Vibease Review

Vibease Review

Hi friends, I am pleased to present to you my next review dedicated to the cool new product – Vibease. I love to use sex toys in my life, they allow me to make fun brighter and more intense.  I love writing similar reviews because I often use sex toys in my life. My partner likes to take part in my games, we participate in the process of getting pleasure together. But also I sometimes prefer to enjoy playing with vibrators alone. It gives me strong emotions and spicy and my partner don’t mind my individual sex.

What is Vibease?

Vibease is a new generation vibrator that you can carry with you. It is very compact and convenient, this kind of device can become your companion wherever you go. This unique sexual device is controlled by a special application on the IPhone. Also, the program can be installed on a mobile device that runs on The Android operating system. The vibrator can be used both alone, on your bed, and in a public place, among other people. Choose what you like more and start enjoying!

This device can be attached to women’s underwear, it will stick, and will hold well.

Vibrator Vibease has a really nice and stylish shape, there is nothing superfluous and everything is located in its place. It is small in size, which allows it to comfortably enter the space of your vulva. The tip of the vibrator is very precisely suited to the location of your clitoris. This is a very important quality for vibrators and I just now really learned to appreciate it. The thing is, – I used to think that the hook should go in the direction of the vagina. But practice of using sexual toys such a size has proven me, that I was mistaken. The ideal location – when the hook reaches the point of the clitoris.

If to speak about noise, then this device is for pleasure rather quiet running. If I put it in myself, then the people next to me at this moment do not hear the sounds of its work. So I think this device can be used in a public place, without fear that someone will notice you.

Now let’s talk about sensations. How does Vibease vibrator work? I tried the strongest stimulation and I cannot say that their intensity is very much shocked me. But if we are talking about clitoral orgasm I can say that I have reached it very quickly.

In terms of color scheme, Vibease vibrator is made in two palettes – pink and purple. I decided to choose the pink option for myself. I don’t understand why manufacturers prefer these two colors for sex toys. I dream that someday the time will come and the colors will change.

Why not, for example, create a blue vibrator, is not it?

Massager application

I like this device, it excites me even from a psychological point of view. Thanks to this device, you can communicate with your sexual partner at a distance. Your friend will be able to change the settings and affect your body at a distance. With the help of a special application that is available for IOS and Android, you can enjoy sex games anytime and anywhere.

The app also allows you to communicate with your partner via messenger.

Also, there is an additional option to enjoy the vibrator Vibease. You can try to use Fantasy Store. Here you can download various sexual stories and books and listen to them, and in parallel to change the vibration on the massager. Erotic books have very different content and duration of stories. You will be able to choose the most suitable option for yourself, I am sure you will!

However, not all users like when the voice of books is a female voice. But I can tell you, it’s not a problem, I found books that men read. By the way, I couldn’t tell exactly where the gay and lesbian content was. Apparently, the program automatically filters out such content.

The composition of the vibrator and the ways to care

This cool toy is made of excellent silicone material which is absolutely safe for human body, no toxins and completely ergonomic. When I am touching it this vibrator astonishing me greatly. Its soft and smooth surface feels very natural, as if it is a real organ that you do not want to let go of your hands. It is a great pleasure to use it!

This device is perfect for my body anatomically. This quality is very important, because if the shape of the vibrator is not very comfortable, then the satisfaction of getting becomes almost impossible.

The vibrator can be washed with water and a light soap solution, but I would not argue that this device is absolutely waterproof! I can’t take it to the bath or shower and enjoy the stimulation underwater. This device cannot be completely submerged in water. And one more thing – be sure to dry it completely before each new application!

How does it charge? It is rather simple process. The device can be charged via USB, two of them included – one short and the other long cord. The first charge should last at least 3 hours. Then, after each session, charge the device for about 2 hours.

To store the vibrator in a safe place, select a suitable cover for it. Included manufacturers have not provided a storage bag, so find this item yourself. I believe that in the future, manufacturers should be more attentive to customers and put special covers for storing vibrators in kits.

