ShareVibe Fun Factory Strapon Review

ShareVibe Fun Factory Strapon Review

It is very cool when you can write an honest and sincere review about good products that you are happy to use. And especially it pleases because for your review you can get a cool product from the manufacturer of sex toys for free! Well, my friends, let’s get started!

Fun Factory ShareVibe is a novelty in the sex industry, a strap-on that is really worth talking about! We with my partner very much like to use in our daily life the most different adaptations which do our sex bright and unforgettable. We have already stored on a special shelf a large number of different strap-ons. And we believe that the more of them, are really the best sexy toys. These unique devices have a very different style, shape and design and are suitable for any situation and imagination. We can use it anytime we want and we are really enjoing of such ways of getting satisfactions.

ShareVibe in this sense is very different from all the range that we have for our bed. Since we have never tried to satisfy each other with a strap-on without bandages. I always wanted to know what this exclusive toy gives me, what emotions and pleasures it can give for me and my partner in bed. However, I was always a little alarmed at one point – I was not sure that such a device to meet can be called very easy to use.

By the way, I can be a little hasty, but because I need devices that are ideal for my extraordinary rhythm of movement in bed during sex. Therefore, vibrators with garters to me was much easier to use and I could choose the option that would be suitable for both of us in the best way, especially since our sexual fantasies are always changing. We wanted to find a dildo that would be made of safe materials and that could be used in different positions.

ShareVibe Fun Factory Strapon Review

As soon as we first opened the box with the Fun Factory ShareVibe – it was an amazing sight, I have to tell you! I’ve had this company’s vibrator before, but it’s a different model. And now I was very interested to know what changes and innovations the manufacturer has added to its new version of sex toys. I was really surprised and astonished.

The device for sex looked amazing and great. Everything about this kind of toy was perfect. The device was moderately big, but not enormous, I would called its the size of the optimal! In our situation for me and the partner such size is necessary. The material from which the toy was made was beyond praise. It is high-quality, elastic, but at the same time quite durable silicone. And in addition to this high-quality material it was no longer used any harmful components. The product is 100% environmentally friendly and safe for the human body. And this is a very important fact, agree?!

Characteristic features of the device

ShareVibe Fun Factory Strapon Review

First of all, this sexy toy is a classic version of the strap-on, but without bandages and straps. The principle of its operation is to enter into the vagina and stay there for a while. This applies to a smaller part of the device. Most of the strap-on at this time is located between the legs of a woman. This segment of the device is thinner and longer and can be used to get inside your partner. I think now you realize that the Fun Factory ShareVibe is suitable for couples, woman+woman, man+woman, and even if desired can be used by two men. Although the latest version of the application can not be called very convenient.

This unique sex version was very effectively packed in a luxury box. I will not list all the details and nuances that were in the box, because it is unlikely to be interesting for you. Just believe me, the packaging of this item is truly luxurious.

The principle of operation of the device is to produce vibrations of different intensity and direction. It’s a bit like a Tantus device. There is you will find also the main end is a dildo, and a smaller part can be inserted into the inside of the body. The space that is at the base of this device is quite wide and free, so there will not fit the usual form of bullets. But fortunately, the kit is already going bullets of larger size, which greatly simplifies the process of using this device.

Thanks to this technology, you get as many as 5 vibration settings. You can choose any of these different modes and start to get satisfaction with your partner. These variants include: constant intense stimulation, and 4 different modes with variable effects. And one more real advantage – you can use a bullet separately.

In terms of the device charger, everything is very simple and technological. The manufacturer of sex toys has long practiced in producing a system based on magnets. Charging for the device is attracted by magnets to the pool. Then, these elements join each other, the mechanism snaps and the charging process begins. These magnets are quite firmly held, much stronger than the analog versions of other manufacturers. A USB charging device is already included with this dildo.

