The F-Machine Pro II Thrusting Sex Machine Review

I have been testing another amazing sex machine this month, this time from a company called F-Machine. This UK based manufacturer of super high-quality sex machines (seriously, they use the finest aircraft alloys and other state-of-the-art materials to create their gorgeous machines) got in touch to ask if I would like to review their flagship fucking machine, the F-Machine Pro II. As a sex toy snob, it was impossible to resist. I wanted to run my fingers over the laser etched logos and experience the might of the industrial spec DC motor (virtually silent, according to F-Machine). I had no idea what a “quick change alloy crank shaft” was, but if the F-Machine Pro II turned me on half as much as its description did, then I was in for a real treat!

Product Information:

As it turns out, the F-Machine Pro II is an incredibly versatile, thrusting sex machine. Similar machines are often designed for vaginal and anal penetration, but the F-Machine Pro II goes a step further. With the right adaptor, this machine can also be used for double penetration and even male masturbation. It really is a great all-rounder, being suitable for solo use (male or female) and couples play.

If you order your F-Machine Pro II without the additional adaptors, you will receive the following items in the box:

  • The F-Machine Pro II chassis (the main body of the machine).
  • 2 x Metal legs (hollow) with rubber feet grips.
  • 1 x switchable power supply unit (you can select the right voltage for your country).
  • 1 x mains voltage power lead (ours came with a UK plug and a 2-pin travel adaptor).
  • 1 x handheld thrust speed controller box.
  • 1 x thruster rod.
  • 1 x Vac-U-Lock toy adaptor.
  • 1 x 8-inch Vac-U-Lock dildo.
  • 1 x toolkit for building and maintenance.
  • 1 x small bottle of thread locking compound.
  • 1 x detailed user manual.

These contents will allow you to use the F-Machine Pro II for vaginal and anal penetration.

If you want to customise the machine further, you can purchase the following adaptors and accessories:

The Rocky:

The Rocky adaptor allows you to attach male masturbation sleeves (e.g. Fleshlight) to the thrust rod. As an added bonus, it also allows you to attach a dildo for dual stimulation. This adaptor has been designed to accommodate a variety of male masturbation sleeves.

The Double Trouble:

The Double Trouble adaptor allows you to attach two Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos to the thrust rod. This adaptor is designed for women who enjoy double penetration.

The Anchor:

The Anchor is a large suction cup with locking mechanism. This accessory connects to the leg of the F-Machine Pro II and will stop the machine sliding on slippery surfaces.

Universal Suction Base Adaptor:

The USB adaptor allows you to attach your favourite suction-cup dildos to the thruster rod. This flat plate adaptor also comes with Velcro straps and a variety of O-rings, so you can attach a flat base, non-suction-cup dildo to this adaptor too.

The Flight Case:

This robust aluminium case is ideal for long term storage, or for those who wish to travel with their F-machine Pro II. It has two lockable clasps for added security. sent me the Anchor, the Double Trouble and the USB adaptor to try out, so I will discuss these in more depth later. I cannot comment on the other accessories, as I wasn’t sent these items for review.

Specifications and Features:

The F-Machine Pro II machine comes with the following features:

  • A 60 Watt, 24v high torque motor (virtually silent).
  • A soft-start speed controller (the thrusts start slowly and safely)
  • Variable thrust speeds from 0 to 240 thrusts per minute
  • A quick change crank arm (This allows you to vary the thrust depth from 1 to 6 inches)
  • An annotated hand-held speed control box.
  • A virtually silent slider mechanism (even at full speed)
  • An adjustable thrust rod length
  • A clear plastic slider guard (this covers and protects the moving parts)
  • Adjustable leg height for various thrust angles.
  • All major components CNC machined from aircraft alloy
  • Supplied inside a black retail carton and shipped inside a discreet plain brown box
  • Supplied as standard with a UK style kettle lead and UK to EU adaptor
  • Comes with a 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Our Experiences with the F-Machine Pro II Sex Machine:

Arrival, Set-Up and Operation:

As promised, the F-Machine Pro II arrived packaged inside a discreet brown box. The package is large and heavy (the machine weighs approximately 9kg) but F-machine use strong, sturdy shipping boxes to ensure the contents remain safe and hidden.

