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Very rarely do I stumble upon a new sex toy that completely baffles me, but when I first saw pictures of the LoveArc, that’s exactly how I felt. This large, aluminium arc would not look out of place at the gym; how on earth was I supposed to use this device in the bedroom? One thing’s for sure, it is very descreet. It took a quick browse through the LoveArc website to realise that the Arc is a sex position enhancer of sorts. Basically, you team it up with your favourite suction cup dildos (which you would stick to the surface of the Arc), climb aboard and enjoy some hands-free rocking and riding.

You can choose to use the Arc in two ways; either resting the metal handles on the floor/bed to create a sturdy surface for riding, or flipping it over and rocking it back and forth like a see-saw for grown-ups. Personally, I thought the LoveArc was an absolutely ingenious idea. A new device that would allow for hands-free penetration and thrusting? It all sounded very exciting.

Unfortunately though, the theory doesn’t always work out so well in practice. The LoveArc is one of those sex toys that I desperately wanted to love, because the idea behind it is fantastic. I spent so many evenings testing the Arc in different ways, making excuses for all the times I didn’t enjoy it. Maybe my legs are too short. Maybe it would work better if I used it on a different surface. Maybe I wasn’t feeling aroused that day. Maybe my dildos were too hard/textured. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Eventually I just had to accept that the LoveArc was not going to work for me.

So what was the problem? Well, the biggest issue I had with the LoveArc, is that penetration was always painful. No matter which dildo I chose (I tested four different dildos), or where I positioned it on the arc, it always felt as though the angle was wrong. Each dildo would press harshly against the anterior wall of my vagina and any texture (such as a raised coronal ridge) would scrape and pop painfully behind the internal part of my pubic bone. This even occurred with my softer-than-standard, Vixen Leo dildo. The only way I could reduce this discomfort was to turn the dildo the ‘wrong’ way round. This ensured that the curve was angled backwards and away from my pubic bone. The problem with doing this was that the dildo no longer stimulated my g-spot. Just to be clear, the dildos I used do not usually cause discomfort; that only occurred when I attached them to the Arc.

The second issue I had with the LoveArc, is that it turned my masturbation sessions into a full body workout. Now, I have a disability that leaves me with sore/weak muscles and joints, so this could be why I struggled so much. LoveArc state that you should not put your full weight onto the Arc, so I had to support my weight with my thigh muscles. If I wanted to rock the Arc, I would have to lean forward to grab the handle (As I already mentioned, I am quite short), so I had to support the weight of my upper body with my lower back muscles. On the bed, the Arc can also be unbalanced and holding it steady also increases the work load. After just a few minutes of this, the LoveArc let me know just how unfit I am. I actually felt like I was down at the gym, being put through my paces on the latest muscle toning device. When I masturbate, I want to lie back, close my eyes and relax. Call me lazy, but the Arc was just too much like hard work. I just wanted an orgasm, not a six pack.

It wasn’t all bad news though; the LoveArc actually managed to divide opinion (and cause frustration) in our bedroom. Despite my incredulous questions (How is that not hurting you like it hurt me?!), Mr Gritty really enjoyed using the LoveArc. He never once complained about the dildos being at the wrong angle. To him, the penetration felt just fine. He also didn’t find the squatting and rocking to be as much work as I did, but then again, he is taller and generally fitter than I am. I have to admit though, watching him use the LoveArc was very hot.

As I watched him enjoy the LoveArc, I asked if he could see himself choosing to use it over manual stimulation. He answered in the negative, stating that although the Arc works well for him and is a cool idea, it is just so much simpler to grab a dildo, lie back and use his hands to create the thrusting.

See, the LoveArc definitely has its place in the bedroom. There are not m/any products that allow you to ride your suction cup dildos, hands-free, on the bed or floor. There are not m/any products (aside from actual fucking machines), that allow you to thrust a dildo in and out of your body, without actually using your hands to do the deed. In this regard, the LoveArc can simulate additional realism, as it can make you feel as though somebody else is penetrating you. I believe that if you do prefer to squat over your dildos, the LoveArc will have much more to offer you than it did us. It was certainly fun to experience these unique sensations/positions, but we just can’t see ourselves using it on a regular basis.

Before I wrap up, I do want to share my opinions on the overall design and function of the Arc, because it did impress me in this regard. It is quite clear that the Arc is a large piece of furniture and it cannot be broken down into smaller pieces for storage. However, when you compare it to other sex position enhancers (like sex swings and love seats), it is actually reasonably compact. It doesn’t require any building, or setting up. Plus, I can pick it up and carry it from room to room, placing it on a variety of different surfaces. You can’t really do this with the bulkier pieces of furniture.

I also like that the Arc is so thin, because it allowed me to straddle it without needing to keep my thighs spread wide open. Being able to keep my legs together allowed me to kneel more comfortably and squeeze around my dildos if I so wished. To further enhance this experience, the Love Arc has been designed with very short rear stability handles. Although this can make the Arc more unstable on a soft surface (if placed in the rocking position), it does mean you won’t batter your feet and ankles like you would do if the bar was longer.

Finally, the smooth aluminium surface is ideal for sticking suction cup dildos too. Most of my dildos stuck firm to this surface and didn’t budge, unless the angle was too extreme. It is worth noting though, that the Arc won’t work with extra-large/unconventionally sized dildos. This is because the Arc is quite thin and the suction cup bases on larger dildos tend to hang over the sides. My Bad Dragon Crackers the Cockatrice dildo is a good example of this; it just kept on popping off.

I think it would be really cool if the LoveArc team eventually developed a belt, or a strap-on of sorts, that would fit onto the Arc and allow users to attach almost any flat base dildo (suction cup or not). Maybe a band of material with an O-ring? Either way, it would give users a lot more choice over the dildo they use with the Arc.


I have spent days trying to decide how to sum up this review, because our experiences with the Arc were just so different. I think it is fair to say that your experiences will vary too, dependin on such things like physical fitness, flexibility, preferred masturbatory habits, height, sensitivity levels and more. For some, I think the arc will be the answer to their fantasies; a device that allows them to achieve hands-free penetration and a thrusting sensation that somehow feels more real because your hands are not actively doing the thrusting between your legs. For others, the Arc may feel awkward to use and you will probably prefer to stick to your current masturbatory technique.

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The Love Arc was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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The Love Arc Review
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