The CB6000 Designer Edition (Gold) Chastity Device Review

My partner and I reviewed the Designer Edition (camouflage) CB6000 chastity device back in 2014 and despite experimenting with a number of devices since then, we have yet to find one that we like as much. Like all devices, it has a few niggles, but the CB6000 is the most comfortable device he has worn to date. The heavier, metal devices he owns can sometimes pull on his testicles, which gets uncomfortable as the day goes on. The silicone devices create a lot of friction and will often rub his skin raw. In his opinion, the smooth and lightweight polycarbonate CB devices are perfect for long-term wear.

My partner has been wearing the camouflage CB6000 for over a year now and I thought it was time for a new look. One of the benefits of choosing a designer edition CB6000 is that you can pick and choose from a variety of different finishes (chrome, wood, camouflage and now gold). Since no two finishes are identical, your designer edition device will be truly unique. Lovehoney recently stocked the new CB6000 Designer Edition chastity device in gold and they very kindly offered to send me this one for review.

Product Information:

I have shopped at Lovehoney for a number of years now and I am always impressed with their speedy delivery times and discretion. The CB6000 device arrived within 48 hours and was packaged neatly inside a plain brown box. Lovehoney even disguises their company name on the postal sticker/bank statement.

The CB6000 packaging is not quite as discreet. A large picture of the chastity device can be seen on the front of the box, alongside the words “Male Chastity Device”. Don’t worry, CBX do consider discretion. Inside the CBX box, you will find a sturdy zip pouch (plain black), which can be used for travel and long-term storage.

I opened the pouch and the cock cage caught my eye immediately. The CB6000 is the regular sized cock cage, measuring 2.5 inches in length from the underside, or 3.5 inches in length if you measure it across the top. If you prefer a snug fit, you should consider purchasing the smaller CB6000s device instead.

One of the main benefits to choosing a CBX device, especially if you are shopping for your first chastity device, is that they usually come with a variety of different fittings. The CB6000 designer edition is no exception. Inside the pouch, you will find five horseshoe shaped rings, each one varying in diameter. From smallest to largest, the rings measure:

  • 1.50 inches in diameter
  • 1.55 inches in diameter
  • 1.75 inches in diameter
  • 1.8 inches in diameter
  • 2.0 inches in diameter

Also included is a single C-shaped base. The base section contains two prominent pins and those pins will fit neatly through the small holes on each of the horseshoe shaped rings. Connecting the two sections will form the ring that you will wear around your penis and testicles. With five different sizes to choose from, you can experiment until you find the most comfortable fit for your body.

To allow you to customise your device further, CBX also include a selection of spacers, along with their corresponding locking pins. Spacers are used to create a gap between the main ring and the cock cage. Some men prefer a larger gap, while others like the cage to sit as close as possible to the main ring. The CB6000 designer edition comes with four spacers, so you can experiment once again until you find the spacer that works best for you. From shortest to longest, the spacers measure:

  • 0.4 inches in length
  • 0.6 inches in length
  • 0.75 inches in length
  • 0.85 inches in length

Additionally, the CB6000 designer edition (like most CBX devices) comes with:

  • A master padlock and key (both metal)
  • 5 plastic locks, each stamped with a unique serial number.

These locks are handy if you plan on spending time away from your key holder. The plastic locks can be cut off in an emergency (or for bathing) and your key holder can keep a note of the unique serial number to ensure that you have not removed the device without permission.

  • A small sample tube of water-based lubricant.

If you are having trouble sliding into your CB6000, you can apply a little lubricant to your penis to help it slide more easily. Soap or shower gel is a viable alternative for those who like to put their device on after bathing. It is easy to rinse the soap away afterwards. Lubricant can also be applied during the day if you experience any friction or chafing. Simply apply a small amount to the problem area to help reduce the discomfort.

The cock cage, rings and spacers are all made from polycarbonate (a strong plastic material), which makes this device one of the most lightweight available. As you might expect, the gold finish is not made from real gold, but a paint or coating of some kind. In my experience, the coating is high quality (it doesn’t flake or peel) but it can be scratched (more on this later).

Our Experience with the CB6000 Chastity Device:

Fitting the CB6000:

My partner has been locked inside his CB6000 device for over a year, so we already knew which ring and spacer combination to use. If this is your first CB device, I highly recommend that you take some time to experiment with the different options until you find the best fit for your body. Getting locked into your first chastity device is super exciting, but if you rush this stage you may end up suffering some off-putting discomfort.

To find the most suitable ring, you should try on all five rings (not at the same time) and put aside any that are way too big or way too small. A ring that is too large will slide off your genitals with ease. A ring that is too small will restrict blood flow (your penis/testicles will turn red or purple) and may cause swelling and discomfort. After narrowing down your options, you should be left with two or three rings that are not obviously ill-fitting.

