Tenga Flip Hole Silver Review

I was kindly sent the Tenga Flip Hole Silver from Lovehoney for an honest review and although we already have a few Fleshlight products, as well as a Bad Dragon sleeve and we have tried a Tenga Egg. Adding the Tenga Flip Hole to his collection was like fitting a corner piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The Tenga Flip Hole range often has consistently good reviews and we couldn’t wait to try it out and see how it compared. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

Information before use:

How it opens/closes and general operates:

The Flip hole is the only male masturbation sleeve that I know of, that actually opens up into two halves. Not completely though. The casing is still permanently joined at the base. The cap, which covers the entrance during storage, has two thin rails attached to it and as you slide the cap off, you also slide the main section of the Flip Hole out of its rails, allowing you to open the toy when the cap is off. Simply open it up, apply lubricant to the inside (A job made much easier by the fact you have access to the internal parts.) and then slide the cap back onto the toy, this time from the base. It slots back onto its rails and is held closed, only now the entrance is exposed and ready to be penetrated.

It is called the ‘Flip’ Hole because it can be flipped over to experience two different textured sides and therefore, two very different sensations. Before I received the Flip Hole, I assumed it was going to be a double ended penetrator, or that the casing could be flipped around somehow. Neither of these apply. It simply means that one side of the Flip Hole has a different texture to the other side and when you bring the two sides together and close it up, you can enjoy different sensations depending on which way the toy is facing during penetration. The word “Tenga” is written on one side of the Flip Hole casing, and the words “Flip Hole” are written on the other side. This comes in handy for remembering which side is your favourite and you can ensure it is facing your preferred way before insertion (With plenty of lube, you can easily rotate the Flip Hole while your penis is inserted).

Internal texture:

The internal texture of the Flip Hole Silver resembles icebergs, diamonds, pyramids, stars and any other pointy things you might imagine, but don’t be fooled, the texture is actually quite gentle and the material is very jelly-like, soft and squishy. With lubricant added, the texture provides pressure and brushing/tickling sensations along the entire length of the penis. Of course, your penis length and girth will determine exactly which areas within the Flip Hole stimulate you where (It also depends on button squeezes too.) but this toy has plenty of tighter sections, ridged sections and rumbling areas that all feel quite intense. (In a good way.)

Lubricant options:

The Flip hole comes with 3 different lubricant tubes, or vials, and each contains approx 25ml of lube. Enough to last for about 15/20 sessions if you use up all three but you can always purchase your favourite one, or three, separately in larger bottles. The lubricants are called Real, Mild and Wild and they vary in viscosity/thickness. We were curious as to whether the different lubes would provide a different sensation within the Flip Hole during use and can confirm they do. The thinner lube provided more of a slippery, rumbling sensation inside the Flip Hole and the thickest lube (Mild) added a much stickier, dragging sensation , which sounds bad, but actually felt great for my partner. The Real lubricant sits somewhere in between the two with regards to sensation and viscosity.

In Use

The Flip Hole does as it was designed to do and does it really well. My partner said he could definitely feel a significant difference in the sensations provided from each side of the sleeve and that both sides felt good. One side of the Flip Hole felt more subtle and teasing which is ideal if you want a slow session with a gradual build to orgasm. The other side, with its pronounced patterns, felt a lot more stimulating and intense.

The Flip Hole isn’t a tight sleeve. It is actually one of the looser sleeves in my partners growing collection, but you can make it feel much tighter by squeezing against one or more of those three buttons on the side panels. You can either squeeze just one side, or use your thumb and fingers to squeeze both sides for a more encompassing sensation. The buttons closest to the entrance had the biggest impact for my partner, and he said that these made the toy feel much tighter which added to the intensity already provided by the texture within. The middle button also added a little tightness but this time it felt more uniform around his entire penis and was less intense. The middle buttons also provide a subtle sucking sensation when squeezed and released. The button at the top (Furthest away from the entrance) did nothing for my guy, firstly because his penis doesn’t reach that far into the sleeve and secondly, squeezing the top button caused the Flip Hole to gape more at the entrance end, making the sleeve feel loose. I am pretty sure that men with larger than average penises will get more enjoyment from the top button, as it will cause a gentle squeezing around your glans. Overall, the sensations from the internal texture and the button squeezes combined to produce a very stimulating and enjoyable session for my partner. Just to be clear, the buttons are not completely independent of one another, rather they all rest on the same large panel and you can squeeze anywhere on this panel to compress the inside of the Flip Hole against your penis, even just squeezing the whole panel with your palm works well.

