Tenga 3D Module Male Masturbator Review

I was kindly sent the Tenga 3D Module male masturbation sleeve from midoo.co.uk for an honest review and for those of you wondering, it is basically a textured, tube of soft, flexible material into which you insert your penis and use it to pleasure yourself. I like to think of the 3D range as Tenga’s midpoint masturbators. We have already tested a few of the cheaper, flimsier Tenga Eggs and they disappointed my partner overall, but he has also experienced the more expensive, hardier Flip Hole masturbators and he rated them very highly. When it comes to price, size and luxury, the Tenga 3D range fits somewhere in between the Eggs and the Flip Holes, so he was curious as to how it would fair.

 Product Information:

If you took one look at the Tenga 3D Module and started imagining the edges of those raised, square blocks scratching painfully down your shaft, you are not alone. I can assure you however, that this doesn’t happen and here’s why; the Module is made from an flexible “ag antibacterial elastomer” (Which is as much information as I could find on the material used to create this sleeve) and this material feels incredibly soft, squishy and stretchy. I guess it is designed to feel “skin-like”. When I compared it to Fleshlight material, I noticed it felt very similar, but ever so slightly firmer overall.

After reading through the common questions and answers on the Tenga website, I discovered that you cannot use the Module as a double-sided masturbator. It does not say why specifically you can’t; only that it is not designed to function that way and that you must use it correctly to prolong the life of the material. This means it is not advisable to penetrate into the smooth side of the Module. Instead, you must always ensure that the texture is inside the canal and then penetrate it this way.

I took some measurements, noting that the entire length of the Module is 4.8 inches and that the circumference is 6 inches (No, I didn’t get that back to front). The width of the entrance hole is 0.5 inches. Bear in mind though, that these measurements were taken while the Module was ‘relaxed’ and not stretched in any way. It can stretch dramatically during use and it is designed to do so.

His Experiences Using the Tenga 3D Module:

Before you even begin your masturbation session, I recommend that you do a couple of things; firstly ensure that the Module has been turned inside out, so that the texture sits on the inside of the canal and then apply some lubricant to the entrance of the Module and/or your penis (Taking care to avoid getting any lubricant on the outside of the sleeve, lest you want to suffer grip issues throughout your session). The Module does not arrive with lubricant, but I recommend you purchase a bottle at the same time you purchase the sleeve, because you will need it. The Module produces far too much friction to use comfortably, or easily, without lubricant. I am also going to take an educated guess and say the elastomer material is porous, so you may want to stick to water based lubricants, to prolong its life.

Lubed up and ready, my partner slipped inside the Module with relative ease. The module has no outer casing and it does tend to flop and collapse, making initial penetration a bit fiddly. On the plus side, the module has no outer casing, so you can squeeze and massage the sides of the sleeve however you please, which will produce unique sensations and tightness within. You win some, you lose some. Tenga are well known for producing masturbation sleeves that are designed more specifically for the average guy (The Flip Holes for example, measure 6 inches in total length and can bulge dramatically if you have a large girth), however I do believe the 3D sleeves would suit a broader size range, thanks to the lack of solid casing. My partner measures 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth and he had absolutely no issues in regards to tightness, so I decided to see if I would struggle using it on the largest dildo in my collection, the Vixen Outlaw dildo. As you can see from my images, girth wasn’t too much of an issue (It slipped on without any struggle). However, it was clear to me that I would not be able to stretch the sleeve all the way down the dildo, without it weakening at the top (When over stretched, the material thins out). I believe males longer than 7 inches will struggle to insert their entire penis. I also tried the Module on my Tantus Adam, which measures 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference. The Module encompassed the entire shaft.

My partner described the sensations from the Module sleeve as “all encompassing”. The softness of the material (and using lubricant) ensured he suffered no discomfort and he enjoyed the sensation of the cube shapes brushing, or rumbling over his entire penis. It was the defined edges on each cube that heightened the sensations. One of the most enjoyable features to the 3D Module is that it can be manipulated from the outside and he enjoyed heightening the intensity by squeezing the sleeve. In terms of intensity, the results were as expected and he placed the Module somewhere in the middle, when comparing it against his other masturbation sleeves, with the Flip Holes being most intense and the Tenga Eggs being a lot less so. He also felt that the Module was more intense than his Fleshlights.

The Module clearly pleased him and there were a few features that I particularly liked about using this sleeve on him. First of all, the Module is lightweight. Compared to the larger, bulkier sleeves, such as the Flip Hole and the Fleshlight, the Module felt like a feather. I never suffered from dead-arm while using it on him. The Module is smaller and more compact too, which meant I could grip it securely in one hand and move it up and down in a controlled fashion. It was so easy to use that I soon mastered the art of twisting and squeezing it with each thrust. This is a lot harder to do with the bigger masturbation sleeves.


Clearly the Tenga 3D Module is not designed as a “forever” toy and it will deteriorate over time. Tenga state that it should be good for approximately 50 uses, if you look after it correctly and I believe you could get more still. However, it is a relatively thin, stretchy, porous material that will eventually succumb to being used and cleaned repeatedly. I have already noticed some very minor, very fine “stress tears” in the soft material of our Module. Nothing big enough for me to say “That is going to split soon”, but I guess only time will tell. If you want a longer lasting sleeve, I think Fleshlight has the edge here. We have owned our Fleshlights much longer and they show no signs of tearing yet.

Cleaning and Care:

Another positive feature of the Tenga 3D Module is that it is so easy to clean. There is no air-hole at the end of this masturbator (something I thought would be an issue during use, but wasn’t), so you can’t run water through it. However, you can easily turn it inside out, soap up the sides and give it a rinse off. The Module comes with a display case and you can place the Module onto its stand to dry. The case can also be used for long term storage


There are many reasons why I would recommend the Tenga 3D Module, but the most obvious one is that it feels good. He was especially pleased that the Texture featured throughout the entire sleeve and that it could be manipulated from the outside to provide further sensations. We were both pleased with how compact and simple the sleeve was, because it not only made it easier to use, but easier to clean and care for too. It even comes with fantastic packaging and a long term storage tube. The only real downside we noted was that the material is relatively delicate. It is obvious the sleeve will degrade over time, but this issue is not unique to Tenga sleeves (Fleshlight material can tear over time too and being porous, it is susceptible to mold). It’s a shame that the Module wasn’t made from silicone, as it would last a lifetime.

If you have a larger than average penis and are looking for a sleeve into which you can insert fully, a sleeve that feels cushioned and luxurious, then you might want to avoid the Module and instead take a look at the Fleshlight sleeves. However, if you are looking for a simple, easy to use masturbation sleeve that feels fantastic and offers good value for money, I highly recommend the Tenga 3D Module.

You can purchase the Tenga 3D Module (and others from the 3D range)  here at midoo.co.uk

 The Tenga 3D Module was kindly sent to me free of charge from midoo.co.uk for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

Tenga 3D Module Male Masturbator Review
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