The Oxballs Cocksling 2 Review

I’ve always wanted to review an Oxballs sex toy, so when Uberkinky asked if I would like to review the Oxballs Cocksling 2, I jumped at the chance. What I love about the Oxballs brand, a brand aimed generally at penis owners, is that a lot of their products have a kinky twist. A quick browse through the Oxballs range at Uberkinky and you come across products that satisfy a number of different kinks, from anal stimulation to cock and ball torture.

The Cocksling 2 is a great introduction to the Oxballs range, because it manages to fulfil a few different purposes. First of all, it acts as a cock ring, constricting the penis and making your erections feel firmer. Secondly, it stretches and holds the testicles away from the body while you play. Some people find it arousing to lightly tug on their testicles during play. Others get off on the visual appearance of low hanging testicles. Overall, I think the Cocksling is designed to heighten sensitivity to your penis, scrotum and testicles. It also aims to keep your bits feeling tight and hard.

Getting the Cocksling on:

Before you can experience the sensations the Cocksling provides, you have to get your penis and testicles into it. The first time I tried to put the Cocksling on him, I asked him to lie down on the bed. In this position, I found it quite difficult to get the sling on, because his testicles would spread out. The best/easiest position for fitting is to kneel or stand up, which will allow gravity to assist you. The great news is that this sling is incredibly stretchy. I found it easy enough to stretch the holes wide enough to slide directly over his penis and testicles. The downside to this super stretchy material is that it acts like a giant elastic band. In other words, it will ping your genitals if you let the tension go suddenly. Unless you enjoy pinging your penis with giant elastic bands, I recommend keeping a tight grip on the Cocksling.

Those of you with pubic hair should take extra care not to push or pull the device into position. The material is quite grabby and it will pull at your pubes if you don’t free them during fitting. On one or two occasions, we used lubricant during the fitting process. This helped reduce friction, but gave me less control while stretching the device into place. It really is swings and roundabouts as to whether you use lubricant or not. I personally preferred to keep the Cocksling dry.

Wearing the Oxballs Cocksling:

With the Cocksling in place, I immediately noticed that his erection was firmer than usual. This wasn’t the only pleasing change; his testicles were sitting lower and because they had been stretched downwards, the skin covering them was pulled taut.

While that might sound intimidating to some, I think it is worth mentioning that my partner has a very low pain threshold. He wore the Cocksling for up to 45 minutes on a couple of occasions and never once complained of pain (something he does report with thinner, firmer rings). He actually found the Cocksling to be very comfortable to wear. The reason for this high level of comfort is that the material is very soft and stretchy. The bands of material encircling the penis and testicles is also quite thick and these two factors combine to produce a gentle, comfortable constriction.

This is great news for beginners, as the Cocksling will provide a gentle introduction to CBT and/or ball stretching. Those seeking an intense experience might be a little underwhelmed by the Cocksling. Like most sex toys though, the Cocksling will feel different depending on how sensitive you are and the general size and shape of your genitals. For example, if your testicles are naturally high and your scrotum is usually tight, you may notice more stretching than those with naturally low hanging testicles. For some men, there will be very little stretching at all.

Next we put the Cocksling to the test during foreplay. My partner measures approximately 6 inches in length, so the thick band does cover the bottom third of his shaft. This meant that I could only stimulate the top two thirds of his penis, ruling out deep throat blowjobs and full depth penetration. Surprisingly, this was more of an issue for me (I like to feel him deep inside me) than it was for him, as he told me afterwards it did not reduce his overall enjoyment. Most of the sensitive nerve endings are in the top part of the penis, as is probably the case for the majority of penis owners. If you simply must have the base of your penis stimulated to get off, then you are out of luck with the Cocksling.

Are there any downsides?

The only real downside is that the Cocksling is made entirely from TPR. This material is usually free from phthalates and latex (which is great news), but it is generally more porous than pure silicone. Bacteria, mould, dyes, odours and other nasty things can soak into these pores and may cause material deterioration over time.

To be fair, I can see why Oxballs chose to use TPR for a product like the Cocksling; the material is so stretchy and that makes this sling more comfortable to wear. It is also worth noting that this material is unlikely to be going up inside my vagina, so I am not too worried about causing an infection.

How Does the Cocksling 2 Differ from the Original Cocksling?

I don’t own the original, so I couldn’t do a side by side comparison. I can tell you about the changes as advertised though. The Cocksling 2 has been manufactured using more material in high stress areas, which should make this second edition more durable. The openings have also been reshaped and now contain divots that allow fluids to pass through the urethra. I’m not sure if this was an issue with the first Cocksling, but I can report that fluids pass through fine when wearing the second version.


The Oxballs Cocksling really is a lot of fun. We were both impressed with the firmer erections and heightened sensitivity and I personally liked how the sling presented his cock and balls neatly, ready to be teased or tortured. In other great news, he found it comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.

I would have preferred this sling be made from pure silicone, but I think a less stretchy material would have been more difficult to work with. As it is, the Cocksling is durable (no stress tears to be seen after four uses) and therefore great value for money.

If you have recently become interested in ball stretching and CBT, the Oxballs Cocksling would be a great place to start off. It would also suit those who simply want to heighten the sensitivity in their genitals. Overall, it is an unintimidating product that would suit beginners. If you are looking for intense, or extreme, I would look take a look at the other Cockslings available at Uberkinky instead.

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The Oxballs Cocksling 2 was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

The Oxballs Cocksling 2 Review
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