Inside the shipping box is the F-machine box. This matte black box contains a small image of the company logo (it looks like a startled blue rabbit) and a link to the company website. Compared to the packaging my other sex machines arrived in, this black box was refreshingly discreet and classy. With a little masking tape, I could cover the link (this is the only clue as to what is inside the box) and use this box for long-term storage.

The F-Machine Pro II components are flat-packed inside the box, so some assembly is required before you can use the machine. Despite the detailed instruction manual and incredibly simple build, we did encounter a problem the first time we built the machine. One of the leg bolts was incredibly stiff to turn, so we eventually had to resort to using brute force. That seemed to solve the issue and subsequent attempts to build the machine have been quick and easy. It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to construct and dismantle.

Adjusting the F-Machine:

With the machine set up, I spent some time experimenting with the various moving parts. The F-Machine can be adjusted in a number of different ways: –

  • Adjusting the angle of penetration

The main body of the machine attaches to each leg via a large twisty screw. If you loosen one (or both) of these screws, you can slide the machine chassis up and down each leg. This allows you to raise or lower the machine, as well as setting a variety of different thrust angles (see my pictures for reference).

  • Adjusting the thrust length:

The thrust rod can be adjusted in two different ways. If you loosen the large knob in the centre of the plastic slider guard, you will be able to slide the rod back and forth. This adjustment allows you to alter the reach (how far the rod sticks out from the front of the machine). At the back of the machine, you will find another large knob. This knob is attached to a short metal rod, which fits inside a metal slider. When you loosen the knob, you will be able to slide the metal rod up and down the length of the slider. This adjustment allows you to control the thrust depth (how far the rod moves back and forth per thrust) from a shallow 1-inch thrust to a deep 6-inch thrust.

My Experiences Using the F-Machine Pro:

The F-Machine Pro comes with a nicely packaged dildo (it comes in a classy box), but its size and realistic design won’t be to everyone’s tastes. As an advocate for safe sex toy materials, I would recommend purchasing a Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo made from 100% silicone instead. Alternatively, you can purchase the Universal Suction Base (USB) adaptor and use your favourite flat base dildo with the F-Machine Pro II. I found that most of my Tantus and Vixen dildos work well with this adaptor.

I attached my Vixen Leo to the USB adaptor, placed the F-Machine on my bed and began adjusting the machines height, penetration angle and thrust length. This process can take a few minutes, but it is worth fiddling around to find the most comfortable set up. When I rushed this process, I would often have to make adjustments mid-masturbation, which can ruin the mood somewhat. Done properly beforehand, I could lie back and thoroughly enjoy the machine.

One thing I do recommend is starting on the shortest thrust length and only partially inserting the dildo before switching the machine on. This will help you to avoid any uncomfortable cervix poking incidents. You can always increase the thrust length as you grow familiar with the machines movements and the limits of your body. To further increase your comfort levels, it is important to apply plenty of personal lubricant to the dildo and/or your vaginal/anal entrance. The F-Machine can thrust faster and harder than a person can, so it really helps to keep yourself lubricated. Chafing is never fun.

Lying on my back, I partially inserted the dildo and picked up the thrust speed controller. Unlike cheaper sex machines, which come with a vibrator to control the machines thrust speed, the F-Machine Pro II comes with an awesome thrust speed control box. This box fits neatly into the palm of my hand and I can place it on the bed without it rolling away. The wire connecting the controller to the machine is extremely long (I could hand the box to my partner and he could control the thrust speed from across the room) so I never felt like I had to stretch awkwardly when I wanted to change the thrust speed. The controller comes with an on/off switch, which protects the user from accidentally turning the machine on. It also comes with a speed dial, which gave me complete control over the thrust speed.

I machine started to thrust slowly when I turned the dial to approximately 30 thrusts per minute. At this speed, the thrusting motion feels similar to a slow love-making session. It is perfect for those who enjoy a slower penetration or a slow build up. Some thrusting sex toys can slow, or stall, when I squeeze my PC muscles around them (I’m looking at you ROCKBOX Finger). This didn’t happen with the F-Machine, no matter how hard I squeezed.

The dial controller allowed me to work my way up through the speed settings at my own pace. Each speed increase felt smooth and steady, so I never felt out of control. As I pushed the speed dial past the halfway point, the sensations began to intensify. The machine was thrusting fast and hard, with no sign of slowing down. At top speed, the machine easily outpaces a human being. I can only stand this incredible power for a few minutes, as it pushes me so quickly towards orgasm. The F-Machine Pro II always leaves me feeling like I have been thoroughly fucked. It really is an amazing experience.

