The We-Vibe Touch Review

The We-Vibe Touch Review

I like to use a variety of sexual toys for pleasure and always follow the novelties of this industry. Of the last most worthy vibrators, I can single out a unique toy, which firstly attracted me over with its appearance, and only then with its functionality. I want to share with you my experience of using The We-Vibe Touch. I have already tested this unbelievable toy and now can describe it in details. We’re starting!

A few words about WE-VIBE brand

The manufacturer of sexual goods is located in Canada. All toys of its production are distinguished by high class and unique design. They produce toys for individual use and for use in pairs. If you find my account on Twitter, there I talk about one such toy in great detail. It’s called Tango. I really like this version of female vibrators. And now I want to compare Tango and We-Vibe Touch. By the way, today you can find toys of this brand in many stores of sexual goods around the world.

The composition and material of the toy

The We-Vibe Touch Review

This vibrator has a very attractive design and quite funny appearance. I immediately liked its look. It reminded me of a specific tablespoon. On one side of this fictional spoon is a triangular tip. In the middle of the device becomes narrower part and then it goes to the pulsating base. On the basis of the functional parts of the device. Here you will find a button to adjust the options, as well as a connector for the charger.

Speaking as a whole, this vibrator has a fairly small size, but its shape in my opinion is the most optimal to conveniently place it on your body.

And another special feature of this device. It is incredibly soft and comfortable, exactly what I love in such amazing toys! The engine itself is located at the base of the vibrator, so that this part is highly reliable when used. That part of the device, which is designed to stimulate the point on the clitoris, consists of a soft material. It gives a very pleasant feeling for a female body. But also, the tip of the device has a solid base, which gives the desired effect on the clitoris.

If you compare Tango and Touch, unlike the first option, the second has only one color – plum.

Now let’s talk about the packaging of the device. The vibrator Touch is packed in a very neat white box. Inside the package I saw the masturbator itself, who was carefully surrounded by foam for greater safety. Also, in the kit I found a charging cable, a manual for using the device and a small bag for storing the device.

If you compare the power of Tango and Touch, the conclusions are as follows. I would have given the highest score to Tango, it is quite a small score. Tango I give 10/10. But for the Touch I think would be enough for 9.5/10. This is an insignificant difference, but still it is. I think that for many girls who use different clitoral vibrators this difference will be almost invisible. The Touch is really very powerful vibrator, if you compare it with other brands. But Tango is a little ahead of it in power. It’s odd though, because the motor in both of these options are the same. In the Touch vibrator, the strongest stimulation comes from the tip of the device.

With the WE-Vibe Touch vibrator, you get deep and intense sensations from the very tip of the device. You even at some point in time it may seem that you begin to numb from vibrators of such action. This is due to their surface effects on the clitoris. Those stimulations that have a rumbling effect do not give such a feeling and I like it much more.

Noise isolation: Vibrator for women The Touch is incredibly calm and silent works. You can hear it, but it’s a lot quieter than I expected. And even when I turned on the strong stimulation mode, the vibrator was very quiet. Soft damage of the device is made of high-quality and durable silicone, which is safe and does not contain any toxins. And even if you use this device in your apartment in one room, in the other room you have no one will hear.

Additional features of the We-Vibe Touch vibrator: this device is fully rechargeable. It’s convenient. It has the same charging port as the Tango vibrator. Normally this was not a problem for me, the fact that there are small magnets inside the device. But sometimes I realize that the connection using magnets is very unstable. The process of charging the vibrator lasts about 90 minutes after each session of use.

How to determine that the device for sexual games is fully charged? During the charging procedure on the inside of the device you will see a flashing light. It will go out as soon as the vibrator is fully charged. Another point – the charge is almost not consumed if you do not use a vibrator, and it just lies on your shelf. But I did not check it for sure, because I use this device almost constantly. If the device is 100% charged, its operation will be enough for at least one hour.

One more important advantage – the We-Vibe Touch is can be safely used in water. It can be washed with water and soap, and you can take it with you to the shower or bathroom. Are you going to the beach? Then don’t forget to take your toy with you and enjoy its vibrations right in the sea water. It’s so cool, isn’t it?

The We-Vibe Touch Review

Material composition and method of cleaning: this vibrator is made from silicone of the highest class. There are no harmful substances in its composition. It is also not porous, which makes its use very pleasant. I washed my appliance with water and soap, thoroughly washing every part of the appliance. If you decide to use this device in combination with a lubricant cream, then use only water-based cream.

My personal feelings after using the vibrator THE WE-VIBE TOUCH

I’ll tell you straight – Tango for me has become an ideal in terms of clitoral pleasures. The We-Vibe Touch now for me is a worthy pair to Tango. They’re both incredibly good to me and I can’t decide which one is best for me.

I remember my first minutes when I just got the WE-VIBE TOUCH vibrator in my hands. This devie was amazing, so stylish, soft and gentle! I loved it and couldn’t wait to try it.

I have quite a lot of experience of pleasure thanks to sex toys and not all options are well suited to my body. But the vibrators Tango and WE-VIBE TOUCH work perfectly and give me maximum pleasure and emotions. Just imagine, when I tried TOUCH for the first time, it took me 2 minutes to make my body tremble in a strong orgasm!

The tip of the vibrator makes the bulk of all the stimulation. Its operation is very important for the whole device. Its power is so strong that it will satisfy to the peak of satisfaction very quickly, while completely painless. I experienced with the vibrator the Touch only the most positive and vivid emotions. Every time I feel his touch on my clit, my mind flies to heaven.

We tried to enjoy these stimulations together with my partner. My boyfriend likes to pick up this vibrator and stimulate my erogenous zones. But my clit likes my hand mostly. Only I know the right pressure that I need to get before I experience a strong orgasm. In Tango vibrator, the tip is a little sharper than the Touch, and so sometimes my partner touched me with it too much. But in the vibrator the Touch the tip is more flexible and I get strong orgasms with it.

Also, for me the vibrator the Touch is very comfortable to control and use. It is quite comfortable to hold in my hand. You take a vibrator, turn it on and direct it to your erogenous zones, while your hand moves freely in the right directions. And even if the compression is very strong, you will not take this inconvenience, because the vibrator is very soft.

The We-Vibe Touch Review

If you have sex with a partner, you can also use this toy for additional pleasures. If we’re going to have sex missionary style, then this vibrator is irreplaceable for me. It works perfectly on my clitoris during my partner’s movements. Its correct and ergonomic curves perfectly touch my clitoris and vibrate on it. This toy astonishing me greatly.


We-Vibe Touch is a real godsend for me. I am enjoying it a lot of time several days a week. It will always be among my favorites, I’m just sure! I like to use it both alone and together with my partner. Its unique and powerful vibrations can give me great pleasure. If you want to get a bright clitoral orgasm, then choose a vibrator We-Vibe Touch!

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The We-Vibe Touch Review
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