Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator Review

Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator Review

When on the market of sex toys there are appearing really high-quality new items, I always strive to try them, to learn all the nuances of their functioning, and after all this, be sure to write about this new product the most sincere review. Dear friends, today I want to tell you about an interesting new product that is designed specifically for men and has a number of significant advantages. In general, this cool thing is worthy to tell about it!

I present to you Tenga Flip Hole male masturbator! This device for men belongs to a new generation of sex toys. It appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already gained real popularity and prevalence.

This device comes out in several colors: white, black, scarlet and silver.

When I first took this device in hand masturbator very surprised me. I used to see a lot of different masturbators including male, but this time I was really pleasantly surprised. Me and my Mr. Ruby has already tried many different options, both female vibrators and male toys. But always we wanted to find something special for male satisfaction. Even once we have tested the sleeve which gave the effects of vibration. In general, behind our experience was a great amount of sexual games with masturbators and vibrators, and today it’s time to try Tenga Flip Hole.

At first glance, this device looks very small and neat. You know, at first I even thought that the courier brought us not a male masturbator, but a new installation for bluetooth. This device looks very high-tech and modern. I’m sure many of you would think the same as I do. In general, I really liked the design. Here everything was in its place and no unnecessary, annoying elements.

Now let’s move on to the composition of the device. Tenga Flip Hole masturbator for men consists of the working device itself, as well as the cover, which is removed when necessary. This cover protects the device from dust and other contaminants while the masturbator is in storage. When you use the appliance, remove the cover, pour a special lubricant cream into the appliance and then close it again. Now the device is ready for use.

I really like the appearance of this masturbator. It is very different from anything I have seen before, and so I particularly liked it. The white color looks very stylish, and the transparent parts on the masturbator make its appearance even more luxurious. The composition of it is made of special plastic, which is safe for use in sexual games. The inside of the device is very unusual. Here you will feel a variety of sensations during its use. The surface inside the masturbator is heterogeneous, here you will feel different shapes, spheres and curves and this will only enhance your pleasure. And when your penis moves to the end of the device, there is a very narrow space waiting for it. This compression will be very pleasant for you. Getting an orgasm using this new masturbator is possible several times in one session. Tenga Flip Hole is worth the experience, I’m sure!

What is the device Tenga Flip Hole and how to care for it

Wash the device after each use, so you can extend its life. In order to clean the masturbator from dirt, simply slide the cover on it and place the device under an open stream of water. You can also apply a light soap solution to care for the device.

Once you have finished washing it, turn it over on top of it and put it on a flat surface to dry from moisture and water. After a couple of hours take the device in hand and well potrazite it to all the remaining drops of liquid inside managed to escape. And again, put the masturbator for drying. Once you are sure that the appliance is completely dry, take its cover and close it. Then choose the most suitable place to store your device at home. Remember that the ideal storage option is a dark and cool place.

This masturbator for men is quite durable and reliable, but it can also fail. The fact that its material is not as durable as silicone. Plastic sooner or later will become unusable and then you have to throw it away. The average service life of this masturbator nearly two years of constant use. If you will use it less frequently, accordingly it will work for you over a long period of time. The material of this masturbator is quite porous, and therefore never give it to other people. This one is very intimate and you can apply it on an individual basis.

If you want that your new toy will serve you for as long as possible, don’t forget to moisturize it before each use. Fill the device as much as possible lubricating cream. Thus, the masturbator will serve you longer. By the way, in a set with a toy are already 3 bags of lubricant cream is quite good quality. In the future, use only those types of lubricants that are based on water, not oil.

Appearance of the device packaging Tenga Flip Hole

Men’s toy Tenga Flip Hole has a unique, stylish and very neat packaging. It is really pleasing to the eye! Ordinary vessel, in which carefully placed the device for games. Also, here you will find instructions for use, charger and three different types of lubricating creams, each with its own flavor and texture. Try every cream – a real pleasure for you and your toys!

How we used our toy Tenga Flip Hole

We fell in love with this masturbator from the very first minutes of meeting him. This is the best device for male satisfaction without vibration.

How to use it

It’s simple! Of course we already have some experience of interaction with male masturbators, but I’m sure that even a beginner in this activity quickly and easily will deal with all the nuances of the functioning of the male toys Tenga Flip Hole.

Just take the appliance in your hands, slide the lid on it, pour in enough lube cream and then close the lid again. All, now the device is ready for use and operation.

Tenga Flip Hole is very ergonomic and comfortable. It’s really nice to hold. It has a fairly small form, but it does not affect the level of pleasure that it can deliver to its owner. It is very convenient to use, it can take the shape you need inside and deliver a strong pleasure. We used it in bed together and it was very cool. Its size is ideal for sexual games.

For example, I can say for sure that unlike Fleshlight models, this device is ideal for men with an average penis length. If your partner has a penis 5-6 inches long, then he will definitely get pleasure. But if his penis is more than 5.5 inches, then he will be able to enjoy the device without penetrating it until the very end.

On the top panel of the male masturbator you will find 3 buttons. With these options you will be able to increase and decrease the impact and stimulation on your penis. Near the entrance is the main button, which is responsible for connecting to the charge. The next button operates in the mode of increasing the retracting effect, the top button acts on the penis when it entered the device until it stops.

Our feelings after using the Tenga Flip Hole

We can say for sure that we really enjoyed playing with this sexy novelty!

I saw Mr. Ruby admired the functionality of this masturbator. His cries and groans indicated that the peak of satisfaction was very strong and spectacular. My partner used different settings in the masturbator and each of them had an effect on him. The more he squeezed the device, the moment his penis was inside, the more pleasure he got. When the head of the penis passed along the spheres located on the inner surface of the device, my partner experienced micro orgasms. When his penis went through all the stages and returned to the top – it turned out a strong orgasm.

It is worth adding that the masturbator Tenga Flip Hole has a rather various texture. This is very well felt during each application.

My partner also loved that this new product can be used for people with any sexual orientation. This device can be used and experimented in different directions. Therefore, the sensations that gives Tenga Flip Hole are constantly new and varied.

Disadvantages of the device:

We don’t like sex toys working too loud. There are times during the application of Tenga Flip Hole White when it makes very loud noises! And you know, it sounds like a toilet noise, and that’s not very nice. This is the only drawback in the operation of the device.


Tenga Flip Hole White is a cool masturbator that you should definitely try on yourself! Its unique, ergonomic and smooth shape and surface are incredibly pleasing to the human body. Also, this masturbator is very easy to hold and easy to operate. With it, your male will get incredible orgasmic sensations.

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Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator Review
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