I liked the package in which the courier brought me a vibrator. The box is small and very stylish. The color of the package is a pleasant turquoise shade. Inside the package I found the device itself, instructions for use, charger.

My feelings after using the Vibease

Now I will tell you my story of using a vibrator and audiobooks. I first joined through my Facebook account and then entered my name, address and other details. Then the system will ask you to upload your photo.

Once you are logged in, you can start choosing erotic stories. By the way, here you can also choose the background sounds, such as rain, sea or forest. To use this app you will need to download it to your device. Remember that not all content here will be free. For some stories you have to pay a little money. I only downloaded the free versions. For me these types of erotic content were quiet enough. But maybe you will desire something more and hot, so try to choose whatever you want.

In my case, everything went well: I quickly downloaded the application. While listening to erotic stories in parallel, I changed the levels of stimulation of my vibrator. And that process was really cool. I liked that I could manage the whole process manually. Massager settings allowed me to get a variety of effects.

In general, I liked this program. In the past I had some failures when I used such programs, but this time and with this vibrator everything went perfectly. If you have a heterosexual orientation, then you will find a huge variety of audio stories in this application. Here, each of your imagination will get a real embodiment with the help of a vibrator Vibease.

Still, I think it would be great if the content of audiobooks would be more diverse for alternative representatives of sexual orientations.

Partner application

If you want to diversify your sex life with a partner, then connect to the chat. To do this, you need to use two mobile devices. The partner will be able to lead your vibrator, which at this moment will be in your panties. This is a very exciting action. You will be able to send each other erotic messages, photos and so on. The partner will increase the stimulation, and then he decides to lower the rhythm of vibration. For you, these actions will be a real surprise.

You know, my beloved friend and I don’t live far from each other. We can see each other for as long as we want, but we still use this toy because it brings our senses sharpness and brightness. The only thing about these games is – only I am having fun and my partner isn’t. My friend only controls my feelings with a vibrator. But if you are two lesbians, then these stimulations will give satisfaction to both of you.

Vibease Toy

Are you interested to hear the details of all the features and sensations that I received during the first use of this toy? I would like to tell you about my special feelings after using it.

When I first installed the massager next to my clitoris I started to get intense and vivid sensations. I was able to walk, to sit, to chat with people – but this time I was bold vibration. I could feel my blood pulsing, the excitement growing with each new rhythm.

But frankly, I liked it more when I’m not moving, and I’m in a calm position and feel this stimulation than when I walk and feel the vibration. Just during various movements, I get distracted from the main action, which is my pleasure. I like just to hold the vibrator in my hand and direct it to my clitoris with the force that is most suitable for me. The stimulation is much brighter when I take matters into my own hands. And putting a vibrator in my panties, hoping that the device will act with the same force – I’m not sure that this is the best option for me.


I will tell you directly and sincerely – I liked this sexy toy. But I was hoping to get a little more features and that’s also true. I really wanted to have a device that I can use in my daily life, carry it with me and not worry about the quality of the sensations received. As a result, it turned out that the orgasm I still get, but to carry this device with me is not very convenient. I need strength, power and quality pressure on the erogenous zone. And this effect I can achieve only by holding the vibrator in my hands.

In those cases, when the toy is in my underwear, the pressure is much weaker. But to use the device only for clitoral stimulation with its hands – in this case the device handles great! I experienced a real and very strong orgasm after each such stimulation. Also, I like the possibility of parallel use of smart applications that are available for this device on IOS and Android operating systems.

Of course, perhaps for some of you, this device is suitable as a wearable stimulant. Moreover, the device is quiet and you can carry it with you wherever you want. But for me this option is not suitable.

Fantasy Store was a real discovery for me. Now I use it almost every time and during every session. I like this content. I enjoy listening to erotic stories. But it is necessary that the content became more diverse and suitable for all sexual categories.

Elin Wilder/ author of the article
I'm Elin "Omg Sex Girl" Wilder. For over 10 years I have been fond of sex toys. Not so long ago, I decided to share my experience with my readers. On this blog you will find reviews on sex toys from butt plugs to vibrators, as well as reviews on all the latest sex toys.
Vibease Review
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