The Lelo Smart Wand review

The Lelo Smart Wand review

Hello everyone! I am glad to present to your attention my next review on one cool sex toy, which was sent for me the company manufacturer of goods for sexual entertainment. I wrote an honest review, and I was thanked by a high-tech vibrator. I think it’s just great, isn’t it?! As soon as I first learned about the existence of this vibrator, I was looking forward to the wonderful moment when I will have the opportunity to try the toy in action.

I present to you a new product – the Lelo Smart Wand (Medium). It produced by a popular brand – Lovehoney. Now I begin the story about the details of the functioning of this massager. And in the final of its review, I will share with you, my dear, all the subtleties and sensations that I experienced during its use.

What is the Lelo Smart Wand made of

This unique massager, which I really liked at first sight, is made of high quality material. In its composition, a special plastic is used, and the surface of the vibrator is covered with luxurious and soft silicone. I must say that all the materials that are used in the production of this toy, tested for all types of safety and meet international quality standards. Therefore, the use of this device can be absolutely calm and confident. To the touch Lelo Smart Wand is quite a solid device, but this does not prevent it from being very flexible, allowing to penetrate the body, taking into account all the anatomical features. Touch of the device is particularly soft, and it is very pleasant to the body.

The Lelo Smart Wand review

When ordering a massager, you will be given the opportunity to choose any of the three color options. You can choose purple, white or black device, depending on your desire.

The dimensions of the device have the following characteristics. The length of the device is 9 inches. And the circumference at its widest is 5.25 inches. The narrowest part on the massager has a circumference of 2.75 inches. At the base of the handle width of the device is 3.6 inches. All these features make this vibrator very ergonomic and convenient to use. The vibrator has a very light weight – only 155 grams. This gives you the ability to use it without difficulty and for as long as you need.

Advantages of the device for sexual games The Smart Wand

Now let’s talk about the obvious advantages that make this massager is really very effective and popular among its counterparts. First, this device is rechargeable. This is very convenient because it does not require the purchase of additional power sources and batteries. Included with the device is already charging. In order for the massager to work non-stop for a long time, you need to charge it for about 2 hours. So you will provide yourself with sexual games for 2-3 hours.

Another unique advantage of this device is its unique ability to remember and record the previous modes of operation inside its mechanism. For example, the last time you used a vibrator on the third mode and then disabled The Lelo Smart Wand. The next time you turn on the massager, it will work on the same 3 function. This ability of the massager to remember working details is very convenient for the user and personally I liked this function.

This unique device has 8 different modes. So you can choose a version of pleasure that you most like. Also, this device is not afraid of water and can be safely washed in water with soap. You can take the vibrator with you in the shower and there continue to have fun.

Also, among the advantages of this device occupies a special place – a lock for movement. This creates a feeling of absolute safety, because in some situations in life, when you need to take a vibrator with you on the road, it can sometimes turn on automatically. This will give you a lot of trouble along the way. The Lelo Smart Wand will not allow such unpleasant incidents. It will be safely closed until you decide to turn it on.

The Lelo Smart Wand is an incredibly quiet device. During operation, this device is not audible, even if you turned it on in the next room and left the door open. For me this circumstance is extremely important and necessary in everyday life.

Special touch control settings

As soon as I first picked up a box with a massager, I began to study in details the instructions for use, which is included. In order to turn on my toy, you just need to click on the buttons that are located in the visible part of the top of the device. In principle, at first glance it may seem that I have already learned all about the work of this magical massager. But I was wrong! The most important thing in the functioning of this toy I just had to learn. Now I’m talking about one additional feature of the vibrator The Lelo Smart Wand – touch control.

As soon as I read the instructions about its capabilities, I immediately began to explore this option. To enable it, click on the button, which is located in the center of the managed panel. Press this button and hold it in this position for just a few seconds. You need to wait for the light button to flash. This will mean that you are connected to SenseTouch mode. The feeling of using this option seemed very unusual to me. At first I felt small pulsating blows with a soft roar. These vibrations were intense, but soft enough. As soon as I touched the tip of the device to my skin, the mode changed. Now the vibration began to increase. You can also control the vibration level by pressing the + and -buttons, which you will also find on the control panel. As soon as you move the device away from your skin, the vibrations will again become very quiet and soft. By the way, if you do not bring the device to your body for a long time in this mode, it will automatically turn off.

