable vibrator and will take roughly 2.5 hours to charge fully. A full charge will then give you around 1.5 hours of play time depending on what settings you use (Higher speeds will cause the battery to drain faster). Unfortunately the Adventure is not waterproof. It is splash proof only, so you need to take care when cleaning and you cannot use this vibrator in the bath or shower. It comes with 3 separate motors, so no matter what part of the vibrator is touching you, you will still feel intense, direct stimulation from at least one of the motors. The motors work in unison and they have 7 different vibration modes/settings. You can cycle through these using the ~ button. The first setting is a continuous speed and the rest are random patterns, including pulses and waves. You can raise or lower the strength of the vibrations using the plus ( +) and minus (-) buttons and you can do this in every vibration mode, so you have lots of choice of different sensations and vibration strengths to choose from with the Adventure.

Our Experience with the Lovelife Adventure Triple Stimulator:

If you have read any of my dual stimulator (rabbit vibrator) reviews, you will already know that I have endlessly struggled to find one that fits my anatomy perfectly and lots of females experience similar. Can you imagine how much this issue is amplified with the addition of a third stimulator? The Adventure did not fit my anatomy, but I was still pleasantly surprised to find that the clitoral stimulator did sort-of hit my clitoris. While this already tops some experiences I have had with rabbit vibrators, it was still a shade too high for my own personal tastes, coming to rest mid way up my clitoral shaft. The anal stimulator was a different story. It overshot my anus by about an inch and came to rest somewhere up between my buttocks. Unfortunately the Adventures sword shaped handle is completely rigid, so unlike flexible rabbit vibrators, I could not flex the clitoral arm for better positioning and I had to accept that no matter how hard I tried, there was no chance whatsoever of my lining up all three stimulators in the way they were meant to be lined up. It is worth noting though, that different positions do help slightly and I found squatting helped to line up the stimulators a fraction better than when I was horizontal.

You may also notice that the handle where the clitoral and anal stimulators sit, is curved. It has been designed this way to ensure the toy ‘hugs’ your body, curving around to hit both your clitoris and anus. The problem though, is that it just wasn’t curved enough for my body. If I pressed the clitoral stimulator into my clitoris, the anal stimulator would not make contact with my body and vice versa. The curve also caused the clitoral stimulator to approach my clitoris at an angle, so it was actually the side of the raised bump that hit my clitoris, rather than the tip and this made the clitoral stimulation feel just a little too diffuse for my tastes.

I wanted to shout from the rooftops about how glad I was that the Adventure comes with a short (ish) main shaft. I seem to have a shallow vagina and it is very frustrating to experience dual stimulators where I can barely get the clitoral stimulator to touch my clitoris, before I can feel the main shaft prodding at my cervix painfully. I did not have that problem with the Adventure and that made me happy. It fit inside me perfectly, but I soon discovered that it felt a little underwhelming. Unfortunately the curve in the main shaft was not quite severe enough, so I could not feel the shaft rubbing firmly against my g-spot. The best I felt was a light brushing as it moved back and forth. Angling the vibrator doesn’t work because it caused the anal stimulator to press firmly in between my ass cheeks and the clitoral stimulator to lift off my body entirely.  You have a minimised range when it comes to angling this vibrator and I often felt that if I adjusted the toy to satisfy one part of my anatomy, the other parts would be left a little neglected. Therefore I never really experienced true triple stimulation. The shaft feels good though. It is easy to insert and provides a somewhat full feeling that I enjoyed during clitoral stimulation, but it just did not blow my mind when it came to g-spot stimulation.

Despite knowing that there would be a high chance of an ill fit, I was keen to review the Adventure because I had heard good things about the power and depth of the vibrations. I asked Ohmibod to send me their most powerful vibrator and they did me proud in this regard. The vibrations are powerful, deep and rumbling, which is just how I like them. Unfortunately the ill fit meant I could not enjoy them as much as I know I could have, if only I could get the clitoral stimulator situated better, so despite the power I still struggled to orgasm and as time passed, the vibrations would often leave me feeling a bit numb. This was a real shame. Please know that when you turn the vibrations on, the shaft and handle all vibrate in unison, so there is no way to only have the clitoral stimulator buzzing. It’s an all or nothing deal with the Adventure, which was neither here nor there for me, but I thought it worth noting, for those who need the option.

Despite being designed more for female use, my partner and I actually found the Lovelife Adventure made a pretty good prostate vibrator. The flared handle makes it safe for anal use and the shorter, texture free shaft makes it easy to insert and play with. I’d say it would be most suitable for anal intermediates, or those ready to move up from beginners anal toys. The bump designed to stimulate the female anus will come to rest between the male buttocks, but it did this from a female perspective too, so it was no real loss. The clitoral bump however, came to rest against his perineum and the strong vibrations and slightly curved shaft provided plenty of stimulation to his prostate and perineum. He found it highly enjoyable and rated it as one of the best prostate vibrators he had tried to date. We will most probably stick to using it for anal play in future.


As mentioned, the handle where the clitoral and anal stimulators sit, is completely rigid. Aside from the problems with fit and being unable to flex the stimulators into different positions, this rigidity also causes another problem; noise. When the vibrations are turned on, especially on higher speeds, this part of the handle vibrates and it makes a bit of a racket when it does. Imagine applying a vibrator to a hard surface. You hear that noise it makes against the surface? Well it kind of sounds like that, only slightly more muted. It isn’t discreet at higher speeds. The vibrations themselves are actually fairly quiet, but the handle vibrating?  Not so much. You can minimise this noise by constantly applying a small amount of pressure against the handle, which is what usually happens during use anyway.

Another downside is that the Adventure is not waterproof. It is splash proof only and this means you cannot take the Adventure into the bath or shower. It also makes cleaning the vibrator slightly fiddly as you need to avoid getting water into the working parts, but I have experienced worse and cleaning is not too difficult overall.


The Lovelife Adventure, like most dual stimulators I have tried before it, was a poor fit for my body and I doubt I will get much more use out of it as a female sex toy, but I do have mixed opinions on it. I loved the strength and power from the vibrations and found it to be more powerful than all my other rabbit vibrators, but sadly I could not enjoy the sensations to the fullest due to the issues with fit, so eventually we put it to use as a prostate stimulator and it worked like a charm. I was happy with the design, build quality and wide range of powerful stimulation that the Adventure offered, although I would have preferred it to have been waterproof. I personally think that if this vibrator fits your anatomy well, it will really please you, but if it doesn’t fit your body, the Lovelife Adventure might end up being more of a frustration than an enjoyment.

OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Review
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