The Dominix Deluxe Leather Sex Swing Review

I was kindly sent the Dominix Deluxe Leather Sex Swing from Lovehoney, for an impartial review.

I have been reviewing sex toys for some time now and although every nook and cranny of my bedroom is stuffed with objects that vibrate, oscillate and penetrate, I still have a short list of products I would love to test and review. Items at the top of this list include sex machines and bedroom sex furniture (much like the Dominix Sex Swing), but despite my insurances that we absolutely do need these products, my partner says we need to eat. Pffft! He is correct of course, because high quality, top notch sex furniture/machines are expensive (and I am not the kind of person who wants to risk injury by purchasing a badly made, cheap knock off). There are other issues that put me off too, like the thought of having to build and fit such items with our extremely limited knowledge of DIY and concerns over storage and play space.

A little about the Dominix Brand:

So I put off purchasing for the longest time, only deciding to bite the bullet when I discovered that Lovehoney needed a review for their Dominix Sex Swing. The Dominix range is a Lovehoney brand of BDSM products, from cuffs and spankers, all the way up to spreader bars and sex swings. I have reviewed a few Dominix products now and always been impressed. The special thing about the Dominix Brand is that it has been designed with the experienced BDSM enthusiasts in mind. That’s not to say beginners cannot get a lot of joy from these products, you really can, but the items are designed to be used repeatedly and with more “oomph”. They are stronger, bigger, thicker and of a high quality. If my review of the Dominix Deluxe Leather Flogger indicates anything, they also pack more of a punch. These are the reasons that tipped my decision and I decided to put my name forward to review this gorgeous sex swing.

Product Information:

The Dominix Sex Swing arrived, packaged in a huge, plain brown box (Discreet as always from Lovehoney) The box was so big I started having concerns, but I soon realised it was simply padded out very well. The swing itself packs neatly into a light drawstring bag and when packed like this, it actually takes up a lot less space than I anticipated (Imagine a tent bag, but flatter) The bag, with swing inside, measures 26 inches long and 11 inches wide. When packed flat like this, the bag is only an inch or two high and will easily slide under beds, or into cupboards. It can even be hung on a strong hook for storage. One word of warning; treat the bag with care. It is rather thin and the heavy metal can rip it in places. Mine has a few holes already.

The Dominix Swing comes with the following components:

  • The main frame
  • Two support chains, measuring 33.5 inches long (according to my measurements)
  • Three padded leather pads, or stirrups. (all measure 5.6 inches wide)
  • 6 carabiner clips

The main frame is fully constructed already, which means you do not have to build this section. You simply use the carabiner clips to attach the chains to the main frame and then use carabiner clips to attach the three pads to those chains. This design allows you to attach the pads at any point along the length of the chains, so you can adapt the swing to fit people of different heights and also use the pads for different positions. The building, adjusting and taking apart the swing takes a minute or two at most. I was impressed by the high quality of the swing. The metal sections were built well and the swing felt heavy to lift, which suggested a strong, solid build. The Leather pads gave off a leather scent and felt sumptuously soft. The padding in these pads is minimal, but it was welcomed as it heightened the overall comfort of the swing. The Dominix swing will hold up to 264lb (119 kilos) in weight.

Warning: The silver eye hook in the centre of the main frame is threaded. This means you can unscrew that eye hook if you wanted to attach the swing in a different way. You must ensure that the eye hook is tightly screwed into the eye hook underneath and avoid spinning the swing in circles during use, in case this thread works its way loose and the swing falls down.

Fitting the Dominix Swing to the Ceiling:

Next came what we believed to be our biggest challenge yet (as far as sex toy reviewing goes). It was time to fit the hook to a support beam in our bedroom, ready to hang the swing onto. Naturally I stayed out of his way because….erm….power tools scare me and left him to it, shouting up occasional encouragement every time I heard the words “Ow” and “Fuck” Later, he explained how it went.

So, you are going to need to following products to do this successfully:

  • A stud finder (This tool will help locate hidden beams through the ceiling)
  • A drill
  • A large hook (This needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the swing, plus you, plus more if possible, to be on the safe side)

Our first concern was locating the support beam. Ours are not visible, so we used a stud finder to locate a suitable beam and because the loft sits above our bedroom, my partner managed to locate this beam from the loft and he drilled two tiny holes down either side of this beam. When he came back to the bedroom, he was then able to locate the exact centre of that beam. You must ensure that you drill into the centre of the beam, while keeping the drill completely straight (our drill has a spirit level, which helps). If you do not do this, you increase the risk of the beam splitting and the swing falling.

He drilled a hole into the beam, making sure the hole was a fair bit smaller than the thread on the hook, because this ensures the hook grips hard into the wooden beam. Once done, he began to manually screw the main hook into that hole, using a screwdriver for leverage towards the end.

