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I was kindly sent the Humbler from Uberkinky for an honest review and this device can be used for predicament bondage and/or cock and ball torture. It is designed to be worn by males, behind the thighs, just underneath the buttocks and to trap and stretch the scrotum during wear. When attached, the device pulls and holds his testicles back between his legs and it stretches the scrotal sac taut. Because the skin is pulled taut already, he will find it very difficult to straighten his legs, or body, so must remain in this crouched, “humble” position (hence the name).

Product Information:

The Humbler is made from a varnished or lacquered wood, making it easy to wipe clean after use. The device measures 15.75 inches in total length. The hole in the centre (The part that your scrotum will rest inside, to avoid any crushing of the skin) measures 2 inches long and 0.7 inches wide. Two thick metal screws and two plastic wing nuts complete the simple design. Despite being simple, the Humbler can be a little fiddly to attach at first and it took me a few fumbling attempts to figure out the best technique. Eventually I mastered the following method:

  1. Unscrew both of the plastic wing nuts from the humbler and separate the two sections of wood entirely.
  2.  Ask your partner to get onto his hands and knees and sit behind him
  3. With one hand, grab hold of his testicles and pull them back towards you.
  4. With your other hand, place one section of the humbler against the back of his thighs. Ensure the notch is facing upwards.
  5. Pull his testicles through the notch in the wood, so that only scrotal skin sits inside the notch in the wood. His testicles should be clear of the device.
  6. Hold his testicles and the section of wood in place with one hand, while you slide the other section into place slowly.
  7. You should be able to bring the two sections of wood together completely and without causing pain, so long as his scrotal skin rests in the notch/gap in the centre. Ensure no skin has worked its way out of this gap before closing the two sections completely.
  8. Screw the two wing nuts back onto the humbler device and tighten them.

My Experiences Using the Humbler:

First of all, I want to discuss my experiences with fitting the device. This was my first experience using a Humbler and as expected, it took a couple of attempts to master the art of attaching it quickly and incident free. However, it was not the fitting itself that caused our initial issues, it was the design of the Humbler itself. The problem was that the bolts fit very snugly inside the holes in the two sections of wood and despite already removing the wing nuts, I could not prise apart the two sections of wood. Finally, my partner managed to force them apart manually and I went back to attaching the device. Of course, when it came to sliding the two sections of wood back together again, it was difficult. It felt stiff and I was worried about forcing it, causing the two sections of wood to slam shut on him painfully.

After a few sessions, the Humbler loosened up a little and stopped feeling so stiff to separate or join together. The problem now was that the bolts had become looser inside the holes, so when I attempt to tighten the wing nuts, the bolts spin as well. I have to hold the nut still to tighten the nut and unless I use a screwdriver, it is not possible to tighten the nut completely. Mind you, this was of no concern to me because it was tight enough to function as required.

The next issue I stumbled upon was my own inability to fit the device easily. The Humbler quickly taught me that testicles can be evasive, slippery little bastards when you threaten to clamp them between two blocks of wood. Eventually though, I mastered the technique I listed above and learnt how to attach the Humbler quickly and easily. One thing to watch out for each time you fit this device, is to ensure all his skin rests inside the divot in the wood. When the two halves of the Humbler come together, the two divots will join to form a hole in the centre of the device and the skin will feel comfortable here. If you allow the skin to overflow from this divot, it will become trapped between the two sections of wood and it will pinch him.

Despite these initial ‘growing pains’, I really enjoyed using the Humbler on him. First of all, I loved how it made him feel (more on this in the next section), but I also loved the predicament it put him in and his inability to straighten out. I was especially pleased that the Humbler pulled his testicles back, exposing them for spankings, squeezing and other such torture and pleasure.

His Experience Wearing the Humbler:

We were both expecting the Humbler to cause intense crushing pain in his testicles, but we were a little off track with our predictions. Yes, he definitely experienced discomfort in his testicles, but the Humbler doesn’t cause ball pain by squeezing or crushing the balls directly. Instead, it causes pain by stretching the scrotal skin taut and this creates an uncomfortable squeezing sensation. Of course, this also meant that the intensity of the pain could be changed, depending on his position. If he was hunched up, the scrotal skin was not pulled so tightly and so it hurt less. On the other hand, if he tried to straighten up, his scrotal skin would be pulled tighter and tighter, increasing the pressure on his balls until he couldn’t stand it anymore. At no point did he manage to stand completely upright.

He described the pain as a cramping, dull ache, felt most up the sides of his groin, at either side of his penis and up into his lower belly. It was a very similar pain as he feels when having his balls squeezed in my hand, or when they are compressed in rope bondage. It is a constant pain that could be intensified or reduced depending on his position. This is where the predicament comes into effect. If I told him to stand up, for example, he had to choose whether to stand straighter, causing the cramping pain in his groin/stomach to intensify, or slouching forward with bent legs, which eased the cramping pain, but caused muscle fatigue/burning as he was forced to hold this uncomfortable position.

Aside from physical torment, he mentioned that the Humbler was a fantastic tool for making him feel vulnerable. With his testicles pulled back and exposed to potential abuse from behind, he felt on edge, nervous and ultimately, very submissive.


When you think about it, the Humbler is a very simple device, being made from two strips of shaped wood and a couple of nuts and bolts. However, these materials come together to create an amazing, multi-faceted BDSM implement. The Humbler causes physical pain, but the intensity can be controlled somewhat depending on his position. It can be used as a physical restraint, because it will restrict his movement and ability to straighten his legs. It also displays his testicles and can therefore be used for humiliation, testicle torture, or to make him feel vulnerable and submissive. That’s a lot of exciting options from such a simple implement.

Aside from the bolts being quite stiff initially, causing a few issues with manually separating the two sections of wood, we never came across any issues with design, or build quality. Overall, we very much enjoyed using the Humbler. It is a unique torture/bondage implement and I would definitely recommend it to BDSM enthusiasts who enjoy cock and ball torture and want something a little different. If you want a CBT device that goes further than simply producing pain, instead producing a more rounded (mental and physical) experience that leaves you feeling truly “humbled”, then I highly recommend you try the Uberkinky Humbler.

You can purchase the Humbler here at uberkinky.co.uk

The Humbler was kindly sent to me free of charge from uberkinky.co.uk for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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Uberkinky Humbler Review
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