Uberkinky Wax Play Candle Pack Review

I was kindly sent the Uberkinky Wax Play Candle Pack from Uberkinky, for an impartial review and wax play is a form of sensory play. The idea here is to light the candles, allow the wax to melt into a little pool and then hold the candle above your partner, allowing the hot wax to drip onto their skin. If you hold the candle high above your partner, the wax will cool more as it falls and when it hits the skin, it won’t feel too painful. This can be very sensual. Your partner will feel a small spot of hot heat for a fraction of a second, before the wax cools and dries. Holding the candle closer to the skin will cause more pain as the wax has less time to cool before it hits. It will feel burning hot, again for a fraction of a second, before cooling and drying almost immediately. This can feel quite intense and is most ideal for people who enjoy a little pain with their pleasure. Holding the candle close like this, will often leave little red marks on the skin, which you may notice when the wax is removed and these little patches can feel quite sensitive, but if you ensure you use the right kind of candles and ensure you do not allow the flame to touch the skin, it should never cause burns. I highly recommend blindfolding and restraining your partner before you begin. Not knowing where, or when, the wax droplets will hit the skin will have them on edge, senses heightened and muscles taut, while they wait for your next move, knowing escape is impossible.

Product Information:

The Wax play candles from Uberkinky are made from pure paraffin and if you were paying attention to the previous paragraph you will understand why this is important. Paraffin has a low melting point and these candles melt at roughly 54 to 57 degrees Celsius. This means that the wax will not burn, blister or cause damage to the skin and this is also the reason why you should never use regular beeswax candles for wax play. You should always choose candles that have been made specifically for wax play and the Uberkinky Wax Play candles are perfect. As a test, I held the candle as close to my skin as possible and allowed the wax to drip steadily. I experienced some reddening on the more sensitive areas of my body, but never experienced any burns.

The Uberkinky Wax Play Candles come as a set of four. You get two red candles and two black candles. As you can see from my photographs, these candles are not coloured all the way through, rather they have an outer coating of vivid colour, while the wax inside is more of a whitish shade. The wax inside the black candle is pale grey and the wax inside the red candle is pale pink. This means that these candles don’t leave vivid, pure coloured wax droplets on the skin and this was most noticeable with the red candles. The wax droplets left behind by the red candles looked pink. I will admit that this was a little disappointing. I wanted to get some pure coloured wax droplets for photography purposes, but the pinkish shade blended into my partner’s Caucasian skin tone. While the colours did not ‘pop’ as I might have wanted, they were still noticeable and this issue will probably only bother you if you are as fussy as I am, or want vivid colours for photography

There was only one other minor issue I discovered with the Uberkinky Wax Play Candle set, and that issue is that these candles are long and thin. These are stick candles, measuring just over 7 inches in length, with a 2.6 inch circumference. With this style of candle, I found it impossible to allow the candle to melt the wax into a pool, for spilling onto my partner’s body. The wax would just dribble down the side of the candle if I allowed it to melt more than a few drops. I found the best way to use these candles was to just hold them continuously above my partner’s body at an angle, as this allowed the flame to melt more wax and I would get a steady drip every second or so. Large splashes however, were not possible with these stick candles.

Our Experiences with Uberkinky’s Wax Play Candles:

So what does it feel like when the wax hits your skin? Well, it does depend on how high you hold the candle above your partner and distance can change the temperature that the wax hits the skin at by as much as five degrees. The sensation felt will also depend on your partners pain tolerance and which areas of the body that you let the wax drip. An example would be applying the wax to the soles of your partners feet, which my partner could barely feel and applying it to their nipples or genitals, which obviously feels a lot nippier. The trick is to experiment, always starting with the candle higher and then lowering it to find a pleasing level (Depending on whether you wish to cause a mild sensation or some burning pain) The sensation is similar to getting hot water splashed onto the skin and in cases where you hold the candle much closer, it can almost feel like boiling water hitting the skin. Of course, it is not quite that hot and it will not cause actual burns, but the sensation is similar. This hot sensation only lasts for a split second and then the wax cools rapidly and dries almost instantaneously. You can increase the intensity of your play by dripping continuously onto their skin, or you can go easier on them and just apply a few drips here and there. The sensation can be quite shocking, especially if you are blindfolded and not knowing what is coming next. It was a huge amount of fun, both for me and my partner and we swapped a few times to get a full experience.

Removing the wax after play is quite simple. It will lift up easily from the skin if you use your fingernail, knife (This option is also good to add a bit of tension and sexiness) or any other implement that can scrape the wax off. However, if you have a particularly hairy partner, I would recommend aiming for their less hairy spots, because it is seriously annoying trying to remove the wax from very hairy parts of the body and it can be more painful removing it from these areas than it was applying it in the first place. If you do get the wax stuck in hairy areas, I recommend crumbling it between your fingertips, rather than trying to lift and pull it off, unless your partner wants a little bald spot left behind. I also recommend avoiding the face completely. Everywhere else is fair game, but bear in mind it will hurt much more in the genital and anal region. Take a look at the “beginners guide to to wax play”, by Uberkinky, for more tips, tricks and information.


We really enjoyed the Uberkinky Wax Play Candles and we really had a lot of fun playing with them. Despite my niggles with the colour I found this to be a decent set of wax play candles, being completely safe to use for wax play and long lasting too, which makes them excellent value for money. At £12.99 for the set, that works out at just over £3 per candle and each candle will last for numerous sessions. On top of this, Uberkinky gives you the option to buy multiple packs of these candles and they offer a price reduction of up to 39% (5 packs) if you do. I have had three sessions so far and have only used about 1/6 on one black and one red candle. Of course it will depend on how long you play for and how much wax you wish to spill and having two colours gives you an opportunity to create some pretty patterns on your partner’s skin. If you are interested in sensory play or just want to try something new, I wholeheartedly recommend wax play and the Uberkinky Wax Play candles.

You can purchase the Uberkinky Wax Play Candle Pack here at Uberkinky.co.uk

The Uberkinky Wax Play Candle Pack was kindly sent to me, free of charge, from uberkinky.com for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

Uberkinky Wax Play Candle Pack Review
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