To find out which of these rings fits best, you want to wear them for longer periods of time. My partner noticed that his genitals would swell and shrink throughout the day, so it helped to spend a few days wearing each ring as he went about his usual business. If you are new to chastity and/or feel nervous about wearing the device, you might want to go through this process without attaching the cock cage section to the ring. This allows you to process the new sensations at a slower pace. With your favourite ring selected, you should follow the same process to find the best spacer.

With that sorted, you can finally attach the cock cage. The CB6000 has a rather narrow cock cage and we find it difficult (and time-consuming) to insert his penis manually. Instead, we rely on a few tips and tricks we have picked up along the way. Firstly, you need to remain completely flaccid while you fit the cage. Next, apply some lubricant to your penis and slide it into the cage. If you find that your skin still bunches, you might want to give the sock method a try. This is my go-to method, as it is quick and easy to do.

Wearing the CB6000:

My partner and I tried a number of chastity devices in an attempt to find one that he could wear for long periods of time. I have always adored the look of the metal chastity devices, but my partner struggles to wear them for long periods of time. Being quite heavy, they tend to slip and pull on his genitals, causing an uncomfortable ache in his testicles. Since metal is so rigid, erections can be more painful too. To combat this, we decided to give the Bon4 chastity device a try. The Bon4 is made from silicone and is both lightweight and flexible. Unfortunately, silicone creates a lot of friction and the Bon4 device would often rub his skin raw.

The CB6000 is our favourite chastity device because the polycarbonate material is both lightweight and friction-free. He once commented that it was so comfortable to wear, that he often forgets he has it on. Of course, it wasn’t always like that. As a complete beginner, he did struggle with the discomfort caused by nocturnal erections. Like most devices, the CB6000 lifts up, pushing forward when he gets hard. This usually causes the main ring to apply an uncomfortable pressure to the area beneath his testicles. Thankfully, this sensation is milder in the CB6000 than in all the other devices we own. Eventually, he got used to this sensation and can now sleep in the CB6000 without issue.

If you intend to wear the CB6000 full time, there are some changes you might need to make. The first is that you often have to sit down to pee. When flaccid, my partner’s penis doesn’t reach the end of the cage. Since this is a completely closed cage, you can’t always predict the direction and the force of the stream. It is therefore quicker and less messy to take a seat. If you (or your submissive) enjoys humiliation, emasculation or feminization, this new bathroom routine may heighten their feelings of submission.

Another change you might need to make is washing more regularly. In our opinion, one of the biggest downsides to the CB6000 device is that it comes with a completely closed cock cage. Yes, there are a few breathing holes near the base of the cage, but these are usually blocked (the cage is quite narrow, so his penis presses right up against the sides). Since very little air gets to circulate, you will notice that odours build up very quickly. You might also notice that your penis feels damp/sweaty when you finally remove it from the cage. If you want to stay fresh and odour-free, you will need to remove the cage once or twice a day for a thorough clean. If I could change one thing about the CB6000, I would give it some more air holes, but I have a feeling this would weaken the design.


Polycarbonate is lightweight, friction-free and relatively strong, but it isn’t invincible. My partner wore his original CB6000 for about a year before we experienced our first break; one of the small rings on the horseshoe shaped ring snapped. I still think this is pretty good going, considering how much we used the device, but obviously it would be ideal if the parts lasted much longer. On the plus side, you can buy replacement parts for the CB6000 from Lovehoney, so you don’t have to fork out for a brand new device.

Finally, it is worth noting that the designer coating can be scratched. The worst culprit for this is the metal padlock, which has scratched a large patch of paint off the top of our camouflage cock cage. Surprisingly (considering we have used it for more than a year) the rest of the cage looks as good as new. If you want to avoid damaging the coating on your CB6000 designer edition, I recommend switching out the metal padlock for something with smoother/softer edges.


The CB6000 stands out as a device designed for optimum comfort. The material is lightweight and relatively friction-free and the device comes with all the accessories you’d need to get the best fit possible. With your comfort taken care of, you can then focus on your chosen design. I fell in love with the entire designer edition range, which makes it very difficult to choose a favourite. One thing’s for sure, the gold edition will certainly add some bling to your chastity play. It definitely inspires some imaginative comments. One reader said “It’s like a device you would wear to a dinner party”. The first time I put this device on Mr Gritty, he looked down and exclaimed “Oh my god, it’s C3PO’s cock!” (I didn’t want to ask).

If you prefer an open cage design or a cage you can keep on while washing, then this one isn’t for you. I would personally recommend the CB6000 to beginners (especially those who are unsure what size rings/spacers to get) and those who are looking for a device that can be worn comfortably over long periods of time.

The CB6000 Designer Edition (Gold) Chastity Device Review
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