The Revel Sol Massager Review

I was kindly sent the Revel Sol from for an impartial review and the Revel Sol is actually an improved version of the Revel Body, a unique body/clitoral massager that I reviewed in February. Unfortunately, I did not have the best experience with the Body, but when I found out that Revel had listened to customer feedback and made changes to improve on their original model, I was prepared to give it a try. With improved power, among other things, I was hoping that my experience with the Sol would be much more positive.

So, what’s changed?

The Sol looks a lot like the Body, but there have been quite a few changes made to the original. For those of you who simply want to know what those changes are, here are Revels claims:

  • Improved power. The Sol comes with a dual-drive motor, whereas the Body contained a single-drive motor.
  • Function under pressure: The Body’s insert would struggle to continue moving when firm pressure was applied to the tip. (Similar to dampened vibrations). Revel claim that this issue has been greatly improved in the Sol.
  • Under-water suction improved: For those who own the Revel Body, you will know that it could be used in a unique way under water. If you placed the flat back of the Body against your vulva, the moving insert would create suction. I noted in my original review that this effect was barely noticeable, but Revel claim that the suction sensation has been improved in the Sol.
  • Easier to operate blind: The Body contained three buttons, all convex and therefore it was difficult to distinguish which button you were pressing when you could not see them (Like when the toy is between your legs). The buttons on the Sol have been re-designed so that the plus and minus button are now concave. Revel state that this makes them easier to find and distinguish blind.
  • Settings reduced: The Body comes with 10 continuous speed settings (no patterns) and this has been reduced to 6 continuous speed settings on the Sol.
  • Insert re-designed: Both the Body and the Sol come with interchangeable inserts, but with the Body, you had to purchase the whole insert just to change the tip. The inserts cost $19 each. The Sol’s insert has been designed to allow you to simply remove the tip, instead of changing the entire insert. You get three tips when you purchase the Sol and can buy more separately (£12 for two extra tips). This makes the tips cheaper and easier to switch.
  • Price: The Sol costs approximately £99 to purchase, whereas the Body costs £110. (At the time of writing this review).

Product Information:

Much like the Revel Body, the Sol operates using “True Sonic” technology. This means that the motors create a magnetic force that causes the insert to move up and down inside its hole. The movement is more pronounced than you’d find on most vibrators. On lower speeds, you can actually see the insert moving up and down inside its hole. The Sol comes with three interchangeable tips that allow you to change the sensations further.

The Sol operates using three button controls, which you will find on the side of the toy. This version comes with 6 continuous speed settings (no patterns) and much like the original, it is the first couple of settings that contain the deepest, most thumping sensations. As you increase the speed (settings 4, 5 and 6), the insert moves a lot faster, but the up-down movement is reduced. This means that settings 4, 5 and 6 become increasingly faster, but also increasingly shallow. Setting 3 is the most intense.

The Revel Sol is a rechargeable toy. It comes with a USB charging dock and takes approximately 90 minutes to charge fully. During the charging process, the lights on the Sol will glow, turning off when the charging is complete. The Sol also comes with a low battery warning indicator. When you switch the motor on, the lights on the base will flash. Three flashes indicate that the battery is 100% charged, two flashes indicate a 50% charge and one flash lets you know you have 25% battery life left. The Sol is completely waterproof, but is quite noisy. It doesn’t sound like a standard vibrator, but it does produce some reasonably loud humming sounds.

My Experiences with the Revel Sol:

The first thing I wanted know was whether the Sol was indeed more powerful than the Body. I charged up the Body and the Sol then got down to experimenting. The difference was immediately noticeable; the Sol definitely feels more powerful than the Body. I believe the reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the Sols motor has been improved and secondly, the Sol does indeed function better when pressure was added. There is still some minor dampening under firm pressure, but this was nothing compared to the way the Body functions.

During my sessions with the Sol, I realised that its 6 settings produced a larger range of sensations (deep to shallow) and speeds than most of my vibrators do. I felt everything from shallow and teasy, right through to deep and thumping. As a power seeker, the perfect combination for me would be incredibly fast and deep vibrations at the same time, but unfortunately the Sol does not operate like a standard vibrator. In fact, it functions in much the same way as the Body did; as the speed of the vibration increases, the depth/rumbles decrease. This may be ideal for some, but for me it is the opposite of what I crave. My experiences therefore went something like this:

Setting 1: On this setting, the insert is moving incredibly slowly (in vibration terms) and the up-down movement is so pronounced you can actually see the insert jumping up and down. This setting produced deep sensations, but was far too slow to build me towards orgasm. The Sol does not vibrate (as such) and so this setting produced a sensation similar to having my clitoris nudged at over and over. Nice, but not nearly enough.

