Sex and Metal Anal Hook Review

I was kindly sent this gorgeous stainless steel anal hook from, a company who specialise in hand crafting BDSM gear and bondage equipment. I have previously had the pleasure of reviewing their Leather and Steel Corrector Flogger, which I enjoyed so much that it became one of my favourite BDSM implements of 2013, so I had high hopes that the Anal Hook would be another hit.

Product Information:

This Anal Hook is the first to find its way into my collection and as I removed the hook from its packaging, I realised I had imagined it differently. See, this implement meant business. It was larger than we had expected it to be and it had a solid weight to it too. These combined factors had my partner feeling slightly intimidated (Which actually pleased me greatly) I whipped out the tape measure and took some measurements. The ball measures just a fraction less than 5 inches in circumference and the handle (Including the ring, but not the curved section) measures 9 inches long. (See my images for more detailed measurements). On a completely solid sex toy, like glass or metal, a 5 inch circumference can feel quite intense. Therefore, I would not recommend this hook to beginners. It is more suited to those who are intermediate or advanced anal players.

The hook is made from stainless steel and actually comes in two parts. The ball is designed to unscrew from the hook. I believe it is designed this way to allow users to switch out the ball, adding smaller or larger ones if they wished. This makes the hook that much more versatile, but I must admit that I had some initial concerns about safety. I was worried about the possibility of the ball becoming loose and detaching inside the rectum. I checked the threading and discovered these threads were deep and it took three and a half complete turns to detach the ball completely. There was no possibility of simply pulling the ball off. (Believe me, I tried). I realised quickly that it would require one incredibly dextrous ass to be able to complete 3, 360 degree turns of the ball while it was inserted. Simply tighten the ball before each session and you should never have an issue with this.

How do you use an Anal Hook?

Anal hooks can be used to provide pleasure, but they are most often used for predicament bondage. This can include immobilising your partner, using the hook to stop them from moving out of position, or giving them a choice between two ‘evils’. An example would be to insert the hook and ask your partner to stand up. Secure some rope through the hook and tighten it until they are on tip toes. Now they are ‘hooked’ and cannot move away. They are also in an uncomfortable predicament because if they lower their heels, the hook will press in deeper. There are many different positions, or varieties of predicament bondage that you can experiment with using an anal hook and a length of rope. The stainless steel hook can be used for temperature play. Simply submerge the ball in hot or icy cold water for 5 minutes before play. Attach the ball to the hook and use it to tease or torment.

Our Experiences with the Anal Hook:

Neither my partner nor I could insert the ball on this anal hook without a decent warm up first. There were a few reasons for this. Firstly, both of us are intermediates to anal play and the solid steel has no flex or squish to it, so it stretched us more intensely. Secondly, the metal is so smooth and texture free that it slips easily with lubricant added. This, along with the rounded ball shape (no tapered tip) made the ball a little fiddly to insert.

Once we got the ball rolling (pun intended), I really began to enjoy the feeling of being stretched as the ball worked its way past my internal muscles. The steel feels shockingly cold at first, but it warmed up to body temperature quickly and retained the heat well (I picked it up a few minutes after removal and it still felt warm). The slippery surface that made insertion fiddly, kept friction and drag to a bare minimum during use. This avoided potential irritation. Once the ball passed my sphincter muscles, it felt gentle. I could still feel the ball sliding back and forth within, but I never experienced any overwhelming feelings of fullness or any poking sensations at all.

Using the hook vaginally provided a similar sensation. There was the initial stretch, but as soon as it slipped up behind my pubic bone, it felt gentle. I did have to be careful though. If I used the hook in a vigorous way, it would clunk painfully behind my pubic bone, making it unsuitable for fast, deep thrusting, but I did discover that the ball could stimulate my g-spot very effectively, even providing gushing orgasms if I rocked the ball back and forth, or jiggled it over that sensitive spot. I have to say though, that gripping hold of the thin handle as it curved over the front of my body felt a little awkward and I my technique became a little clumsy. I eventually decided that although this hook could provide g-spot orgasms, it wasn’t perfect for the job. I much preferred using it for bondage play, than as a pleasure object.

Both my partner and I took turns (In between washes) to experience the proper use of the Sex and Metal Anal Hook. We knotted some rope through the eye of the hook (which is quite large and can easily take multiple (10 or more) passes of our 10mm thick rope) then we attached the rope to a hook on our door frame, setting the tension so that we were on our tip toes. Oh my! This is what this hook was designed for. As my calves began to ache, I allowed my body to sag down on the hook. What I experienced was a reasonably intense pressure as the ball pressed against the inner walls of my ass. I also began to feel my anus being stretched open, as though someone had inserted two fingers and opened them wide apart. It felt uncomfortable and intense, but not intensely painful. I also felt immobile and so exposed. It was the perfect balance between pleasure, pain and vulnerability that could really heighten feelings of submission. I loved this.

Finally I understood the benefits of using a large round ball. Okay, it is slightly harder to get inside, but when placed in predicaments like this one, the large, rounded ball helps to spread the sensation you feel, rather than putting too much pressure onto a small area within.

Cleaning and Care:

The Anal Hook is quite simple to take care of. I recommend washing it in hot water, with some antibacterial soap, but it is also possible to sterilize it using rubbing alcohol (So long as you rinse it well afterwards). Because the ball unscrews from the hook, I recommend unscrewing it and allowing some of your soap to penetrate into the hole, as well as around the threading on the hook. (You can use cotton buds to get into the hole too.) Avoid using any abrasive cleansers or sponges, to avoid scratching the metal surface.


I fell in love with the Sex and Metal Anal Hook, the moment I felt the sensations it could provide during predicament scenes. I now use it regularly during bondage sessions and I love how versatile it can be. It can be used to tease his prostate (or her g-spot) providing intense pleasure, then in one short moment it can be transformed into a tool used to make them feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, immobile or submissive. I have no idea why we went so long without such a fantastic tool in our BDSM collection, but after our first few bondage sessions using it, I had decided that the Sex and Metal Anal Hook was definitely a keeper. I recommend it to all BDSM/bondage fans, but I would avoid if you are new to anal play.

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The Anal Hook was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links were used within this post.

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Sex and Metal Anal Hook Review
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