I think the manufacturers of this massager have created a similar touch mode partly in order to significantly extend the battery life. This is really very convenient when you can stop at any time, for example, to add more lubricant cream, and at this time the vibrator spontaneously stops working until you need it again.

The Lelo Smart Wand review

Generally speaking, this technology is quite successful and convenient. However, several times I have already encountered some problems during its work. For example, once when I used this toy in combination with a dildo of another manufacturer, I had a strange feeling every time I touched my clitoris with the Lelo Smart Wand massager in SenseTouch mode. I did not understand why the intensity of it grew from the touch not to my body, but to dildo! Apparently, the sensors of this device react to the heat that comes from the human body, and my dildo was also quite hot in the process of use, though, who knows..!? I realized this when I tried to influence the tip of the massager on the cold surface. No sensor response was observed.

I think the sensors that are installed at the base of the massager, when you turn on the SenseTouch mode, just a little confused and reacted to the touch not to the skin, but to the dildo. By the way, thanks to my natural curiosity, I did not stop my research in this sense and tried to check the operation of the regime when exposed to a hair dryer. And I was very surprised – the sensor did not react to the hairdryer!

Varieties of vibrations

The abundance of different vibration modes makes this device really comfortable and efficient. Here the user will find as many as 8 modes of operation. You will also be able to affect the intensity in each next mode by pressing the keys on the top of the instrument. Here’s a description of each mode you can use:

  1. Constant vibration;
  2. Soft pulsing setting;
  3. Average ripple level;
  4. Fast pulsing setting;
  5. Build drop mode;
  6. The wavy configuration;
  7. Medium wave degree;
  8. A multi-format setting that increases or decreases.

The process of using a vibrator

This cool toy, which has a huge number of obvious advantages, also has only one, but, in my opinion, the main drawback. I can’t get a bright orgasm with it for a short period of time. I have already tried it about 5 times, but only once I felt some approach to the peak of pleasure. However, and at this only time of a full-fledged orgasm all the same didn’t happen.

I want you to understand me correctly; I do not reduce the merits of this really great in many ways toys! This vibrator is not the strongest of all the options of massagers that I have tried in my life. This massager can definitely satisfy many of you, my friends! But for me its strength was not enough. I did not have a more point, local impact, although the clitoris of this device is affected quite intensively. You see, for me to get a full-fledged orgasm, you need a more specific and directed impact, and not fragmented and chaotic.

I can say that there are similar vibrators in the world that also act diffusely, but with them I get an orgasm. For example, one of my favorite Deluxe toys. With it I feel pleasure, although it also does not give a point voltage. Just to have this toy the base of the massager, more than the Lelo.

Lelo’s massager gives me vibrations, but they’re a little weak for me. And even high frequencies do not improve the situation. The intensity of vibrations is very unstable. All this creates for my pleasure an insufficient level of vibrations.

Cleansing and massager care

Since this vibrator is absolutely water resistant, it is very easy to wash it under the tap with water. Also, for a more thorough cleaning, you can use light soap foam.

This vibrator is made of high quality silicone, which will not attract dirt, dust and various villi. Also, complete with the device you will find a comfortable soft bag of beautiful fabric in which you can store your toy.

Sum up

The Lelo Smart Wand is really a luxurious toy. It contains in its functional potential such options that are not in analog devices for sex games. But, unfortunately, it was not enough for me. I need an intense and vivid orgasm. With Lelo, I can’t get it. If all these fashionable options and additional options of modes are not important for you, then it is better to choose Lovehoney Deluxe Wand, which will give you an orgasm and vibrations of this device are much stronger.

Personally for myself, I determined that I do not care about different types of modes and in general – diversity for me is not a key condition for obtaining maximum pleasure from the use of sexual toys. For me there is more important thing which is – the optimal intensity of impact and the accuracy of ripple. With The Lelo Smart Wand I did not get these feelings.

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The Lelo Smart Wand review
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