Penomet Penis Pump Review

The Penomet Penis Pump (premium package) was kindly sent to me from penomet for an impartial review and up until recently, Penomet was new name to me. As a relatively new company, they might be new to you too, so I did a little Googling and discovered that Penomet are receiving positive reviews and raking in some great awards, including winning “Best New Male Enhancement Device 2013” and the Venus award for “Best New Product 2013”. My partner is no stranger to penis pumps, having already reviewed 2 from the better known Bathmate brand (The Hydromax x30 and the Hydromax x40) but we realised quickly that the Penomet Pump was different, unique in one major way; it comes with interchangeable gaiters. (The gaiter is the rubber, bellow-like contraption attached to the front of the pump). Reading through the Penomet website, I soon realised that these gaiters each created a unique force, or a different intensity vacuum, so the idea is to start with the lower force gaiters and build up to the highest, throughout your training. Having the option to build up in intensities sounded interesting. We wanted to find out how well the Penomet pump functioned and, of course, how it compared to the Bathmate products.

Product Information:

Penomet offer a variety of different package options to choose from and depending on which package you opt for, the set will arrive with 1, 3 or 5 interchangeable gaiters that vary in force (and therefore, suction) I received the premium package for review, which contains the maximum 5 gaiters that Penomet stock.

The premium package arrived, beautifully packaged (seriously, the packaging is gorgeous, neither tacky nor cheap) in white boxes that can be used for long term storage. The premium set comes with the following items included:

  • 1x  Penomet pump
  • 5x interchangeable gaiters
  • 1x comfort strap
  • 1x bottle of Gun Oil water based lubricant (237ml)
  • 1x Bottle of Gun Oil Shine Clean Foam (Sex toy cleaner)
  • Free bonus gift of the month (I received a pack of silicone cock rings)
  • Printed instruction booklet
  • Digital exercise guide handbook
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • 3 year warranty (With lifetime gaiter replacement)

The Pump:

The pump that we received for review was a semi transparent, dark blue colour, which we later discovered made seeing inside a bit tricky (The best you get really is the shadowy outline of your penis within). Still, Penomet do sell the pumps in a variety of different colours and if visuals are important to you, I recommend the fully transparent (Clear) version. The sheer choice in colour options impressed me, from the standard blue colours, to green, violet, pink and even orange.

I whipped out the tape measure and took some measurements. The pump/tube alone (without a gaiter attached) measures 8.5 inches in length and 8.5 inches in circumference at its widest point (the entrance), but the tube does narrow slightly to 8 inches at the other end of the tube (the end with the release valve). Of course, the gaiter adds a lot more length to the tube and when one is attached, the entire length of the tube measures 11.25 inches. These proportions make the Penomet pump slightly larger (in both circumference and length) than the Hydromax x30, but slightly smaller (in both circumference and length) than the Hydromax x40. (If you wish to see the dimensions for these two products, click on the links in the opening paragraph).

The Gaiters:

The Penomet premium package comes with the following five gaiters:

  • Purple (Force 60)
  • Blue (Force 65)
  • Black (Force 70)
  • Grey (Force 75)
  • Red (Force 80)

With a little force and some wiggling, the gaiters can be slipped on and off the Penomet pump. Each gaiter creates a different level of force/suction and they do this in a very simple way. See, the gaiters are designed to be pushed backwards into your body, causing the bellows to collapse and when you release, the bellows spring back to their outstretched shape (This causes suction inside the tube) The Lower force gaiters (purple and blue) are made from a softer rubber, while the higher force gaiters (Grey and red) are made from a firmer material. It takes less physical force to compress the softer gaiters and more force to compress the firmer ones, but what happens inside the tube is interesting. The firmer the gaiter is, the more it wants to naturally spring back to its original shape, so as you can imagine, the higher the force, the more suction and the more you can pump it before the gaiter stays collapsed.

How to use the Penomet pump:

Just like the Hydromax pumps, the Penomet penis pump uses water to create the vacuum. Personally we prefer this to air pumps because water seems to create a much stronger vacuum. In air pumps, the air leaks quite easily, with water pumps, leaks are rare, especially with high quality pumps. Also, the water helps create a warm, soothing environment that helps loosen the skin and encourages blood flow. We find this gives better results. To use the Penomet pump, you simply attach your chosen gaiter, fill the pump with warm water (Use it in the bath or shower, for ease), insert your penis (Holding onto your testicles to avoid them slipping inside the tubing) and push back on the pump until the gaiter compresses. When you release the pressure, the gaiter will expand and create a vacuum that will suck your penis into the tube. There are some exercise guides on the Penomet website, to follow.

You can release the pressure immediately (should you pump a little too hard, or wish to end the session) by pushing the quick release valve. Penomet release valve is so much easier to use, compared to the Hydromax pumps release valve, which are quite stiff. The Penomet valve reacts to light touches, which makes it superior to the Hydromax pumps, because it reacts quickly and with ease.

Our Experiences with the Penomet Penis Pump:

We took the Penomet pump, along with all 5 gaiters and the two Hydromax pumps, into the bathroom and began our experiments. The first thing we noted was that it can require a fair amount of force to remove and put on the gaiter. On a few occasions I actually managed to hurt my fingers in the process. You might want to consider this if you suffer any weakness or disability in your hands, wrists or fingers (more on this later).

