Tantus Ripple (Large) Review

This is the large Tantus Ripple and it was kindly sent to me from tantus.inc for an honest review. If you have ever wished for a set of anal beads that you could actually use for thrusting, or as a butt plug, then the Ripple might be the toy for you. The Ripple is a combination between a set of anal beads and a dildo and it has been designed most specifically for anal stimulation. It is made entirely from Tantus’ usual, high quality, body safe silicone which means it is free from nasty chemicals and is virtually non-porous too. Tantus sell two versions of the Ripple and this review is for the large, which measures 7 inches in total length and 6.5 inches in insertable length, so it is roughly as long as your average dildo. The Ripple’s shaft is made up of 4 beads, or balls, that gradually increase in circumference. These beads give the dildo the rippled effect that it is named after. The first bead measures a petite 2.75 inches in circumference and the second bead is still within the realms of the beginner, measuring in at 3.5 inches in circumference. It starts to get into intermediate territory when you hit the third bead (4.25 inches in circumference) and the fourth bead measures a reasonably chunky 5 inches in circumference. The Tantus Ripple comes with a flared, flat base that makes it entirely anal safe and even suitable to use in O-ring strap on harnesses.

In Use:

Despite being designed as an anal toy, its larger dimensions left me wondering how well it would work as a vaginal toy, so I was willing to give it a go. As expected though, it really didn’t do anything for me in this regard. The first two beads are too small to really feel much stimulation from them and although the last two beads felt okay, it was underwhelming against the g-spot and I could occasionally feel it poking at my cervix. Still, it did provide some popping and rumbling sensations, which felt quite unique.

With my vaginal explorations written off (Tantus have so many amazing vaginal and g-spot dildos, that it probably goes without saying that the Ripple is not my personal favourite.) I moved onto bum play. The Ripple does require a little more lubricant than some other toys do because it is made from a glossy silicone that naturally creates a high amount of drag. This is not a bad thing, especially if you enjoy more intense stimulation, because the material is quite grabby and that can help to massage the prostate more effectively. Insertion is easy though and unlike anal beads, which you have to pop inside one at a time, you can, in theory, slide the Tantus Ripple in and out of your ass in fluid movements. It doesn’t quite work that way initially, because each bead is another step up in circumference and my partner and I both found it necessary to insert the Ripple slowly, allowing our muscles to get accustomed to each new leap in size. The silicone used to create the Ripple is quite firm, but luckily the shaft is reasonably flexible. The ‘necks’ in between each bead are quite slim and this allows the Ripple to bend and flex easily. It was therefore much more comfortable to insert than a completely rigid material, like glass.

The sensations are quite intense, especially if you begin to slide the Ripple in and out. As you can probably imagine, it feels like a popping sensation at lower speeds and a rumbling sensation at higher speeds and it can be used in a similar way to anal beads (Pulling the Ripple out during orgasm.) Most of this toys stimulation is felt around the anus, because the first two beads are slim and once inside, they are not overly noticeable. They do provide some brushing back and forth over the prostate, but the third bead is probably best for this job, as it is big enough to apply some pressure to the prostate too. There was a problem though. Both my partner and I found it difficult to insert the very last bead and this was not due to the size of the bead. The problem was the 6.5 inch length. Attempting to insert the last bead caused the very tip of the Ripple to poke uncomfortably, deep inside the rectum. We both experienced this undesirable sensation.

Despite being anal intermediates, neither my partner nor I are comfortable with long anal toys. If you suffer the same ‘pokey’ sensations with longer toys, you may want to think twice about purchasing the large Ripple, because not being able to insert the last bead takes away a lot of the versatility of the toy. We could not really wear it as a butt plug, due to the remaining length poking out, nor could we sit down on it, so that ruled out any upright positions. The uncomfortable poking sensations deep inside the rectum was what let the toy down for us.

Cleaning and care:

I love that the Ripple can be kept so hygienically clean. With no strings to harbour bacteria, the Ripple is 100% silicone moulded and can be cleaned easily in hot soapy water with antibacterial soap. It can also be sterilized in a 10% bleach solution and even boiled. (Just don’t let the toy touch the sides of the pan). You can use water based and oil based lubricants on the Ripple, but I recommend avoiding silicone lubricants, or doing a patch test first, as silicone lubricant can damage silicone toys.


The Tantus Ripple was not our favourite anal toy, but this was due to our own level of experience and comfort levels, rather than any particular fault with the toy itself. I love the look of the Ripple and the fact it is made from such high grade materials and we definitely got some enjoyment when we used it. Funnily enough, we know we could actually insert the last bead because we have both taken toys with the same girth in the past. It was simply the length of it that stopped us going any further. I would not recommend the Ripple to beginners, or those who already know that they struggle with those internal poking sensations associated with longer toys, but I would definitely recommend it to the more experienced among you, who know you can handle the length and are looking for something a little more intensely stimulating.

You can purchase the Tantus Ripple here at tantus.inc

The Tantus Ripple was kindly sent to me, free of charge, from tantus.inc for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post. 

Tantus Ripple (Large) Review
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