It took approximately one hour to fit the hook and he had fewer issues than expected, which ironically made us all the more nervous. The true test was to come. Would it hold our weight, or would I be spending the evening in casualty.

Our Experiences Using the Dominix Sex Swing:

My partner kindly volunteered me to go first and the look on his face did not inspire confidence, so as soon as my legs were suspended, I gripped onto those chains for dear life (Not quite sure why, holding the chains wouldn’t have saved me). After a few minutes, we realised the swing was holding well and I began to relax a little (I still feel slightly nervous getting into it, even now) and enjoy it more. We began taking turns, experimenting with a few different positions and quickly found a few favourites, others that seemed impossible, some utterly terrifying and one that he got into, that I found highly amusing, but I have been banned from telling you all about that last one.

Feeling more confident, our next experiments became a lot more sexual and I must say, being penetrated whilst rocking back and forth in a sex swing was intense. I discovered that I could use my hands on his chest to control movement, but for the most part, the person inside the swing has no control, so I simply lay back and enjoyed these new sensations. The person outside the swing also gets an easier life, being able to manoeuvre their suspended partner and use the momentum of the swing to penetrate them as you please. This leads to some fast, hard and deep penetration.

Whilst lounging back in the swing (seriously, it felt incredibly comfortable.) enjoying all he had to offer, I began to notice how exposed, vulnerable and helpless I was when suspended in this way. It felt arousing being at his total mercy and as a dominant female with a sadistic streak, my mind started working overtime, imagining all of the possibilities this sex swing had to offer. The chains that hung to each side of me could be used to cuff, or tie up the wrists, making the person inside the swing even more helpless. The solid metal bar along the top of the swing could be used to attach cuffs, rope and any other binds, which would allow you to experiment with rope suspensions, lifting the ankles, adding further support around the torso or creating versions of the hog tie. I even considered getting the Dominix Spreader Bar out and adding to his predicament. It also crossed my mind to tie the Doxy Wand from that bar and allowing it to swing and sway, making occasional contact with the person’s genitals. All of these thoughts and many more whizzed through my mind in seconds. Can you just imagine all of the possibilities?

Sadists among you will be pleased to know that the swing can be used for all manner of devious and delightful punishments, from spankings, to candle wax and ice. Meanwhile, the swing will support your submissive, leaving them exposed and unable to move much at all. One of the joys of having your partner suspended like this is that you can also employ gravity to do your work. Attach a pair of chain nipple clamps, or a ball stretching device and add weights, then watch those weights sway as you spank, tickle, penetrate or whatever else you wish to do. Strap-on sex and pegging can be made all the more fun using the sex swing too. The possibilities are endless and we have yet to exhaust our new list of “things we want to try in the sex swing”. This list gets longer each day.


Of course, like all sex toys, the Dominix Swing isn’t perfect and does have a few potential downsides. The first one is the most important and is something you should consider before purchase; disability or health issues. I suffer from fibromyalgia, which is a chronic pain condition and I must admit, I could not stay in the sex swing for extended periods of time and certain positions were ruled out from the start. After 15 to 20 minutes, I would begin to feel rather uncomfortable. My partner could stay longer, but because the swing is supporting your full body weight over three relatively small areas of the body, it can start to put pressure on those areas and get uncomfortable after a while (Face down positions are the worst for this, because the supports press into your tummy and chest). Mind you, for some sadists and/or masochists, this may actually be a positive thing, but for others, you might want to plan shorter (15 to 20 minute) sessions, build up slowly and take breaks to stretch when needed.

The only downside with the swing itself was that mine arrived with the black paint feeling from the metal section (See images). It looks as if the paint has blistered and begun to peel in certain places, thankfully none of those places are areas onto which we grip during use. This is an aesthetic issue and does not affect the safety of use of the swing, but for such an expensive item, it is a little disappointing. I do believe I can fix this myself if needed though.


The Dominix Sex Swing has so much potential that I literally had to stop myself typing out all the possibilities before this turned into a mammoth essay. I am sure you will discover all those joys yourself. After my first few experiences using this swing, I no longer think of it as a sex toy, but as a device which heightens the experiences I have with every other sexy toy I own. Whether its vibrators or whips, bondage or pegging, the sex swing makes everything feel more intense, due to the way it makes you feel when inside it (exhilarated, exposed, vulnerable and nervous). It is just as much fun for the person outside the swing because of the ease in which you can manipulate the position or restrictions of your partner inside the swing. Fitting it was easier than expected and it takes only a few minutes to hang it, or pack it away again, making it a lot less hassle than I expected too. On top of this, build quality is excellent, the swing feels solid and it managed to support us without issue. Despite my initial reservations, the Dominix Sex Swing has become one of my favourite “sex toys” of all time and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to those who have also been wavering about purchase.

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The Dominix Deluxe Leather Sex Swing Review
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