The Sneaky Pete PRO Sex Machine Review

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to get my hands on a versatile sex machine. I got my first opportunity last year, when I reviewed the Pipedream Portable Sex Machine. I certainly enjoyed using it, but the machine was not as adaptable as I would have liked. As part of a kinky, male/female couple, I lusted after sex machines that could be used with dildos and male masturbation sleeves. When got in touch to ask if I would like to review their Sneaky Pete PRO Sex Machine, it felt like all my wishes had come true. I only had to wait (impatiently) for two days, before the box turned up at my door.

Product Information:

The Sneaky Pete PRO is a premium sex machine that can be used for thrusting (dildos) or for male masturbation (Fleshlight attachment). When you purchase the standard package, you receive the following items:

  • The Sneaky Pete PRO machine
  • The power pack and power lead
  • A thrust speed controller
  • A Vac-U-Lock dildo adaptor
  • A FREE Mains powered magic wand vibrator
  • A small bottle of lubrication (mineral) oil.
  • A set up and instruction manual

If required, you can purchase optional items that will allow you to modify your Sneaky Pete PRO further. These items include:

  • A Fleshlight Attachment/Holder: You will need this if you want to attach Fleshlight sleeves to your machine.
  • Vac-U-Lock Dildos: stock a large range of Vac-U-Lock and Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.
  • 5 inch extension rod: This allows you to extend the thrusting arm by 5 inches.
  • 8 inch extension rod: This allows you to extend the thrusting arm by 8 inches.
  • Deluxe Vac-U-Lock adaptor (18k Electro gold Plated)
  • Dildo doubler: This attachment lets you use two dildos at once. Ideal for double penetration.
  • Universal dildo holder: This attachment allows you to secure a flared base dildo to the machine.

Some of the above items can be purchased as part of a bundle (for example, the Fleshlight holder plus a Fleshlight) at a lower overall price. I received a Fleshlight Holder and a Vac-U-Lock dildo with my machine, but these items are not included in the standard package.

Sneaky Pete PRO Sex Machine – Specification and Features:

The Sneaky Pete PRO is an upgraded version of the original Sneaky Pete sex machine. Although the original remains cheaper to purchase, there are lots of benefits to choosing the PRO version. The Sneaky Pete PRO comes with the following features:

  • A 72 watt/24 volt, hi torque industrial motor (45lb torque strength).
  • A thrust speed ranging from 0 to 240 thrusts per minute.
  • Solid Steel leg base, for better stability.
  • Adjustable legs (up to 45 degrees up and down) for different angles of penetration.
  • Adjustable thrust rod (18 inch) which allows you to control the length of each thrust.
  • A quieter motor on full speed (compared to the original)
  • A long power cord (The machine can sit approximately 2.8 metres from the nearest socket).
  • H 42cm x L 62cm x W 23cm
  • 1 year worldwide warranty (you can also purchase an extended warranty).

Our Experiences with the Sneaky Pete PRO Sex Machine:

Set Up and Operation:

The Sneaky Pete PRO came flat packed in a discreet, plain brown box. The Sneaky Pete PRO is made from solid metal, so be warned, this box is very heavy (approx. 16kg). I removed all the sections from the box and had the machine set up within ten minutes. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. After initial assembly, you only need to remove/attach the legs and power cables, which can usually be done within a few minutes.

Before I got down to testing, I took the time to familiarise myself with the machines customisable features. First, I experimented with the legs. The machine section is secured to the front and back legs using a large, twisty knob. I loosed the knob on the rear leg and this allowed me to slide the back of the machine up and down the length of the leg. I could set a new position/height by tightening the knob. The same is also true with the front leg. I could use these adjustments to set the height of the machine. Better yet, I could secure the front and back of the machine at different heights on each leg, to create an upwards or downwards thrust angle.

Next I experimented with the adjustable rod arm. The rod arm comes with two large, twisty knobs and can be adjusted in two different ways. When I loosened the knob in the centre of the machine, the thrusting rod could be moved back and forth. This adjustment allowed me to set how far the rod jutted out the front of the machine (up to a point). The knob at the back of the machine is attached to a rod and set into a metal slider. When you loosen this knob, you can slide the rod up and down the slider, which allows you to alter the length of the thrusting motion from 1 inch to 6 inches. The first adjustment allowed me to select how far the rod jutted out the front of the machine. The second adjustment allowed me to create the most desirable thrust length, from short, jiggling thrusts to super long strokes.