For such a powerful machine, the F-Machine Pro II is reasonably quiet. As F-Machine state, the motor is virtually silent; it is the thrust rod that makes most of the noise. At lower speeds, the rod emits a soft whooshing sound as it slides back and forth. This sound can be drowned out with a little background noise. At the higher speeds, the whooshing sound gets louder and it is often accompanied by a clanking sound as the moving parts rotate. It isn’t stupidly loud, but I would feel uncomfortable using this machine at higher speeds with other people in the next room. To hear the machine in action, check out my video review below.

My Experience with the Accessories:

I also wanted to talk about my experiences with the accessories I received with my F-Machine Pro.

The Anchor does come in handy when using the F-Machine Pro on a smooth or polished surface. The machine packs a punch, so some movement is expected. On carpets and beds, this movement is not usually enough to affect your session. On slippery surfaces, the machine will slide a lot more. The Anchor will hold the machine steady in those circumstances, but the surface must be polished or smooth. I found that the Anchor works well on Linoleum and laminate, but it fails to stick to a varnished wood grain surface. The only downside to using the Anchor is that it can scratch the paint on the leg of the F-Machine Pro II.

The Universal Suction Base adaptor is my favourite accessory, as it allowed me to attach my favourite dildos to the machine. At 3.5 inches in diameter, the suction base does have its limits, but it was large enough to accept most average size dildos. The only downside to this accessory is that it doesn’t come with instructions. We had to visit the F-Machine website and check out the pictures of the accessory in use, to figure out how it worked. If you are curious, check out my pictures.

The Double Trouble also impressed me, as you can alter the distance between the two Vac-U-Lock plugs to get the best fit for your body. I recommend doing this after attaching your chosen dildos. The Double Trouble is the only adaptor that I didn’t try, as I am not a fan of double penetration. When attached to the F-Machine Pro, I can imagine this attachment will provide an incredibly intense experience. The only downside is that both dildos will slide in and out of you at the same time (you cannot push one in while the other pulls out).

His Experience with the F-Machine Pro Sex Machine:

F-Machine did not send the Rocky adaptor for review, so I cannot comment on the way that particular adaptor works. However, I did find a compatible adaptor from another machine and was able to use that to attach a Fleshlight to the F-Machine Pro II. With the F-Machine on the bed, I asked my partner to stand up and enter the Fleshlight sleeve. I handed him the thrust speed controller and let him experiment.

We soon discovered that it is just as important to select the right thrust length for men as it is for women. If the thrust length was too long, the Fleshlight would press uncomfortably into his pubic bone and then slide off his penis entirely. After a little fiddling, we found the most suitable thrust length. He could shorten it further if he fancied a shallower penetration.

Varying the speed, he could use the F-Machine/Fleshlight combination in a variety of ways. He could indulge in a long, drawn-out edging session or reach orgasm in record time. Since he didn’t have to hold/move the heavy Fleshlight sleeve, his experience felt more natural somehow. He could stand still and allow the machine to do all the work for him. I imagine that the Rocky adaptor will work in a similar way.


The F-Machine Pro II is a reasonably large machine, so storage may be an issue for some. It is also unsuitable for those who like to keep things quick and simple. The F-Machine Pro II requires time to set-up and adjust. Afterwards, it needs to be dismantled and packed away.

There is surprisingly little that I would change about the machine itself, but I do think solid legs would give it a little more staying power. On slippery surfaces, the machine can move quite a bit. Thankfully, this only applies at the highest speed settings and I rarely use them myself. If you plan to, I recommend the Anchor adaptor or getting your partner to hold on to the machine while you use it.


The best thing about the F-Machine Pro is how incredibly versatile it is. It seems to have a setting to suit every mood, providing deep or shallow penetration and slow or fast thrusts. There is also a lot of variation between the extremes. I love the fact that you can adjust the height and thrust angle as this allowed me to experiment with a variety of different positions.

I was also impressed with the overall build quality. The machine is light enough to transport from room to room but sturdy enough to cope with the insane speeds that the super quiet motor can achieve. Like most sex toys, it comes with a few minor downsides, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I would recommend the F-Machine Pro to anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile sex machine.

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The F-Machine Pro II Thrusting Sex Machine Review
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