Potential penis size issues:

 Just be aware that the Flip Hole measures 6 inches in total length. If your penis is longer, you will not be able to fully insert. (I would not imagine this is a huge issue unless you absolutely require stimulation to the base of your penis.) The girth around the entire Flip Hole is 9 inches and the Flip Hole is only semi encased in plastic. A large panel section on both sides (Where the buttons are) is actually made from the same (Or very similar) soft, jelly like material used to form the inside of the toy and the panels are attached to the internal workings. What does this mean? Well, any men with large girths (5 inches and above.) will notice that the two soft panels will bulge outwards. The bigger you are, the more noticeable this bulge will be. I inserted a dildo with a 6 inch girth and the sides bulged quite dramatically. I am reasonably sure that, over time, this will put additional strain onto the delicate material and could cause damage to it eventually.


Although the Flip Hole is a very pleasurable masturbation sleeve, it does not come without some niggles. First of all, the instruction manual says the Flip Hole will last for around 50 uses. This means that if you use it twice a week, it is going to last you about 6 months. The material is delicate and not built to last forever. When I compare the Flip Hole material to the Fleshlight material, I can see the Fleshlight material is stronger, harder to damage and has more elasticity. Our Flip hole already has a few gouges, marks and scratches on the surface and looked much more used after a shorter period of time than most other sleeves have done. With care and gentleness it will last you a good while, but compared to other sleeves (Fleshlight, Lovehoney strokers etc.) it is clearly the one most likely to deteriorate quicker.

Another minor annoyance (Yet I see why it exists.) is that the same material used to form the inside of the Flip Hole, also surrounds the buttons section on the outside, right where you grasp the toy during use. This area always feels tacky and attracts plenty of dust, hair and lint. However, if this material was removed, or if this portion of the Flip Hole was entirely encased in a plastic casing, then the buttons, and the control you have over pressure, would not exist either so it is swings and roundabouts really.

For guys with larger penises you will have to deal with the bulging sides and you may also notice the jelly material at the entrance splits entirely in half with penetration. (Remember, it is designed to split in half anyway, so this isn’t a fault.) Although this does not cause any detriment to the sensations the Flip Hole provides (My partner said it mimics the feeling of vaginal lips, in a loose, roundabout kind of way.) it does look a little disconcerting and made me tread a little more carefully, just in case I am over stretching the material.

Cleaning and Care:

The Flip Hole is easy to clean. Simply slide off the cap so that the toy opens up and use hot, soapy water and your fingers to clean inside all the textured areas within. Rinse well and then leave it propped open against the rails on the cap to air dry inside. It is so much easier to clean than the Fleshlight.

Flip Hole or Fleshlight?

The Flip Hole gives more intense stimulation. It feels nicer wrapped around your penis and the stimulation can be changed so much that the Flip Hole will surely provide sensations that will make you melt. It is a lot more versatile in this regard. It is also much easier to clean and feels lighter to hold onto. (The Flip Hole is one of the most lightweight, cased sleeves we have used.) However, for material strength and quality, Fleshlight have the edge. Considering the Fleshlight also provides good stimulation (Not as intense, but still good.) it is a very close call. For us, Fleshlight just edges it because I want my expensive toys to last me a long time before needing to be replaced. (Maybe the Flip Hole will, with extra care.) Both toys are good in their own ways though, where one has a weakness, the other triumphs. I would suggest, if possible, getting your hands on both.


The Tenga Flip Hole Silver is an intense and very enjoyable masturbation sleeve and although it comes with a few niggles, it still managed to find its way into my partners favourite toys box. I certainly enjoy using it on him (Lightweight = Less arm ache) and he loves the versatile nature and the different sensations that it offers. We both love how easy it is to keep clean. I would certainly recommend the Flip Hole to most men. Especially if you are looking for something that doesn’t look, or feel realistic. Something that is just amazing in an entirely unique way. I would only hesitate to recommend to gents with larger than average penises. (Mainly Girth).

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Tenga Flip Hole Silver Review
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