Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

The long-awaited novelty came out and now the version of Satisfyer Pro 2 is available to all lovers of pleasure. Also I suggest you, dear friends, look at the key similarities and differences between the two popular vibrators – Satisfyer and Womanizer. I have already tried all of them, and now I am going to share my emotions with you, my dear!

For me it is not so easy to compare these two toys and there are few main reasons. And the point here is not in the name of the new vibrator, which for me personally does not seem quite appropriate. You see, there is such a situation – the Womanizer vibrator, or rather its manufacturer has a patent for a new stimulation technology, which is pulsating air supply. Thus, a jet of air enters the area of the clitoris. This invention is the merit of Womanizer. Therefore, in this sense, Satisfyer certainly loses to its competitor. But, unlike Womanizer vibrator brand Satisfyer is waterproof and has a more democratic cost. Imagine, even the simplest version of Womanizer costs 2-3 times more than an analog brand. Manufacturers Satisfyer Pro 2 tried to give the new device similar characteristics as the opponent. Among the common external features of the two vibrators can be noted the presence of both variants of a comfortable removable elastic head based on silicone, which has the shape of a cone, as well as a non-contact part.

And so I thought seriously, is it really worth spending such astronomical amounts of money for a vibrator, when the analog version of the Satisfyer is much cheaper, and the quality and functional features of both vibrators are very similar? But, I still tormented by vague doubts, and suddenly there are hidden flaws in this sex toy, no wonder it is three times cheaper than Womanizer? Or is it all about the updated version of the Satisfyer Pro 2, which actually meets high quality standards, and the price remains the same because the manufacturer does not want to lose positions in the market of sex products? Or maybe I expect too much from vibrators and I should not dig so deeply into all the nuances? In general, you need to understand, and for this I want to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of both vibrators.

How similar are they?

You know, at first glance, these two vibrators are really almost the same, their device is very similar to each other. But this is only the first impression. After the first application, I realized that the device Satisfyer Pro 2 more simplified mechanism of action. For example, the Womanizer vibrator moves very quickly from one mode to another. And agree, it is very important as it gives a natural effect to the mechanical effect on the body. For maximum satisfaction personally, I need a constant change of speed, from the slowest rhythm to the fastest. Vibrator Womanizer perfectly carries out all the transitions. On this device, the settings are switched thanks to the ” + ” and ” – ” buttons, which are located on the handle of the device. Control of these two buttons greatly simplifies the procedure of selecting the desired mode.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

In the Satisfyer Pro 2, I had to go through all eleven settings in turn before selecting the desired mode. And to go back, you need to rewind all these settings. This is quite a long time and gives some inconvenience. I felt like a person who sits in front of the TV and chooses the channels to watch. Honestly, I don’t want to waste time on this tedious process. What would you do in such situation?!

Also, I was very surprised by the moment that the lower level of the modes is much more intense, as I increased the speed of the air flow, and at this time the initial modes are felt as a small vibration. I don’t really like the first few settings options, but to get to the desired modes, I first need to go through these top settings. This disappoints me, because it takes up my precious time, which I planned to spend on fun, not on busting buttons.

If we talk about the vibrator Womanizer W100 and W500, here I also prefer the latest lower settings. For me, these feelings are very similar to the feelings that happen when my partner caresses me with its tongue between my legs. Very cool feeling! It’s absolutely not like a vibration. Stimulation of the clitoris in this mode is more refined and gradual. Such stimulation excite me and prepare for a very strong orgasm. But I usually prefer to continue this prelude, I do not want to orgasm came very quickly.

If we talk about the device for sexual games Satisfyer Pro 2 then there are also similar modes, but still they do not have the softness and delicacy in terms of impact on my body. When I choose mode number 2 on the Satisfyer then my body starts to get excited faster and more intensely. True, Womanizer more intensively and variously acts on the area of the clitoris. Each new setting is very different from the previous one, so with the Womanizer vibrator the range of emotions and the level of pleasure is stronger than its analog version.

I can tell you the difference between these vibrators figuratively. Womanizer W100 is a high school guy, very confident and dresses in the latest fashion. Womanizer next generation (W500) – more like a stylish middle-aged man who does not prove anything to anyone, but just lives and enjoys a luxurious life. And now, attention – Satisfyer Pro 2! This option I will describe as a boy of 5-7 years, who is just learning to write and read. But he does it especially defiantly, attracting everyone’s attention! By the way, I must assure you that this version of toys for fun actually works very loudly.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Now, lets talk about the appearances. In these parameters, I like the Satisfyer Pro 2 more. I like its ergonomic shape, in which there is nothing superfluous and everything is very well located. Vibrator Womanizer W500 is like some kind of shapeless potato. And I like the color better in Satisfyer Pro 2. It is very gentle and stylish. I love these shades, I even have a phone of a similar color. Shape and color Womanizer I frankly do not like.

The shape of the Satisfyer head is also very cool, it is smooth and does not cause unpleasant sensations when in contact with the body. But the head Womanizer W500 I like much less. It has a sharp base, and there is a risk of getting a little irritation on the skin of the clitoris. Although it all depends on the individual physiological characteristics of women. Maybe for someone the sharp edge will be the peak of enjoyment, who knows!?

In general, I can say definitely Satisfyer for me looks much more attractive than its competitors. The only thing is, I hate its stupid name! Well, really, could not the manufacturers invent a more stylish name for this sexy toy?

Power, which is hardly comparable!

And now I’m going to talk about another important feature that I noticed and appreciated. I mean the intensity of Satisfyer Pro 2. And here there is no consensus, even personally I have. Because I like it on the one hand, and on the other annoying. I like strong intensity because it allows me to scream in bed very much and experience vivid emotions. And I do not like the fact that such a strong stimulation does not give a feeling of long-playing foreplay. Everything happens quickly and brightly, and sometimes I want to play with my clitoris longer before an orgasm occurs.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Satisfier can even be submerged in water, for example, many women love to masturbate in the bathroom. With this brand vibrator, the device can be easily used even under water. For me it does not matter and I satisfy myself in a dry bed. This device operates on the basis of pulsating air, which has different strength and speed, depending on the selected mode. But here’s the suction feeling you’re unlikely to get using any of these devices. All of the above sex toys work only with air. If you need clitoral suction, then choose other types of vibrators.

Sum up – Satisfyer Pro 2

Let’s summarize everything that I have known after using several unique vibrators:

  • If you want to have a larger vibrator to feel it better in yourself, and if you need a more flexible option – then choose Womanizer PRO40;
  • If you want to try something new in sex games, but want to save money, then choose Satisfyer 1;
  • If you want more settings and a strong intensity of stimulation, then choose Satisfyer 2;
  • If you want an exquisite vibrator that is suitable for women without anatomical problems, take Womanizer Deluxe (W500) and enjoy the luxury of exposure;
  • If you want to buy a PRO40, but can not buy it for some reason, then the Satisfyer Pro 2 will not be much different from your favorite. So choose it;
  • If you have a very vulnerable and sensitive clitoris, which requires special stimulation, then choose Womanizer PRO40.
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Satisfyer Pro 2 Review
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