With the pump attached, it did not take my partner long to notice that the mid force gaiter (the black one) had roughly the same amount of force/vacuum as the Hydromax pumps. The two lower force gaiters (purple and blue) created less force and therefore less suction, while the two higher force gaiters (grey and red) created more force and provided more suction. This surprised us, because during our research into Penomet, we had come across this video on YouTube, which shows the Hydromax pump being compared with the Penomet pump, in a like-for-like suction power test, but the results of this video really baffled my partner. Something does not add up, because the Penomet definitely created more suction compared to the Hydromax pumps, when using the grey and red gaiters. Of course, it also created less suction when using the lower force gaiters. In our opinion, the gaiters work as intended and work well.

My partner was impressed at his ability to swap out the gaiters to increase the intensity of the suction, but despite this aspect doing as intended, it wasn’t all good news. First of all, the two lower force gaiters may not be needed by all men. Consider that these two gaiters create a softer suction, compared to the Hydromax pumps (which are designed for any man, beginner or not) and you can see that these two gaiters become redundant pretty soon into your training/pumping sessions. You can still build up slowly and gently starting from the black gaiter, in my opinion anyway and so I personally would recommend the full set of gaiters only to those wanting to collect the set, or experience a much less intimidating experience.

Another rather scary issue I noted, especially when using the higher force gaiters, is that if you angle the pump wrong, it is possible for the gaiter to slip off as you pull back. It happens when you do not ensure a straight alignment, so that the pressure is evenly spread around all the edges of the gaiter. As you can imagine, if you pull back with lots of pressure and at an angle, it will cause the edge of the pump to push into one side of the gaiter. This causes slipping and it happened to us reasonably commonly. A scary image flashed through my mind of him pulling back on the pump, the gaiter becoming detached and him injuring himself. Be careful and watch your angle when using this pump.

Another issue we noted, especially with the higher force gaiters, is that they require a lot of force and power to pull back. I mean, I watched him using it and saw his arms shaking and his face grimacing. Turns out it can be quite painful at first, where the gaiter sits against the body. (You can feel bruised for a while after, so go easy and build up), but this is something you need to consider, again, if you suffer with any kind of disability that would affect the strength in your arms. Anyway, when using this amount of force, it is possible for your angle to change slightly.

We used the Penomet Pump on and off for about two weeks prior to this review and I can say there were notable changes. (Both in length and girth, but especially girth) After a pumping session, you will notice a size increase for an hour or two, but this will gradually fade and your penis returns to normal. Over time though, the results actually last. I guess it is similar to working out. If you continue with your exercises, your muscles get bigger and more toned, but if you stop, they return to normal again over time. This is pretty much how it works with penis pumping. It is not a quick fix and you have to work at it consistently to see results.

How does the Penomet Pump Compare to the Hydromax Pumps?

Surprisingly, the issue above (The gaiter slipping) bothered me more than my partner and after a week of testing the Penomet, he had come to the conclusion that the Penomet was likely to take his top spot position, beating the Hydromax pumps, for the following reasons;

  1. The quick release valve on the Penomet pump was much better than that of the Hydromax pumps (The Hydromax ones can be quite stiff and can hurt your fingers. They can also be occasionally unpredictable)
  2. The Penomet gives the user a chance to grow (in more ways than one), in that it comes with gaiters of increasing force, allowing you to build up and even bypass the suction offered from the one fixed gaiter on the Hydromax pumps.
  3. The Penomet is a nice middle ground, measuring larger than the Hydromax x30, but smaller than the Hydromax x40. At this size, we guess that it will comfortable fit and allow room for growth on all men measure 7 to 7.5 inches or under. In other words, if you measure over 7.5 to 8 inches before you begin, you could possibly outgrow this pump.
  4. The accessorising is much more plentiful with the Penomet, with 7 different tube colours and five different gaiters to choose from.

The build quality of the Penomet pump manages to match its rival, maybe even surpass it. The comfort strap is more padded, wider and generally plusher, even the tube and gaiters match in quality, strength and build. Then there’s the packaging, which puts most sex toy packaging to shame.

One last moan….

However, as a last little moan, I have to say that Penomet’s advertising slogans turn me and my partner off.

“The only thing bigger than your penis, will be your babe’s eyes when she sees it” “A big penis does the same as a small penis…Better!” “Designer pants may attract the girls… but it’s what’s in them that keeps her”

No! I want to burn these adverts for so many reasons. Penomet, you have such a great product and I am guessing these ads are tongue in cheek (you are selling penis pumps after all), but guys, trust me, the ladies (and gents!) appreciate you for much more than what is inside your pants.


Let me finalise this review by saying that Bathmate have a rival for business. We love our Hydromax pumps and still rate them very highly, but if you came here looking for a compare and contrast, we are apt to say that the Penomet penis pump has pulled ahead, but only by a whisker. My partner puts it like this; if the price is a sticking point and you could only afford to purchase one gaiter, go with the Hydromax, where the gaiter is attached properly and the quality is fantastic. If money is no object and you want a pump that should never need to be upgraded, go for the Penomet Penis Pump premium package.

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