Tantus Ryder Butt Plug Review

I was kindly sent the Tantus Ryder butt plug from Tantus.inc for an honest review. The Ryder is a classic, slightly elongated, bulb shaped butt plug that has been made entirely from Tantus’ trademark, high quality, body safe silicone. This plug has a slightly tapered, blunt, tip for easy insertion and the girth widens towards the centre of the plug before finally slimming down again to a thin, comfortable ‘neck’ as you move towards the base. The elongated oval base has been designed perfectly to sit comfortably between the bum cheeks. Now, as you may notice from my pictures, the Tantus Ryder is quite a sizeable butt plug and might be considered too large for beginners, or anyone preferring slim, or short, anal toys. It measures 4.25 inches in usable length (5 inches total length.) and has a 5 inch circumference around the largest portion (The bulb) meaning that the Ryder is as thick and almost as long (Minus an inch or so) as an average sized penis. Both the shape and the size of the Ryder make it most ideal for use as a filling butt plug, ideal for popping inside and wearing it hands free while you enjoy other pleasures. It can also be used for thrusting, although it is not the most ideal anal toy for the job. If thrusting is what you want, I would recommend a good quality, anal safe dildo instead, like the Tantus Leisure, or for the more adventurous among you, the Tantus Cush.

In use:

My partner and I are anal intermediates, never really enjoying anal toys that are larger than about 4 inches (Although different materials can drastically effect how large a toy feels.) So it comes as no surprise that the Tantus Ryder was not the kind of butt plug that we could just slip inside with ease. It did take a little warming up. Silicone can cause a fair amount of drag, and this is true of the Ryder, so plenty of lubricant is needed. Although the Ryder does taper, the elongated shape means that it does not taper very much and so the very tip of the plug measures roughly 4 inches in girth. As you can imagine, it began to stretch my anal muscles from the very get-go and this stretching sensation increased slightly as I worked my way down to the central part of the plug. I advise you to keep hold of the base of the Ryder once you move past the central part, because the plug begins to taper back down in size and at this point, you may experience the rest of the plug being ‘sucked up’ quite fast, into the rectum, which can be a little shocking if you are not expecting it. Holding the base, and allowing it to move slowly inside at your own pace, is much more comfortable.

The stretching sensations during insertion were probably around about my personal limits, because although the plug is made from slightly flexible silicone, it is still firm enough to not allow the plug to squish very much, or conform to the shape of your body as it moves inside you. In other words, it will stretch you, rather than you squishing it. If the plug had been much bigger, it would have felt too intense for me. Once it had slipped inside me though, it was a whole other story. Considering the size of this plug, and the fact that I had not enjoyed anything bigger that this in my ass before, I was surprised at just how comfortable it actually felt once it was inserted. The intense stretching sensations vanished, as the slim neck was now the only part of the toy ‘stretching’ my sphincter muscles (The large bulb had moved past those muscles). The neck only measures 2.75 inches in circumference and was perfectly comfortable and well within my limits. Inside, I felt nicely full, but not uncomfortable. The bulb is large enough to remind you constantly that it is there. As you move around you can feel a pressure sensation inside, but I never experienced any poking sensations because the Ryder has a flexible neck, allowing the plug to bend and move with me, rather than sitting rigidly in place. Now, I do not come with a prostate, but my boyfriend does, and he commented that the Ryder’s large shape ensured the bulb was always pressing and brushing against his, in an enjoyable way.

Then something wonderful happened. See I have never been a huge fan of double penetration (Something in my ass and pussy at the same time) because I had tried it a few times before with a glass butt plug and found it to be painful, if he could get inside me at all. However, I was willing to give it the old college try, doubtful that I would get anywhere, considering my past experiences and the fact that the Ryder is quite a bit larger than my glass toy, yet it worked. My best guess as to why it worked is that the Ryder has a flexible neck, allowing the bulb and the base to bend to and fro as he pushed against the bulb internally, but the glass toy does not have a flexible base and so it stayed rigidly in place, causing the pain I experienced before. My partner managed to penetrate me very easily considering the large hunk of silicone I had inside my ass, and it felt divine. The sheer size of the Ryder filled me so well, that my vagina felt tighter to him and his penis felt more stimulating to me. The plug was effectively pushing his penis firmly into my g-spot and every thrust was intensely satisfying. I expected pain, but instead I got multiple g-spot orgasms. I expected that, at some point, the force of his penis pushing into me, would force the plug out of me, but this never happened. It stays in place extremely well.

