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The Tantus O2 Flurry dildo was kindly sent to me from Tantus Inc for an honest review and I wanted to review the Flurry next, simply because I already own the Tantus Cush. I love the Cush, it is almost perfect but it did have a few niggles. Firstly the texture on that dildo is half way down the shaft. Too far down to enjoy feeling it internally, and secondly the Cush is a large dildo, pushing my comfort levels slightly and thus making it unsuitable for hard and fast thrusting. So, I opted for the Flurry because I thought it would be the solution to both of the niggles I had with the Cush. The Flurry has a smaller circumference and its texture (Those coronal ridges.) sit at the tip of the dildo.

Product Information:

The Flurry Measures 7 inches in insertable length, and has a reasonably average, 5 inch, circumference. It is made from high quality, dual density silicone. This means that two different densities (Firmness) of silicone are used to make this dildo. The deep purple coloured silicone, which is most obvious at the base of the Flurry, is quite firm. This firmer silicone also forms a large portion of the internal shaft. The creamy white (Slightly translucent) silicone is much softer. The white silicone forms the entire head of the Flurry, as well as thinly coating the firmer silicone down the length of the shaft. The areas where the white silicone is thinner, the purple colouring from the firm core shows through. That is what gives the Tantus Flurry its gorgeous shadowy purple hues. It is this dual density silicone that gives the Flurry a more realistic, softer feel. In a similar way to an erect penis, the Flurry feels firm on the inside, with a small amount of flex in the shaft, and then a silky soft, slightly squishy skin on the outside. It looks and feels gorgeous and luxurious.

In Use:

The first thing I wanted to know, “Did the Flurry solve the niggles I had with the Cush” and the answer is yes, it did, but I also learned that in trying to solve what I assumed to be a problem, I came across others. See, I desperately wanted to feel that gorgeous, soft, textured ridge on the Cush, but when I had the opportunity to feel texture, in the shape of the Flurry, I discovered a new niggle. (I know, I am impossible.) the issue being that the Flurry can produce slightly uncomfortable popping sensations as each of those two raised ridges slid inside my vagina, past my pubic bone. All this simply means is that the Flurry, despite being smaller than the Cush, actually feels a little more intense to insert, and it is not the kind of dildo I can use comfortably from a cold start. The Cush is bigger yes, and it provides a stretch and full sensation as it is inserted, but it is more streamlined and therefore, more gentle in my opinion. All is not lost though, because when I am more aroused, these ridges actually provide a nice kind of intensity, the popping sensation stops being uncomfortable and suddenly the Flurry showed me what it could really do.

So what can it do? Well, the two ridges combine to provide an enjoyable rumbling sensation internally. A gentle rumbling at slower thrusting speeds, that keeps you constantly aware that you are being penetrated and that your g-spot is being teased. It certainly isn’t boring. At faster speeds, either jiggling, or shallow, fast thrusts, the Flurry feels divine. The matte silicone has some drag to it (Use plenty of water based lube to avoid feeling chafed and sore.) and so rather than gliding smoothly over my g-spot (Like glass or metal toys would.) The Flurry seems to pull slightly, or grip gently at my g-spot.and this, combined with those ridges, gave me very intense g-spot orgasms. When I am aroused enough, the Flurry feels fantastic when used to slide all the way in and out of my vagina. One of the nicest sensations I experienced was when I had the Flurry inserted only slightly, and began to twist the dildo in circles. The ridges sliding around my vulva felt absolutely amazing as I felt them brush against all of my sensitive nerve endings.

It isn’t all perfect though, and although the Flurry is one of my favourite dildos, it doesn’t get top spot as my all time favourite g-spot toy. The reason for this is simple, I prefer a curved, smooth textured dildo for g-spot play. Because the Flurry has a straight shaft, it does mean I have to angle it to reach my g-spot perfectly, and this is more tiring on the arms and wrists. The reason I prefer a smooth, untextured shaft is simply because I need hard, fast jiggling against my g-spot, and textured toys can start to become uncomfortable sooner than smoother ones do. So while the Flurry does provide intense g-spot stimulation and strong orgasms, it isn’t my top choice for g-spot play (That spot is still held by the BS is Nice, Vaca dildo.) because I have to stop sooner due to either arm ache, or starting to feel a bit chafed around my vulva.

The Flurry actually does make it to my top spot in another area though, and that is that this dildo is perfect for use when I want a clitoral orgasm, rather than a g-spot one. If I am using my fingers, a vibrator, or even my partners tongue against my clitoris, I also like to feel full, and to feel something moving in and out of me. The Flurry is absolutely perfect at those times because it is large enough and textured enough to allow you to feel its presence, while at the same time, it is straight enough and slim enough to not be prodding or putting too much pressure on the g-spot, which is just distracting for me if I am trying to enjoy clitoral stimulation. I also discovered that, if for any reason I did not want to feel too much stimulation against my g-spot, I could rotate the Flurry 180 degrees so that the ridges faced downwards (The ridges do not go all the way around the Flurry.) and enjoy a completely smooth sensation against my upper vaginal wall.

Anal and Strap on use:

The great thing about the flurry (In fact, most Tantus dildos) is that it comes with a flared base, which makes it perfectly safe for anal and suitable for strap on play. I own the Tantus Intermediate Strap On Harness, and the only problem is that I will need to pick up some new o-rings to use the Flurry with this harness, as the Flurry is too big for the rings that come with that set. That aside, if you pick up an o-ring of 1.75 or 2 inches diameter, you will have no problem strapping the flurry into your o-ring harness.

I would recommend the flurry to ladies and gents who enjoy texture, who enjoy dildos that provide a gentle popping sensation around their entrance and a rumbling sensation internally. It isn’t too harsh, due to its average girth and softer dual density silicone material, but you will feel these sensations internally. It functions well as a g-spot and prostate stimulator, although I would only recommend it to folks who already have some anal experience and consider themselves at an intermediate level or above.

Cleaning and care:

Like most matte silicones, the Tantus flurry is a lint magnet and it doesn’t come with a storage pouch. I recommend getting hold of a little satin storage pouch to attempt to keep this dildo dust and hair free between uses but it will probably still require another quick rinse or wash before use. Luckily it is very simple to clean, with some hot, soapy water and rinse it well before leaving it to air dry (You can use a towel, but expect your flurry to look furry afterwards.) Stick to using water based lubricants with this dildo, as silicone lubes can potentially damage the silicone skin, leaving your flurry feeling tacky.

Cush or flurry

This is a tough one.  I like them equally, but for different types of play. The flurry is slimmer, making it the more comfortable dildo for g-spot play and anal (Unless you are a size king/queen, in which case, go for the Cush.) The Cush holds its own at the larger end of the scale, and will provide a full, slightly stretched sensation, but even though the Cush is larger, it actually feels more gentle to insert and use for longer, slower thrusting. The flurries texture and ridged head make it feel more intense and rumbling as it moves in and out. So it all falls down to your own personal tastes.


This dildo gets top marks from me. Its more average size makes it quite versatile, suitable for thrusting, g-spot play, anal and strap on fun. It is comfortable (So long as I am warmed up first.) and enjoyable. It is made from odourless, high quality, pure silicone, so it is body safe too. I would recommend it, unless you cannot abide the sensation of textured toys that create popping or rumbling sensations. You can purchase the Tantus Flurry from Tantus Inc.

The Tantus Flurry was kindly sent to me free of charge by Tantus Inc for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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Tantus Flurry Review
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