Now lets talk about from what this product made of. This material is really very good enough. The device is made from a great and high-quality silicone. To the touch it is very soft and matte. Cool feeling you expect after the first use of this device. In comparison with the toys of Tantus and Lelo I can say that ShareVibe stretches a little less than these models, but it is more silky when touched.

My first impressions after using ShareVibe

At first I was really uncomfortable using it. It was just a real nightmare! Imagine, I put a smaller part of dildo in my vagina and it immediately became very painful in the area of the urethra. This is my anatomical feature and I often feel uncomfortable in this area of my female intimate organs. Especially if I start to feel such a strong pressure. The intensity of this device for my vagina was too strong.

But later these unpleasant feelings began to disappear. I just chose the most optimal conditions for use of this masturbator. I need to reach a certain level of arousal first and then put on this device. Then the strap-on pleasantly touches my g-spot and I feel cool sensations. The small part of the device is rather suitable for my body, so it does not hurt me.

The next step – we started to try different use cases, different poses. We tried doggie style, but it was hard to get this device to stay in my vagina for a long time. Here it was necessary to choose the optimal location to the toy from me did not fall out.

Then, it turned out, that with the help of working by my thighs I well detain device within my vagina. But it was quite difficult and tedious. In general, we decided to have sex with a strap-on just lying down. This type of using that kind of strap-on was more good for both of us.

We really liked the two poses. The first position is the spoon. And the other – my partner is on top of me. These two options allowed us to enjoy this kind of sexual fun as much as possible, because the strap-on did not fall out, but all the time it was in the right place. But I can not call these feelings for me personally very pleasant. I prefer playing with a strap-on when it’s attached to me, not when it’s inside me.

First impressions toy my partner

My partner was thrilled with the use of this dildo. He liked everything about our sex game. The penetrating tip of the device has a very flexible shape, which perfectly adapts to human anatomy. So my man got a bold and strong feeling. The only condition is that before using it, the partner must be sufficiently excited.

My friend told me after our session that he had never felt this way about other toys for men. He even thought that with this device he could get a real prostate orgasm. That is such a strong action has had a new plaything on my partner!

Vibration level

You’ve used a similar brogues made of silicone? If your answer “yes”, then you have to know that this material reduces the intensity of stimulation. These vibrations can be called playful rather than very bright and intense. They just excite interest and warm, but they are not enough for a strong orgasmic effect. And even if we talk about the clitoral orgasm that I can get with this toy thanks to its shape and special tubercle, nevertheless, these feelings are not strong enough for me.

ShareVibe Fun Factory Strapon Review

What if we use this bullet separately? In this case, of course the emotions will be brighter. Here stimulation will bring me to a new level of orgasm, I am 100% sure of it!


I like strap-ons that come with garters and I don’t want to change my habits in this sense. Advantages of strap-on straps is that here me and my partner can get pleasure and orgasm. And if you manage to do it in practice, the ShareVibe will be your best sexual companion. Speaking for myself, I prefer to have more focused feelings. If I put on a strap-on, then I begin to think completely only about the pleasure of my partner.

Sometimes I liked to play with ShareVibe, and there were days and nights when I really wanted to put the belts on myself. Summing up my review, without a doubt, frank and honest, I want to say the following:

Choose this option of a sexual toy if you are used to using traditional dildos; you madly like stimulation of your clitoris and g-point; you are not confused by the fact that some poses will be inaccessible to you with this strap-on.

Once again I want to say, – ShareVibe is really a quality product. Of course, perhaps it is not suitable for all lovers of sexual fun, but in any case, this device is highly appreciated!

Personally, my opinion is – if you prefer to concentrate more and be less distracted during sex, it is better to choose other models of dildos.

Elin Wilder/ author of the article
I'm Elin "Omg Sex Girl" Wilder. For over 10 years I have been fond of sex toys. Not so long ago, I decided to share my experience with my readers. On this blog you will find reviews on sex toys from butt plugs to vibrators, as well as reviews on all the latest sex toys.
ShareVibe Fun Factory Strapon Review
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