Male Experience:

My partners experience with the Ryder was also a good one, and he experienced much the same sensation as I did, from the intense stretch during insertion, to the comfort felt when it was inserted. The only real difference is that he got to experience some very enjoyable prostate stimulation from the Ryder and because this plug stays in place extremely well, he found it suitable to wear as he penetrated me. The large bulb stimulated his prostate during intercourse and heightened his orgasms. He especially enjoyed the moments when he had started to ejaculate, and his muscles rhythmically pushed the Ryder against his prostate. He only had one complaint and that was that he found it to be slightly too long for his personal tastes and he could occasionally feel some uncomfortable poking sensations deep within his rectum, most commonly when walking around or sitting straight upright. (This was different to my experience).


The Tantus Ryder has no significant downsides, but it does have a few little niggles. As with most silicone sex toys, the Ryder is a lint magnet and will most likely always need to be washed both before and after use, because it is just impossible to keep this thing spotlessly clean in storage. It will find every single hair, or bit of fluff. However, it is a minor niggle, considering how easy this toy is to clean and care for. Of course, comfort levels when using the Ryder will vary with experience and although the plug has been designed very well for a comfortable fit, it still may feel too intense to insert, or feel slightly ‘pokey’ within the rectum, if larger anal toys are new to you, or are not something you enjoy.

Cleaning and Care:

The Tantus Ryder is made entirely from a high quality silicone, making it waterproof (Of course) and virtually non-porous, so this butt plug can be washed easily and quickly with hot water and some antibacterial soap. Because it is made from such high quality materials, it can also safely be boiled (Although you must not allow the toy to touch the sides of the pan) and even placed into a dishwasher, for thorough cleaning. You will need to pick up some good quality lubricant to comfortably use the Ryder, but I recommend only using water based or oil based lubricants, as some silicone lubricants can react with silicone sex toys (Silicone bonds to silicone and it could leave the surface of the toy feeling sticky) and while Tantus have tested some silicone lubricants with their products and have not had any issues at all, it is still a risk. If you insist on using silicone lube, I recommend doing a small patch test first. The Ryder does not come with a storage pouch, but can ‘sort of’ be stored in its original clam shell casing, if you have nowhere else to store it.


Although the Ryder is one of the largest butt plugs now added to our collection, and seemed intimidating at first, I actually really enjoyed the challenge, the intense sensations as I put it inside me and the filling yet comfortable sensations I got while wearing it. The best bit for me was discovering that, with the right toy, I could actually experience, and really enjoy, something new. The Ryder has converted me. I am now a fan of double penetration and that is a discovery that we intend to take forward and experiment with some more. There is nothing better than finding a toy that can pleasantly surprise you and all of these reasons are why the Ryder is now a personal favourite of mine. My guys experience was somewhat different though, and although he enjoyed the prostate stimulation and overall sensations provided by this butt plug, he found the Ryder to be verging on ‘too large’ for his tastes. He felt some discomfort with the Ryder, as it went a little too deep and caused some prodding sensations occasionally. He liked it overall, but it isn’t one of his favourites.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Tantus Ryder to any intermediate to advanced anal players, for those who enjoy feeling full and are looking for a quality butt plug that stays in place, but I would advise you to avoid it if you are completely new to anal play, if you already know that you do not enjoy feeling stretched, or if you find toys that are longer than 4 inches uncomfortable or ‘proddy’ inside.

Tantus Ryder Butt Plug Review
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