Setting 2 and 3: The insert is moving faster on these settings and the up-down movement is still highly pronounced. Setting 3 is the most intense, combining the highest speed with the deepest movement. The problem however, is that the movement is still slow compared to a vibrator. I held my We-Vibe Tango (on its first speed setting) and the Sol (on its third setting) against my ear and could hear that the Tango was vibrating faster than the Sol. The Sol however, felt much deeper (Seriously, I would compare the depth to that of a mains powered wand). The speed on setting 3 was just enough to build me to orgasm, but the intense depth was just too “punchy” for me. I found it uncomfortable and numbing at the same time.

Setting 4: This setting is so much faster than setting 3, which is great news, but unfortunately it is also drastically less rumbly. Although the speed is now ideal, the depth is sorely lacking for my tastes. I again compared this setting alongside my Tango (on setting one) and noticed the Sol was now vibrating faster (it now feels more like traditional vibrations) but the Tango now felt much deeper. Unfortunately due to the lack of depth, I struggled to reach orgasm using this setting, although it did feel a lot more comfortable against my clitoris.

Setting 5 and 6: These settings become increasingly faster, but the depth continues to drop to the point that I could barely feel any stimulation. These settings feel very similar to using an incredibly shallow vibrator, in that the sensations feel tickly and mild. Again, being a power seeker, these last settings were far too gentle to take me to orgasm.

So, although the Sol produces extremes in both speed and depth, the sad fact is that those two factors never combined in a way that I could personally enjoy. It might be different for you, but for me it was either too slow, or too deep, or too shallow.

I began experimenting with different tips, hoping my experience would be different and while I was pleased to note that each tip produced different sensations, I still had the same experience as noted above. For those curious, my favourite tip was “Ever” (the flat, round tip with spiral design). This tip produces some enjoyable friction due to its pattern design. My least favourite was  “Fawn” (The one that looks like a brush). This tip feels great on higher speeds, where the depth is lower, but it can cause prickling sensations on the deeper settings.

Finally, I took the Sol to the bath, to experiment with the suction as described on the Revel website. When I tried this with the Body, the suction sensation was so weak that I had to really focus to feel it. Unfortunately the same applied with the Sol. I do believe there is a tiny improvement in the suction, but if so, it was small enough that I kept doubting myself. The sensation is there, but it is extremely mild and because my clitoris was sat inside the void, the stimulation I felt from the vibrations simply traveled into my labia instead. I was underwhelmed by this feature.

Finally I want to discuss a downside I noted when reviewing the Revel Body. During use, I could often be distracted by nipping/chafing sensations, caused by the insert moving in and out of its hole and, I believe, trapping tiny pieces of skin in the gaps. Unfortunately, this issue still exists in the Sol and if anything, it felt worse due to the fact that Revel have increased the power and fixed the dampening issue. The insert, moving faster and harder than ever before, nipped and chafed more too. After extended use, my clitoris would feel stingy and raw.


I really wanted to love the Revel. The innovation is impressive and I admire companies who listen to feedback and aim to improve their products. I even feel that, for the most part, Revel made good on their promises. The Sol is definitely more powerful than the Body and it doesn’t suffer nearly as much with dampened sensations. I also loved the fact that the Sol came with three interchangeable tips, as opposed to the single one you got with the body. There was only one improvement mentioned by Revel that I found disappointing and that was the improved suction. Logic suggests that if the power is increased, then the suction should be stronger, but I could barely sense a difference.

Despite many great improvements, I, much like Goldilocks and the porridge, struggled to find a setting on the Sol that felt just right. I don’t think there is anything essentially wrong with the Sol (Although I could live without the nipping/chafing sensations felt on certain settings), but the sensations don’t do anything for me personally. If you are contemplating purchasing the Revel Sol, you should bear in mind that the stimulation it produces does feel different from standard vibrations. If you generally enjoy a more thumping sensation, or want a sex toy that produces a very wide range of sensations, then the Sol might be for you. If, however, you prefer the sensation produced by a standard vibrator, you might want to skip the Revel Sol and take a look at one of these clitoral vibrators instead.

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The Revel Sol Massager Review
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