My Experiences Using the Sneaky Pete Pro:

With the Vac-U-Lock dildo attached to the thrusting rod, I placed the Sneaky Pete PRO onto my bed and began adjusting the height and angle to suit my needs. I had already witnessed the sheer speed and power behind this machine, so I was feeling understandably nervous. To help combat my worries (would the dildo bang into my cervix?) I selected the shortest thrust length, slipped a condom on the dildo and applied lots of water based lubricant.

I partially inserted the dildo into my vagina and turned the dial on the thrust controller until it clicked on. Another small turn and the machine jumped into life, thrusting slow and steady. Despite my tension, the dildo moved effortlessly inside me. The motor didn’t slow down, or stall, no matter how hard I clenched my internal muscles. This was good news, as I enjoying squeezing these muscles when I masturbate.

As I began to relax, I slowly worked my way up through the thrust speed settings. As I clicked past the half way mark and made my way towards maximum speed, I felt as though I were receiving the hardest, fastest fuck of my life. I had the machine angled slightly, so that the tip of the dildo moved upwards and applied pressure to my g-spot. I had my first g-spot orgasm in record time and they continued until I had soaked my Liberator Throe.

As I gained more confidence with the Sneaky Pete, I began to experiment in earnest. I was blown away at how much control/choice this machine offered. I could adjust the legs to change the height and thrust angle and the adjustable rods allowed me to choose the type of stimulation I wanted. I don’t have many of these options when I use my Pipedream Sex Machine, so this was exciting. I could have it all, from the slowest, deepest strokes to the fastest, shortest jiggles. No matter how demanding I was, the motor never quit. It just kept on giving until I collapsed, satisfied.

If you share a house with others, I would personally recommend using the Sneaky Pete when you are alone. This machine is not as loud as I expected it to be, considering its size and power; however, I could still hear it through a closed bedroom door. The Sneaky Pete makes a mechanical, whirring, chuffing noise (a bit like a train) and is slightly louder than my mains powered magic wands (The Lovehoney Deluxe Wand and the Doxy Wand).

His Experiences Using the Sneaky Pete Pro:

I screwed the Fleshlight holder to the rod arm and attached one of his favourite Fleshlight sleeves to the end. I asked him to stand beside the bed and we took a few minutes to adjust the height/angle of the machine. I grabbed the thrust speed controller and waited while he applied lubricant. It took him a few attempts to get the thrust length right. When the thrust length was too long, the Fleshlight would push right up against his body, causing the machine to rock. On the back stroke, his penis would inevitably slip out of the Fleshlight.

With the thrust length issue sorted, we got down to business. My partner is often in chastity (we have a D/s relationship), so I took great pleasure in using the machine to tease him mercilessly. When I use a Fleshlight on him manually, arm ache always kicks in after 5 to 10 minutes. Now the Sneaky Pete was doing all the hard work, while I watched and he simply enjoyed. I varied the speed of the thrusts, slowing right down as he got close to orgasm and speeding up to take him back to the edge. When I finally gave him permission to cum, it was pretty intense.


The Sneaky Pete PRO, like most sex toys, does come with a few niggles. The first and most obvious is setting up and storage. The Sneaky Pete would not be my first choice for a quick solo session, as it takes time to set up, dismantle and pack away. I tend to use this machine when I have a free house and plenty of time on my hands.

Being incredibly fussy about sex toy materials, I was quite disappointed that the universal dildo attachment/holder didn’t come as part of the standard package. The Vac-U-Lock attachment offers plenty of choice, but mostly from the same brand. I am personally not a big fan of Doc Johnson dildos, however, I am still pleased that offer a universal dildo attachment. My other sex machine does not have this option.

Finally, I wanted to point out that male users cannot lie down when using the Sneaky Pete with a Fleshlight sleeve. If you use the machine for penetration (vaginal and anal), you can comfortably get into a variety of different positions. With the Fleshlight sleeve attached, you can only really stand up or kneel down. Bear this in mind if you are the kind of man who needs to lie down to masturbate.


What impressed me the most about the Sneaky Pete Pro, is how incredibly versatile it is. This machine can be used for multiple types of stimulation (vaginal, penile and anal), in a variety of different positions. On top of this, stock a great variety of compatible sex toys and attachments. If you want double penetration, there’s an attachment for that. If you want to use your favourite Tantus dildos (like I do), there is an attachment for that. Heck, there is even an attachment that will allow you to secure a mains powered magic wand to the machine.

Aside from a few minor niggles, I really couldn’t fault this all-purpose sex machine. The quality is great and the size is perfect; the machine is big enough to provide plenty of power, but small enough that I could lift it/move it around the bedroom as required. The Sneaky Pete PRO really is a fantastic sex machine and I would definitely recommend it to others.

The Sneaky Pete PRO Sex Machine Review
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